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Category : eBay Strategies

eBay Strategies eBay Training

eBay Listing Optimization Webinar

Very recently Chris at Inkfrog organized webinar regarding eBay listing optimization. Well worth viewing the recorded version. In this webinar, Chris talks about

  • Understanding the eBay customer journey and what you can influence to get sales
  • Best practices for eBay listing optimization
  • Examples of good and bad listings


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eBay Strategies

eBay’s Good ‘Til Cancelled in 2019

Some sellers were taken by surprise by eBay’s recent announcement that soon all fixed-price listings will be Good ‘Til Cancelled listings. The change was due to the fact that eBay now believes listings which are listed the longer amount of times gets better sales.  I am assuming this is why Amazon listings are doing better as listings are always live whether you have stock or not.
So, your next steps are
  • To review your settings in time for the change and implement changes with your third-party tools. If you are an inkfrog user check out this blog post for further details.
  • Use out-of-stock feature, with correct stock reflected on the account.
Happy selling!
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eBay Strategies

eBay Premium Listing Design

We have recently launched eBay Premium Listing for NBRHODESfurniture, a Yorkshire based furniture manufacturer. They manufacture top quality Workbenches and Adirondack Furniture including chairs, benches, tables and footstools.

They were looking for professional eBay listings and to also gain visibility through Google Shopping, without spending lots of budget on their website. After a few initial calls, we developed and designed professional eBay listings.

The professional listings were designed to reflect their current website and to be mobile responsive.


Additionally, we made sure their content was optimised and that all relevant item specifics were included, based on eBay best practices. We also incorporated GTINS which helped to get visibility through Google Shopping within days.

If you are looking for a bespoke premium eBay listing template, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

    Send your enquiry

    We would love to help you grow your presence on marketplaces, and if you complete the form below we will call you back to discuss your needs in more detail

    We would like help with:

    Contact email:
    Contact number:
    Your Name:

    We're always happy to help. Please contact us using the box below.

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    eBay Strategies

    Premium eBay Listing Template Design

    eBay listing guidelines have changed significantly over the last few years. We have already gone through active content changes and we have been working closely with UK eBay sellers to implement changes, making listings compatible with eBay rules. A few months ago, we were approached, by a Northampton based manufacturer, to update their eBay listing design. Our key role involved redesigning and creating a listing template tool.

    Our Process

    Our eBay design specialist reviewed the current design and gathered information about what they would like in their eBay listing. Once all the information is gathered we went through a design process and developed some drafts for approval. Following this, we created a bespoke eBay store design and listing. All our eBay stores have a bespoke design to suit your brand identity.

    Read the full post

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    eBay Strategies

    No phone numbers allowed on with eBay description

    eBay Description policy - Daytodayebay

    Recent change with eBay disallowing sellers to include phone numbers on product description page is creating issues for DIY sellers already.   It is very normal for buyers to call sellers to find out if the part fits their equipment. But now buyers are not finding contact number while reading product description even though it is available in contact block.

    So, buyers and sellers are simply getting around this issue by sending phone number in codes in text like below in messages:

    • get my 0 phone 7   5    1  number here 8   8   —- 9  — 6  —- 2   — 8
    • more savvy ones using tools like number to word and word to numbers

    I saw this working last week when I met a Sheffield based seller. But it making life bit difficult for both buyers and sellers.

    Is this change affecting you ?

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    eBay Strategies

    Removing Active Content from existing eBay listings

    This post is by Jonathan Pollard CEO & Co-founder of Codisto – a provider of Amazon & eBay integration and listings tools.  I met Jonathan Iain Jonathan at Birmingham Online Seller Meetupin 2016 at Birmingham Online Seller Meetup and we have been in touch since to discuss how we can work together. This post is just a start and I’d like to help Codisto tools reach more eBay sellers in the UK.

    Marketplace Connect’ is a lightweight extension offering full integration for Magento, WooCommerce & Shopify.

