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Best practice for selling on Amazon – Spring Fair


Amazon brought in challenging changes in 2016 for sellers, from increased search term capacity, ban of incentivised product reviews to introduction of bid + in sponsored Ads.

I have been working with Amazon since 2009 with retailers in various capacities and I have seen the changes first hand and kept adapting to it aiming get good result. Today, I was at the NEC Springfair to deliver talk on “Best practice for selling on Amazon”.  

Being there for the first time I could not believe the size of the operation they have. Interestingly someone told it is smaller then what used to be! Outline of my talk  were:

  1. Optimising your product to increase visibility on Amazon
  2. Winning the buy box
  3. Product Differentiation Strategy
  4. Getting the best out of Amazon Paid Ads

I was quite pleased to see the attendance and engage with sellers to answer all their questions. Please find below slide deck for your reference.

Amazon is a dynamic platform and challenging at many times. If you are looking for help I’d love to provide a day consultation. Please get in touch to discuss more.


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Want to grow your Amazon business? Join me for “Amazon Talk” at the Spring Fair 2017

Amazon Talk Spring Fair Birmingham 2017

Amazon is a successful platform many sellers and challenging in many ways. I have been working with various Amazon sellers and learning continuously in the past 8 years. There are many successes and I am constantly amazed by new developments. I am learning everyday.

Part my role at DaytodayeBay is to help UK sellers increase their presence on Amazon and grow sustainably. We do this with training and consulting which I quite enjoy doing and travel throughout the UK. This month I will be at Spring Fair, Birmingham talking about best practices of selling on Amazon. If you are around please do say hello!

Here’s a list of things I will be talking about.

• Optimising your product to increase visibility on Amazon
• Winning the buy box
• Product Differentiation Strategy
• Getting the best out of Amazon Paid Ads

Find out more – http://www.springfair.com/Content/Thursday-9

See you in there !

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Amazon Training

Amazon Masterclass Training London 16/02/2017


Online Seller UK has announced another Amazon Masterclass in London. This is a perfect workshop for growing on-line businesses aiming to improve performance and expand globally. It is tailored to suit your business needs and there will be opportunity to discuss your individual business plan. You will leave with a prepared action plan to start & grow your business with Amazon.

Get your early bird ticket here 

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So What is Amazon’s new Return Dissatisfaction rate?

Amazon seller metrics is a good way of tracking performance and often we overlook this only to find our account Amazon Return Dissatifaction Ratesuspended because of one the metrics going below Amazon’s target. We have been seeing Return Dissatisfaction rate for sometime and there was a question asked if this affects your account health.

So what is Return Dissatisfaction rate?

Amazon says – “The Return Dissatisfaction Rate is the percentage of valid return requests that were not answered within 48 hours, were incorrectly rejected, or received negative customer feedback.” It measures how happy customer is with their return experience. It looks into three main areas once return is processed

  • Negative Return Feedback Rate
  • Late Response Rate
  • Invalid Rejection Rate

Does it affect your Account health or seller ratings?

Return Dissatisfaction Rate does not affect your account, and is not visible to customers. It is designed to capture the customer’s sentiment, which can sometimes change. If you feel that you did the right thing to a specific order but the customer is not aware of that or accidentally answered the survey differently than they meant to, feel free to reach out to the customer and ask that they re-take the survey by going back to the link in their email. Amazon counts the most recent response. 

Can high Return Dissatisfaction rate cause suspension?

Your account would not get suspended nor would your main metrics not get affected once your Return Dissatisfaction Rate is at risk.

The Return Dissatisfaction Rate is the percentage of valid return requests that were not answered within 48 hours, were incorrectly rejected or received negative customer feedback.

** I hope this clarifies more about Amazon’s new Return Dissatisfaction rate. If you have any question about Amazon’s metrics, please get in touch. We also provide Amazon account audit report which can be helpful to know more about how you can maintain or improve your Amazon account health.

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eBay Strategies

Neto eCommerce Platform and eBay

eBay in Australia has over 8 million unique visitors every month and it is the largest shopping destination. We have seen many UK sellers benefiting from Australian customers. Earlier this month I met a Northern eBay seller selling caravans to Australia on eBay. If you can sell a caravan to Australia, what else could you sell?

This made me look at various online selling platforms available in Australia and Neto particularly caught my attention. It offers full eBay management, from listing products to dispatching orders. It also offers epos integration helping you create a successful omnichannel business. If you would like to find out if it is the right tool for you check out their FAQs  and the video below gives more insight on how their eBay integration works.

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Amazon Shipping Settings for Large and Bulky Items



Amazon shipping settings allows sellers to alter deliver time and cost based on weight and price of the product but does not allow changing price based on various UK regions. This has been painful for sellers of large items because this leads to cancellation of orders to Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Jersey. To get things moving forward we noticed postage exclusion note on product page. This has been acceptable practice like this product. Some sellers have included contact number to arrange additional payment like on this listing. er support at Amazon recommends

As others have advised you cannot exclude buyers from Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, the Highlands etc. from purchasing your products. All buyers located within the United Kingdom will be able to purchase from you.

We can only advise that you slightly increase your product price to compensate for orders to these locations or cancel such orders which will affect your metrics and also these buyers will be able to leave feedback.


There is detailed discussion on this topic  on Amazon Seller Forum, worth following it.

New shipping Template

Amazon has already rolled out new shipping template which allows you to create multiple shipping templates. We can now set different delivery times for different regions but cannot put different shipping price or exclude shipping regions.

We’d love to hear how you are managing your shipping settings ?


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Frequently Bought Together Products on Amazon

Amazon has become very important marketplace for many sellers and very competitive one. With huge influx of sellers we are seeing tough competition with price war with other third party sellers and Amazon. As a result, sellers are looking for ways to keep away from the price war by creating new products with multibuy offers and product bundles. Multibuys are easy to create, they can be either new products or variations of exiting products but product bundles do need time and effort.

As a product specialist in your category, you may be very certain about what customers buy together but it is still be good to find out what exactly people buy together using historical data.  This is what Amazon shows on frequent bought together tab on your product listings. We lack reporting functionality within Amazon system to download another ASIN bought with our ASIN.




Here at DaytodayeBay, we have developed a solution for you and we can now generate a report with your ASIN and product link with frequent bought together ASIN and product links. The first screenshot above shows the source and the second screenshot shows what exactly you will be getting on your report.

Whether you have thousands of listings on Amazon or few hundreds we are happy to help you out. Get in touch for a quote.  

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Amazon’s New FBA Fee Calculator

Amazon recently released new FBA Fee calculator which aims to help you estimate your profit with FBA and compare it with self fulfilled orders.  We did a quick check with one of our products and found out that our margin with FBA 5% higher.  We’d suggest you to try the tool because it helps

  • to compare FBA and  merchant fulfilled net margin
  • to find out estimated rise of revenue with FBA


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