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Amazon is a growing marketplace and this intensive course is designed to bring new sales opportunity to your business. This course is comprehensive and will concentrate on equipping delegates with proven skills and techniques that they can implement immediately in their own business.

This is an intermediate course and some experience would be beneficial for not absolutely necessary. It is tailored to suit your business needs and there will be opportunity to discuss your business throughout the course. We are expecting you to go with a prepared action plan to start & grow your business with Amazon.

Who is this workshop suited to?

New Employees, Junior Employees, Digital Marketers, Directors, Managers

Some key areas of the workshops are:

  • Setting up an Amazon Store
  • Category Approval
  • Sourcing products from China
  • Listing new products and existing products
  • Creating Content rich product listings
  • Understanding Amazon policies – How to prevent suspension ?
  • Keeping Good Amazon Performance
  • Maximising the use of the Amazon Keywords
  • Analyse sales, traffic, listings & Seller Report for strategic decision making
  • Exploring Re-marketing opportunities to your Amazon customers
  • Is it good to create a Unique Product Listings for existing products?
  • How Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) benefit your business?
  • Expanding to European Market and beyond

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This course is specifically designed to ensure that you turn your products available to millions of eBay buyers monthly.  You will learn simple, easy to implement processes, which will lead to increased sales through new and repeat business. You will be given the opportunity to use your own company specific products / experiences throughout the course and have clear understanding of how each process relates to your own circumstances.
This is an intermediate course and some experience of selling on eBay would be helpful but not absolutely necessary. This is tailored to suit your business needs there will be opportunity to discuss your individual business plan.  You will be equipped to return and implement the learning immediately, leading to increased sales and profits.

Who should attend?

New Employees, Junior Employees, Marketing Professionals, Directors

What will you learn?

  • How Distance Selling Regulations affect your business?
  • Researching your market – Competitors and Top selling products
  • Sourcing products from China
  • Find out Right eBay Store for your business
  • Create a Search Engine Friendly eBay Store
  • Create a customised Listing Page Template
  • Use Listing & Order Management Software
  • Formulate pricing strategy to increase profit
  • Understand Seller Protection on eBay & PayPal
  • Explore cheapest method of Posting your orders
  • How to get on the top of eBay Search results (eBay Cassini Search)
  • Analyse sales, traffic, listings & Detailed Seller Report to make strategic decisions
  • Exploring Opportunities to re-market eBay customers
  • Exploring eBay listing tools – Turbo Lister – do you need it?
  • Introduction to trading internationally on eBay
  • Introduction to multichannel tools

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