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Sell on Mail Shop

Sell on Mail Shop

Online sellers are constantly looking for new channels to sell. Many of clients I work with sell on deal sites like Wowcher apart from eBay and Amazon. And Mail Shop is additional channel that retailers can consider.  I was talking with Richard, account manager, at Mail Shop few weeks ago and it looks like promising platform. Find more information below and get in touch to setup your account.

Introduction to Mailshop

On Tuesday 4th October 2016 Mail Shop was relaunched as an online marketplace with selection from 26 merchants covering Home and Garden categories. To date our focus has been to build credible selection securing brands such as Le Creuset, LSA International and Sophie Conran for Portmeirion. Mail Shop was born from a constant drive to innovate and improve the customer experience when readers shop with us. The result is a beautifully simple, inspirational and easy to use shopping destination which reassures users. We expanded into Health and Fitness in February with strong sales since launch.

Who’s our customer?

As a leading news brand we reach more than 25 million readers across print and digital each month.

  •  49% of UK Adult population with 76% like to shop online. We have over 1 million MyMail loyalty programme members with 96% saying they would purchase goods with us.
  • In addition we also have the most engaged consumers of any British newspaper with 65% engagement five days a week and 40% engagement seven days a week.
  •  With this in mind we are well placed to offer the customer a best in class shopping experience. A 3rd of our readers are under 55 years old with 49% still working. In addition 15% have children living with them.
  • Overall our audience is broad which provides opportunities for different types of Sellers on the platform.

Our current proposition

Our site is powered by Demandware with Merchantry used as our Seller platform. It allows Sellers to build and sell a catalogue of products. Merchantry access is granted to all new Sellers and is used to set up products, manage and maintain catalogues and to process orders, returns and refunds. Sellers are responsible for drop shipping products directly to customers. We will continue to focus on growing our selection within Home and Garden throughout 2017 with a number of opportunities in areas where we’re currently under-represented.


What are the benefits of selling on Mail Shop?

Selling with Mail Shop provides a number of benefits to new Sellers.

  • An incremental sales channel allows sellers to tap into the Daily Mail’s huge customer base which generates tens of millions of unique customer per month.
  • Low risk with no setup fees and no lock in.
  • Unlimited SKU count allows Sellers to list as many products as they wish for a fixed commission rate.
  • Technical Integration support given to all new Sellers both pre and post go live. Account management resource allocated in order to focus on strategic growth of Seller on Mail Shop.
  • Ad space and Supplements gives Sellers regular offline print triggering opportunities via Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.
  • Greater opportunity for more differentiated/exclusive merchants (merchants specifically targeting the over 50’s) which is limited with all other UK marketplaces.
  • A controlled seller recruitment process means Mail Shop is selective with the Sellers that are recruited to the platform. This results in higher quality listings, the right products that the Mail customer is searching for and greater revenue opportunities for those listed on site.

Commission Rates

All sellers are charged commission on each sale which varies by category. Payment for the previous week’s sales is transferred each Monday.

Next Steps

Once commercials are agreed Sellers need to complete the following steps in order to list products on Mail Shop. The onboarding process should take 2-4 weeks. All product uploads are reviewed by the Seller Recruitment team before being pushed to the Mail Shop storefront.

You can get in touch here Telephone:  0203 615 2145    Email:


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Please take a Tamebay Survey !


Many of you have found our website from Tamebay and both Chris and Dan have been our friends for many years.
In-fact over 8 years now ! There is no doubt that Tamebay has helped us to sell better online with an up-to-date news in ecommerce and marketplace everyday. They are really keen on helping us but they need to find more about your business and what you expect from them. This is the reason why they have started a survey  and your views count.  It takes only 5 minutes and means a lot to Tamebay.

I’d be grateful if you could click here to start the survey.

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Ecommerce 2016 – Checkout what “experts” say

World First Magazine

eCommerce is here to grow and merchants are constantly looking for different marketplaces and different geography aiming for constant growth. While marketplaces are reinventing themselves with faster delivery service and excellent customer support there are independent retailers benefiting from 90 mins delivery. 2016 will be another interesting year for eCommerce and Luke from World First has kindly shared their magazine with  “experts” panel view on various agendas. Please take your time to read it here.

