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eBay Amazon Terapeak Amazon Sponsord Ads and Multichannel SetupOur Marketplace services help you fast track selling process delivering your fully functional store
on time. We provide advanced eBay Store Design and Listing design service along with Amazon Store setup. These store setup service includes free one month telephone support so you don’t have to worry when you need that extra help and  we have training available for you to get the grips of using eBay and Amazon. Please checkout full list of other services below.

1. eBay Listing Template / Branded Store design

This involves creating a branded design for your eBay store. Branded stores help in building trust and to differentiate your store compared to others. eBay is phasing out active content from use from Spring 2017 however, branded stores will still be in practice. Here is what we can do for you:

  • Advanced Store Design
  • Mobile responsive
  • Advanced Listing design with filters
  • Related products options
  • Setup live store
  • Create 10 product listings


2. Amazon Store Set-up  

Amazon stores setup involves creating account, about us page, shipping settings and category approval. Some categories like clothes, health and beauty or grocery requires you to submit additional information and we will liaise with Amazon and get everything done for you. Here are few things we can do for you:

  • Store Set-up
  • Account Verification
  • Category Approval
  • Create 10 listings

3. Multichannel Software Set Up

Selling on multichannel is one of the first steps that any businesses would take to expand sales. We will setup any multichannel tools that you prefer and get things in working order for you. Some examples of multichannel tools are Channel Grabber, Linnworks or Magento M2E.

4. eBay and Amazon Listings

Creating content rich eBay and Amazon listings can be very time consuming and often takes up a lot of resources. Both of these platforms are becoming highly demanding for you to fulfil their structured data needs. We will take time to learn more about your products and do all the listing work for you. Our services include:

  • Creating new eBay & Amazon listings
  • Importing your existing eBay listing to Amazon or vice versa

5. Product Listing Optimisation

eBay and Amazon are competitive marketplaces where customer loyalty is very low because they put value on the platform compared to the third party seller. This is the reason why search visibility, quality listings and promotional offers make a big difference. We will take time to audit your account and your listings, create recommendations and implement changes.  This is generally done over a minimum of a 3 month period.  Here what we’d do:

  • Analyse existing eBay and Amazon listings titles and descriptions and make changes
  • Analyse and implement effective Search terms on Amazon listings
  • Analyse listings quality and implement changes
  • Analyse eBay and Amazon Business reports and recommend profitable strategies

Note: If you prefer us to create recommendations we’d do this with a one off fixed cost.

6. Account Audit & Competitor Analysis Report

Frequently businesses come to us seeking to improve current sales performance.  Account review involves investigating your account to find issues within your listings or any part of your offering. We will also take time to research your competitors and create recommendations for you to implement. Our report includes:

  • Audit your eBay and Amazon Account
  • Competitor Analysis and how you can differentiate your products
  • Create recommendations
  • 1 hour skype consulting to discuss audit and for Q & A

7. Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon Sponsored Ads gives you an opportunity to increase visibility for the products that have maximum potential to sell. We carry out extensive market research to select the products to be advertised. We gather product intelligence such has keyword search volume, related products search and a list of competing products.  All of our research are carried out manually and validated via multiple Amazon research tools.

After extensive research, will create ads for the products that convert whilst minimising the cost. We will do regular health check to ensure you are getting good Return On Investment (ROI) and create regular reports for you. This service essentially involves:

  • Manage and implement Ads for profitable products
  • Consistently monitor and optimise to ensure keyword performance
  • On-going campaign reporting

8. Amazon Marketing Services (Headline Display, Product Display Ads)

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is available for Amazon vendors only and it includes Amazon product Ads, Amazon headline display ads and product display ads. These paid ads aim to help you increase your brand awareness with a display of your products on the top of search and below the buy options block on your competing products, related products or products based on customer interest. Our Amazon specialist will:

  • Manage and implement Ads for profitable products
  • Consistently monitor and optimise to ensure keyword performance
  • On-going campaign reporting

9. Translation Services with native speakers –  German, French, Spanish, Japanese 

We have built a very good network of selected native speakers to do this job for you. We have been working with our team for some time and they understand ecommerce very well. You will get your product listings translated in the local language and help you expand internationally. Our translators will:

  • List or Translate your product details
  • Optimise your listings for search


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