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HTML on Amazon Product Description

Creating content rich product listings helps buyers to make a right purchase decision. On this context eBay has been liberal allowing sellers to include full HTML and java scripts. In contrast, Amazon has always limited seller’s ability to add HTML features and usually this has been limited to bold, paragraph change, bullet points. This is based on what we have used ourselves. However, you can find a list of allowed HTML on this Amazon help page.

If you are a brand owners you can use the following copyright and trademark symbols in your Amazon Product Features or Descriptions:

©   for Copyright Symbol ©

™  for   Trademark Symbol ™

® for Registered Trademark Symbol ®

We suggest to do your own experiment and you may find some html working on one category and not in another.  Once you have created HTML your Amazon product listings looks like the one below. First picture shows desktop view and the later two mobile view.




Recently we have spotted a listing with a YouTube video link and this listing has been there for a while looking at its number of product reviews. We understand seller is doing their best to give better customer experience with a video and it looks like Amazon is quite happy with it. Here’s the product listing with video link on Amazon. If you want to find out what Amazon says about adding video link checkout this Amazon seller forum discussion.


We understand that Amazon is trying to give better customer experience with faster page load time however, this contradicts with its own product listings and vendor product listings with full HTML features.

Have you tried any other HTMLs ? Let us know.

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Amazon Amazon Strategies

A/B Testing with Amazon Sponsored Products


We have been managing Amazon Sponsored Products for some of our clients and we are seeing really good progress in sales. If you have not looked into this, it is very easy system to learn with lot less complications compared to that of Google Adwords. So, give it a go!

We were recently asked few questions by one of our clients regarding testing return on ads involving same ASIN in different ad types and also using same keywords on different ASINs. This is popularly known as A/B testing. Here’s specific question and answers:

  1. Does two ads compete if same ASIN is on manual ads and automatic ads?

>  Yes the two ads will compete for the system to show one of them. This means that the system will chose one, which will be done randomly, therefore you will only be generating Impressions once and any click will be only charged once.

  1. Does two ads compete if same keyword is on different ASIN?

>  Yes the two ads will compete for the system to show one of them. This means that the system will chose one advert based on a number of factors. Some of these factors are feedback on the item, price, availability, buyer previous searches and a few more. The system will decide which advert to show which is a higher probability of resulting in a purchase.

  1. Does two ads compete if same keywords on same ASIN?

>  Yes the two ads will compete for the system to show one of them. This means that the system will chose one advert based on a number of factors. Some of these factors are feedback on the item, price, availability, buyer previous searches and a few more. The system will decide which advert to show which is a higher probability of resulting in a purchase.

Please do try this out and let the system help you decide which one is the best. If you have further questions please feel free to get in touch.

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Learn with LinkedIn Learning


I have recently discovered learning tool available with LinkedIn which gives you on demand courses on various subjects from the experts. There are quite a few free modules and the rest are on monthly payment of less than £20.00.

The tool also suggests relevant courses based on your profile and keeps learning history to show your progress. Apart from yourself seeing the progress, this is brilliant for potential new employers as they can see your progression and existing to see you are doing your best for your continuous professional development.

There are courses from eBay and Amazon to Google Analytics and Google Adwords. You will be surprised what you can find here. Additionally you can check the course authors and their background with their LinkedIn profile.

Find out more at LinkedIn Learning >

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Amazon Training

Amazon Masterclass Training Course in London Monday – 17/10


Online Seller UK has been delivering Amazon Masterclasses for over a year. The training course is created in house
with 8 years  experience of working Amazon platform. This is a perfect workshop for growing on-line businesses aiming to improve performance and expand globally. One of the speciality of the course with Online Seller UK is that they take time learn about your business and tailor the course suit you giving you plenty of opportunity to discuss your individual business plan. You will go away with clear pathway to creating successful Amazon business.

In the past this training has been attended both small and large organisations there has been really good feedback. Please find out more and register online >>

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eBay Strategies

Have you tried eBay Collection feature ?


eBay collections launched in 2014 is an interesting development to attract potential customers for latest trends. I have mostly watched items that I am thinking of buying and now that I have discovered collections, it is my favourite options as I can see when seller adds to the collection. It is more personalised keeps me in track of latest trends.

Take a look at this “Tech it out” collection. Its follow feature helps those interested to keep upto date with the products they love.  There is also selection of popular collections on eBay Today board. As a seller, you can now create collections based on customer’s interest and increase the chance of your products being viewed and hopefully conversion as some point.  It is also good idea to include collections on your email marketing encouraging them to follow you and increase the chance of repeat buys.

