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Category : Amazon Vendor

Amazon Vendor

FAQs: Net PPM – Net pure profit margin

Net pure profit margin or Net PPM is a financial metric that measures the profitability of a product or business, taking into account all costs associated with the product or business, including the cost of goods sold, marketing and advertising expenses, and other operating costs. This reflects the product profitability after expenses like the cost of goods, vendor funding (co-op activities), and sales discounts. 

Q: How does Net PPM help in evaluating product profitability? 

A: Net PPM considers all costs associated with a product, including the cost of goods sold, marketing expenses, and operating costs. By considering these factors, Net PPM provides a comprehensive view of a product’s profitability and helps evaluate its financial performance.

Q: Where Can I Find Net PPM in Amazon Vendor Central? 

A. The report file is available on the account interface. Select “Reports” and “Retail Analytics. “There will be a report listed called “Net PPM” similar to the screen below:

Q. How is it calculated? 

A: Amazon calculates ASIN level Net PPM based on the following formula:

Average Selling Price – Cost Price + Vendor Negotiated Contract Terms) / Average Selling Price 

Q: Can Net PPM impact my advertising campaigns on Amazon? 

A: Yes, Net PPM can impact your advertising campaigns. If your Net PPM is low, it may limit your ability to invest in Amazon Advertising as you need to allocate funds to cover expenses and maintain profitability. Therefore, monitoring and improving your Net PPM can positively influence your advertising strategy.

Q: How can I optimise my Net PPM on Amazon? 

A: Optimising Net PPM involves various strategies. Negotiating favourable vendor terms, analysing and adjusting pricing, optimising advertising campaigns, and reducing operating costs are some ways to improve Net PPM. 

Q: Can Net PPM help me identify products that are driving profitability? 

A: Absolutely. By analysing Net PPM for individual products, you can identify which ones contribute positively or negatively to your profitability. This information helps you focus on high-performing products and adjust to underperforming ones, maximising your profitability.

Q: How often should I monitor Net PPM for my products? 

A: Monitoring Net PPM regularly is recommended to stay informed about your product’s profitability. The frequency may vary depending on your business needs, but keeping a close eye on Net PPM allows you to make timely adjustments, optimise performance, and maintain a healthy financial position on Amazon.

Q: Can Net PPM affect my relationship with Amazon as a vendor? 

A: Yes, Net PPM can affect your relationship with Amazon. If your Net PPM consistently falls below expectations, it may impact future purchase orders from Amazon, especially regarding CRaP (Can’t Realise a Profit) items. Maintaining a healthy Net PPM can help ensure a strong partnership with Amazon as a vendor.

In conclusion, understanding and effectively managing your Net PPM on Amazon is crucial for optimising your business’s profitability and maintaining a successful partnership with the platform. By considering all costs associated with your products, including the cost of goods sold, marketing expenses, and sales discounts, Net PPM provides valuable insights into your product’s financial performance. 

Monitoring and improving your Net PPM can help you make informed decisions about pricing, marketing strategies, and vendor operations, ultimately driving growth and success on Amazon. Remember to leverage the available tools and reports in Amazon Vendor Central to track your Net PPM and regularly evaluate your business’s financial health. As a result, you can position your brand for long-term profitability and sustainable growth in the competitive Amazon marketplace by prioritising Net PPM.


If you have any questions or want to discuss your Net PPM and Amazon vendor strategies further, don’t hesitate to contact our Amazon vendor experts. 


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