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Getting Product Reviews on your Products on Amazon is getting More important than ever

Personally, I do read product reviews on Amazon before purchasing anything.Amazon Product Reviews This becomes more important when I am spending bit more money on any product. I believe it is the same case for many of us. This is something Amazon is taking very seriously and giving importance to new and most helpful reviews as a part of new change is Amazon Reviews Algorithm which is already rolled out in the US and will follow to other countries eventually.

I have sometimes doubted if these reviews are really true. I have found some reviews very comprehensive and I question if somebody really has spent that amount of time writing it ? Perhaps no, perhaps yes but I am fully aware that there are several reviews site that encourages product reviews with a compensation. It is good for retailers to boost their white labelled products but not of buyers. Good news is that Amazon is already on legal battle with fake review site companies. So, if you are thinking of going this way perhaps you should reconsider.

Not surprisingly, I have had few inquiries about getting quicker reviews with highly regarded retailers  in the past, some of them trading in the UK for over 80 years.  I understand it is not easy to get reviews from customers but I have kept myself away from recommending fake ones though I was not liked to be saying this.

Now, you know that new review system will give more preference to new reviews, reviews from verified accounts and reviews that get the most votes from buyers

as a UK retailer what is the best way to get more product reviews on Amazon ?


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Go Global with Online Marketplaces

go global with marketplaces

We are excited to bring you Online Seller Manchester helping local businesses start and grow international sales. ‘Go Global with Online Marketplaces’ will focus on how to grow your sales internationally with marketplaces.

Luke Trayfoot and Mark Bond from WorldFirst  and Darren fromRedStar will be delivering two exciting talks covering what it takes to be successful in international marketplaces.  The event is free for online sellers and retailers.

Expect to hear practical tips that you can implement within weeks and see your success in growing international marketplaces. The is also an excellent opportunity to network with other online sellers and comfortably with industry experts in friendly atmosphere.

Registration & Further Details

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Mistakes to Avoid When Processing Orders on Amazon & eBay

Let’s face it: making mistakes can be easier than we’d like to admit when selling on Amazon and eBay. Order processing can be time consuming and lengthy, so it’s easy to slip up now and then, but we don’t want that (and neither do our customers), so here’s a few of the most common mistakes made when processing orders and how to avoid making them.

Items not displayed as out of stock

If you sell on both Amazon and eBay, you might find that items are often out of stock before you’ve realised, meaning that people will go ahead and order, thinking the goods are ready to be shipped to them, when that is not actually the case. This is a great way to annoy a customer before they really are a customer – in fact, they might be so irritated that the won’t want to order from you when the item is back in stock. It’s not a good first impression.

Consider using an inventory management software to constantly check stock and update it in real time and set reorder levels so you don’t have to do this manually. It vastly reduces the risk of human error and will also reduce the risk of your customers ordering stock that’s not there. Online inventory management software will have a purchase order software built in, so you can ensure that your supplies are correctly managed.

Late shipping

Amazon and eBay customers (Amazon more so) are used to fast, reliable shipping, mostly due to ordering items fulfilled by Amazon, so you need to either match this service by providing speedy delivery, or be honest with your shipping dates and consider realistically what shipping speed and price your store can manage. Yes, offering customers high quality service is the best way to win them over, but it’s no good promising delivery within 2 days when it’s more likely going to take 4; all you’re going to accomplish by stating an unrealistic shipping time is aggravated customers who won’t buy from you again.


You could try using an order management software to help automate a lot the shipping process, which will speed thing up, or if you’re selling on Amazon, you could review Amazon’s fulfilment service (FBA) to assist with shipping and making things run more smoothly. Remember to consider the cost of shipping to Amazon, returns and related variables.


Marketing materials

It can be tempting, but don’t add marketing materials into the packaging along with your items. Not only will you be violating Amazon’s policies, but you’re also likely to confuse and annoy customers by mixing your branding in with Amazon’s – most people probably won’t know they’re buying from you and will automatically assume they’re buying directly from Amazon.

Getting heated with customers

Bad news – customers can sometimes be demanding and argumentative. But that’s just a fact of life, and you’re going to have to grin and bear it, maintaining a calm and collected – and above all, professional – demeanor. As an ecommerce merchant, you’re almost guaranteed to come across at least one overly needy or irate person, but it’s important that you don’t react in a similar manner, no matter how rude they are. Do your best to mitigate any issues or disagreements with your customers on eBay and Amazon.