    Xpress Lister’ is a browser based tool offering bulk edit of existing listings and bulk creation of new listings from spreadsheets.

    eBay’s new ‘Active Content’ for listings from June 2017 has been well reported. However, reports have generally focused on what Active Content is and recommendations of what to do for new future listings. Which leaves some important questions unanswered:

    • What about the thousands of sellers and millions of existing eBay listings containing Active Content?
    • How do sellers remove Active Content from existing listings to enable sales history to be retained?

    Are personalised eBay sales templates a good thing?

    Personalised eBay listing templates are a good thing for sellers. They allow sellers to stand out from the crowd and promote their brand. However, sellers have often created different forms of their templates over time leading to listings with inconsistent templates that all contain Active Content. Quite often we see the HTML contained in listings varying from product to product depending on when the products were first listed, sometimes stretching back several years.

    The heart of the Active Content problem for existing listings is eBay’s ugly architecture.  To remove Active Content, the eBay template must be updated. The best way to architect a software solution that allows the updating of templates is to have separate ‘template’ and ‘product description’ elements (that is how we built Xpress Lister because it allows bulk updating of either templates and/or descriptions).

    However, eBay’s architecture is such that the “ebay description” is a joint blob, containing BOTH the ‘written product description’ AND the template HTML (used to make the listing look good).   This means the HTML is intertwined with the ‘written product description’ and any Active Content is intertwined in the HTML – a messy ‘blob’.

    Why is it difficult to remove Active Content from existing eBay listings?

    For merchants to remove/replace active content from existing listings they must either:

    • Identify and replace the offending active content code intertwined in the HTML of the “ebay description” – possibly on many different templates across many products. This involves using the “Sell Your Item” flow, clicking “Revise listing”, scrolling to “Description”, switching out of ‘wyswig’ editor into html mode, copying that and pasting to a separate editor and picking through the HTML line by line!  Moreover, it has to be done listing by listing!  Very time consuming and a real struggle for many merchants; or
    • ‘Wipe the slate clean’ by removing the old templates and applying new active content compliant template to every listing.  However, there are two significant challenges here to this approach.  Namely:

    #1 Applying the new template to every listing:

    eBay doesn’t provide sellers with a suitable tool (Turbo Lister doesn’t include any template functionality).   3rd party template design services will provide Active Content compliant designs but they offer no means of distributing to the listings other than copy/paste listing by listing.  Furthermore, even if merchants are prepared to apply the new code listing by listing on eBay by copy/pasting on each individual listing, once it’s deployed the template code is ‘dumb’ or ‘orphaned’ – there is no way to make changes to the template later and have it automatically flow to every listing e.g. updating a logo or terms of sale – it’s a case of going listing by listing AGAIN!

    #2 Having ‘clean’ product descriptions to apply a template to:

    Unless merchants have ‘written product descriptions’ readily available elsewhere, the product description is only available on the existing eBay listings and is intertwined with the template HTML! This means sellers have to pick through the ‘ebay description’ blob one by one to retrieve their written product descriptions.

    Are there any tools to help make existing listings Active Content compliant?   

    Due to the reasons explained above, removing Active Content from existing listings to retain sales history is going to require a little effort.  If you have written product descriptions available on a spreadsheet it will save you some time as some 3rd party listing tools offer the ability to import and bulk update your existing listings with ‘clean’ descriptions and add an Active Content compliant template separately.  But it’s also possible to clean Active Content if your descriptions only exist on eBay listings and you can’t import from another source.

    You can use Xpress Lister to remove Active Content for free by following our guide here


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    eBay Strategies

    Terapeak’s New Sellers Tab


    Terapeak recently introduced Product Research 2.0 function which is another way to learn more about competition. Before recent changes we used to be able to see top seller’s ID, a powerful tool for many sellers. This post is all about my observations on new research function

    The *New* Sellers Tab

    Terapeak New Sellers Tab- Daytodayebay


    I searched for “organic coffee beans” using Product Research 2.0 and screenshot above shows the information I get that matched my search:

    • Anonymous sellers

    With new policy seller’s  IDs are hidden which used be powerful tool for competitive analysis before.   