If you have already tried eBay collections, let us know how useful it has been for you?

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Amazon India for UK sellers


Amazon India could be fantastic hub for UK sellers in future. Currently it is open for Indian sellers only according to Amazon India’s T & Cs   In contrast Amazon themselves are selling on the platform exporting from the US as Global Export Sales LLC. Interestingly they have 1 feedback which is negative.

One very obvious option for UK sellers is to partner with Indian companies which we will see happening soon. There are already numerous UK businesses importing from their own factories in India. For them it will relatively easy as they know how things work over there. Let us know if you have started Amazon India venture on this Amazon Sellers Forum.

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Bye Bye Amazon Incentive Reviews


There is a lot of noise about Amazon reviews policy changes and here are few to the point notes based on their latest
reviews policy
. I can see why this is happening from example like this where 98% of its 94 reviews are from unverified sources. This may be the extreme case and shows the extent of abuse of the system. You can find more about this product reviews here >

Please find below some points to note with new reviews policy:

– Amazon reviews system gives weight to newer, more helpful reviews

– Stricter criteria applies to get Amazon verified purchase badge (discounted and free products don’t get this badge)

–  New system as of 03/10/2016 Amazon prohibits incentivized reviews unless they are facilitated through the Amazon Vine program

– The changes will apply to product categories other than books.

– Vine program has been in practice for few years and is open for vendors only by invitation only. Reviewers on vine program invites trusted and helpful reviewers on Amazon to post opinions about new and pre-release products.  Let’s hope vine program would be accessible for all.

So, it is going to be tough for those sellers following US Amazon private label gurus. Similarly we don’t know how important Jungle Scout Niche Hunter is going to be which aims to give you product ideas encouraging you to copy popular products, import, accelerate reviews and improve organic ranking. There is always an alternative way. We have recently trailed price reduction across the board and accelerated sales. Then we followed up customers for reviews. This was successful! So, you can give it a go.

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eBay Strategies

eBay Active Content Changes

We have all heard about eBay changes for spring next year with regards to active content which is a brilliant move forImage result for ebay active content shoppers as they can just see product description on product description block. This also means quicker load time on mobile devices.

We think this is the right time to look into your listings and plan to implement changes gradually.  Recently we spoke with an electronics eBay seller based in Leeds and their plan is to totally get rid of design and apply text. There will be many retailers going toward this way as this will save investment on yet another design. If you’d like to check active content on your eBay listing please use this tool.

We can see eBay is going Amazon way ! Currently EAN and ASIN  are already part of  product pages and when customers are driven to eBay product pages their experience would remain similar with different sellers like on Amazon. We can also see the future of eBay listings to be merged product page with different retailer to shop options like Amazon. Similar development is already seen on Google Shopping results so, it looks like eBay, Amazon and Google results would be somewhat similar.

So, what’s there to be done? We think the focus should be on developing product pages with better title, specifics and provide faster shipping. There is always option for advance listing design like the one we did for Reliancegifts.

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Amazon Strategies

Getting the most out of Amazon Product Search Terms

Amazon’s Search term tab gives unique opportunity for every Amazon seller. The opportunity here is rank for the search terms that are not presented on any part of the product listings page because any part of listing page is currently ranked. And repeating any search terms here is waste of time. Here are few general best practices:

  • You do not need to enter common misspelling
  • It isn’t necessary to duplicate title keywords; it is better to use additional terms to generate a wider range of customer search hits.
  • Use single words terms for Gifts for the Bride Bridesmaid Gifts Candle Wedding Day Gift White Gorgeous Jar, then that is what customers must type. However, by listing these terms separately, you allow for more combinations, such as bridesmaid gift, wedding candle, and wedding day gift. It is best to experiment these in a list of products to see the difference in sales.
  • We don’t need commas in between as we are using one set of keyword/ phrase per line

We recently experimented to check if it helps to put important words at the onset of the field compared to the end of the field. And, we found no difference. We also found that we were driving customers to the product page rather than our page when we are not winning the buy box. So, our time will be better spent on product pages where we are wining the buy box. The images below shows what we did and the result.

Getting the best out of Amazon Search terms - daytodayebay

Getting the best out of Amazon Search terms - daytodayebay

Getting the best out of Amazon Search terms - daytodayebay


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