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Amazon Ads

Sponsored Video Display Ads: Strategies for Success

Sponsored Display video ads bring products to life by showcasing them in action. The videos can be tutorials or unboxing to help audiences understand your products and connect with your brand experience on a deeper level.

We have seen this working well with some of the accounts we work with. We have kept our videos simple and 20 seconds showcasing the product features. 

Currently, there are three key optimisation strategies: 

Reach Optimisation:

Objective: Drive brand or product awareness by maximising reach.

Cost Type: Cost per 1,000 viewable impressions (VCPM).

Conversion Attribution: Viewable impressions and clicks.

Impact: Amazon optimises bids to increase viewable impressions, targeting a broader audience both on and off Amazon to maximise reach.

Page Visits Optimisation:

Objective: Drive brand or product consideration by encouraging clicks.

Cost Type: Cost per click (CPC).

Conversion Attribution: Clicks.

Impact: Optimise bids to increase page visits, engaging with customers who are more likely to click and explore your products.

Conversions Optimisation:

Objective: Drive sales by targeting customers likely to purchase.

Cost Type: Cost per click (CPC).

Conversion Attribution: Clicks.

Impact: Optimise bids for higher conversion rates, directing ads to shoppers with a higher likelihood of making a purchase.

We used a Reach Optimisation strategy aiming to enhance product awareness and maximise reach. The results were impressive, as seen below:

  • Conversion from the 1st Month
  • ACoS: 19%, comparable to other ad types, showcasing cost-effectiveness.

Amazon-sponsored video ads do not have to be complicated – you can repurpose any existing videos and try out one of the campaign strategies above. If you have any questions, just get in touch. 


For comprehensive guidance on mastering Amazon Advertising: 

📕Explore our Amazon Advertising Book. 

🤙 Elevate your strategy further by scheduling a live Amazon Advertising audit

📜 Buy an on-demand Amazon SEO & Marketing course  


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