Mis-picking in warehouses

Mis-picks are a signifigant and costly customer service issue, with each mis-pick resulting in a retailer not delivering the products needed to satisfy its customers, and each one has to be sent back at your expense. Warehouse mis-picks and quantity mistakes are due to human error. You should implement  a set schedule for picking and packing that’s universally recognized so all employees knows it, and be sure to train new employees to use it .

Use a barcode scanner in conjunction with stock control software to help with this to increase accuracy when picking and packing, enhance order fulfilment and reduce quantity errors associated with human slip-ups. However, remember that using a barcode scanner alone is not enough and that integrating an Amazon and eBay inventory management system will help in increasing accuracy.

Need a cloud based inventory management software? Try Veeqo.


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Is it time to build Mobile Friendly site?

Is it time to get Ready for Mobile friendly site


Did you know mobile unfriendly website will suffer in Google search result starting this April? Google’s announcement on mobile friendliness as a ranking factor is not unexpected seeing the rise of mobile usage. This only means shoppers will have quicker access to search result that are optimised for their devices.

So, what are the best practices for creating mobile friendly websites

  • Use to-the-point text.
  • Avoid unnecessary images, and compress those that are already there
  • Design mobile friendly forms, exclude unnecessary fields for mobiles
  • Design mobile friendly menus
  • Maintain clear back and home buttons

Ready to check your website’s mobile friendliness ?

This tool allows you to find out if the pages are mobile friendly and explore technical details: Mobile-Friendliness check. Here another tool, “Mobile Usability Report” in you Webmaster account to get a full list of mobile usability issues across your site. I don’t understand much technicality myself and I use these tools to highlight issues to my web developer and I hope this post helped you to give  you basic understanding. Initiate some action today !

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Don’t Waste your Time on Online Seller Events !

Luke from WorldFirstHas somebody told you not to waste your time attending Online Seller Events and meeting other Online Retailers? They may be right or perhaps not ! 

On 26th March I organised, Online Seller Events in Bristol at Brightpearl’s HQ. As a organiser, I should say it was an excellent event. One particular reason, is having an engaged audience. There were few retailers importing goods from China and selling abroad. They got impartial advice on how they can save on Currency Exchange from Luke and Mark from Worldfirst. Personally, I have got some understanding but I would like a personalised service and this is what I got from the evening.

There was also talk on how Brightpearl’s system can help retailers grow online. I quite like the idea that they are passionate about helping retailers and I personally witnessed during the evening when Tom, Ti and Grainne from Brightpearl dedicated their time to talk to the retailers.

The evening ended with my rushed 10 mins tips and tricks on reviving your eBay Sales, but it was worth every minute. Quite a lot of times we forget the basics like item specifics, using full title space or trailing listings with 30 days. I would have liked to spend more time with the retailer after the event and this is something I will definitely consider for future events.

So, if you are looking for personalised advise and eager to meet other retailers, Online Seller Events are here for you. These are funded so, tickets are free.

Sign Up to get an Early update ->

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IRX 2015 Birmingham

It was another great IRX in Birmingham. Every year retailers visit IRX to find out what’s new in internet retailing and if there is anything new to learn. I used to visit IRX to attend free workshops and which has been adding value to my digital marketing career. I must say it is not always possible to implement what’s been said but every time I attend IRX workshops, I get new ideas that I can implement. This year IRX has been purely to meet some of industry leaders and spend some time talking things through properly which I did not get opportunity before. It was good to meet up with Chris and Dan from Tamebay and Aaron from eSeller,  they have been first to help you DaytodayeBay project and Online Seller Wales Events.

If you are internet retailing this is the event to put in your diary. Only good things happen when you meet good people !


Internet Retailing

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Online Seller Wales – Swansea 30/04/2015

OSW for mums swansea1


We have Online Seller Wales in Swansea on 30th April,2015. The event includes eBay Success Story and Email Marketing. If you are selling online or thinking of selling online, this the event you don’t want to miss.

Find full details and registration here –> Online Seller Wales – Swansea

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