    Here’s a comment on recent Tamebay article:   

    “After 6 years of a terapeak subscription, I have just cancelled because of this. It was all I used it for. Is another company going to fill void? Could someone post a link?”     

    • Number of items sold

    Historical number of items sold helps to decide whether the product I am looking for actually worth investing.   

    • Average transaction price

    Average price helps me decide a price point and perhaps helps making that sourcing decision.    

    • Average shipping cost

    Shipping cost is going towards “0” and it is now acceptable practice to include postage on item price. In this particular example there are some sellers with £4.00 shipping charge on average.    

    • % of Listings with free shipping

    Over 90% of listings with free delivery, this is suggesting me to adapt  free shipping. 

    • Total Transaction value

    This gives me total value of sales to help me decide if my venture is worth any penny.    

    All in all, this is certainly a helpful tool for new sellers to measure competition. The sortable list allows to correlate item sold, average price, shipping and total sales. E.g. sorting by number of total item sales shows how many items were sold corresponding to the average price.

    Other interesting result   

    Many sellers I work with like to keep track of few of their competitors. E.g. If you are in a “Small Kitchen Appliance” category, you’d like to keep track on Andrew James brand. They are one of the top sellers and they sell on most marketplaces including Tesco. We can track their performance with new sellers tab.

    The screenshot below shows all we discussed above just based on my search query “Andrew James”. I can see their sales, item sold and price on a particular product category

    Terapeak - Competitor Research - Daytodayebay

    To see a good result use filters like below to avoid auctions or private resellers.

    Terapeak Competitor Research 2 Daytodayebay

    Another interesting addition to the recent changes is the ability to search with EAN. The screen shot below shows how to use filter to get result.

    This screenshot below shows information we already discussed with the time frame but only based on EAN. Given that EAN is correctly entered on listings, the results will tell me information on exact product I am looking for. This is fantastic !

    Terapeak Product Research EAN - Daytodayebay

    I hope you found these information useful. Let me know your thoughts.

    Here at DaytodayeBay, we use research tools like Terapeak to provide marketplace consultancy on eBay. We have also written a  sort case study of how we have made improvements on one of the eBay accounts we worked in the past.

    We have worked with sellers on various categories and helped them develop and optimise their business. I’d love to help you,  please get in touch.

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    eBay Strategies

    Neto eCommerce Platform and eBay

    eBay in Australia has over 8 million unique visitors every month and it is the largest shopping destination. We have seen many UK sellers benefiting from Australian customers. Earlier this month I met a Northern eBay seller selling caravans to Australia on eBay. If you can sell a caravan to Australia, what else could you sell?

    This made me look at various online selling platforms available in Australia and Neto particularly caught my attention. It offers full eBay management, from listing products to dispatching orders. It also offers epos integration helping you create a successful omnichannel business. If you would like to find out if it is the right tool for you check out their FAQs  and the video below gives more insight on how their eBay integration works.

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    eBay Strategies

    eBay tool – picclick


    We’ve come across this brilliant eBay tool called picclick that helps buyers easily discover products they are looking for on a one standard picture view. It is mobile responsive and there is no banner ads which is very pleasing.

    This also means sellers need to be careful of their image quality as higher quality images get more click through. As a seller it also good practice to check how your listing images looks compared to others on a periodic basis.

    Additionally, when buyers type product details on search bar, picclick  starts recommending different products. This could be another resource for sellers to understand additional keywords for their product titles.  We have also noted that recommendations are same as on live eBay site.

    recommended-search-ebay recommended-search-pickclick

    What are your thoughts about picclick ?

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