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Category : eBay Strategies

eBay Strategies

Have you tried eBay Collection feature ?


eBay collections launched in 2014 is an interesting development to attract potential customers for latest trends. I have mostly watched items that I am thinking of buying and now that I have discovered collections, it is my favourite options as I can see when seller adds to the collection. It is more personalised keeps me in track of latest trends.

Take a look at this “Tech it out” collection. Its follow feature helps those interested to keep upto date with the products they love.  There is also selection of popular collections on eBay Today board. As a seller, you can now create collections based on customer’s interest and increase the chance of your products being viewed and hopefully conversion as some point.  It is also good idea to include collections on your email marketing encouraging them to follow you and increase the chance of repeat buys.

If you have already tried eBay collections, let us know how useful it has been for you?

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eBay Strategies

eBay Active Content Changes

We have all heard about eBay changes for spring next year with regards to active content which is a brilliant move forImage result for ebay active content shoppers as they can just see product description on product description block. This also means quicker load time on mobile devices.

We think this is the right time to look into your listings and plan to implement changes gradually.  Recently we spoke with an electronics eBay seller based in Leeds and their plan is to totally get rid of design and apply text. There will be many retailers going toward this way as this will save investment on yet another design. If you’d like to check active content on your eBay listing please use this tool.

We can see eBay is going Amazon way ! Currently EAN and ASIN  are already part of  product pages and when customers are driven to eBay product pages their experience would remain similar with different sellers like on Amazon. We can also see the future of eBay listings to be merged product page with different retailer to shop options like Amazon. Similar development is already seen on Google Shopping results so, it looks like eBay, Amazon and Google results would be somewhat similar.

So, what’s there to be done? We think the focus should be on developing product pages with better title, specifics and provide faster shipping. There is always option for advance listing design like the one we did for Reliancegifts.

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Amazon Strategies eBay Strategies

eBay and Amazon Consultancy in London


Today we had a really interesting day with a Toy Online Seller in London. The business, a manufacturer of hand-made toys, is selling successfully on Marketplaces ( eBay, Amazon) and Website.  We were booked to help the business grow across all channels and find new channels to grow the existing business. So, we spent the day discussing:

   #1  How business could effectively use Amazon FBA?

   FBA is a good option for many businesses but not for all. With our experience of helping sellers across many        categories, we were able to help business decide the right way forward.

#2  How to expand sustainably across Europe ?

   Whilst Amazon is relatively easy platform to expand into Europe and so is the eBay, we focussed our discussion    most profitable products to sell in Europe.

   Additionally, we found out Amazon US as a very lucrative market which could be true for many retailers. We   used Amazon research tools to help out estimated sales for our product category which helped to make a right decision.

   #3  eBay and Amazon SEO.

eBay and Amazon are relatively easy platforms to use and can be mastered in a day but experience always helps. We discussed proven strategies to get on the top of eBay and Amazon search results.

   #4  How to leverage Amazon Marketing options ?

   Amazon is an innovative retail channel and most fail to take full advantage as there are very less information out   there. During this discussion we were able to include best practices of using Amazon PPC.

  Additionally, we discussed how Amazon Vendor account could benefit the business with increased sales.

   #5  Choosing the correct Multichannel platform.

   This was an interesting discussion as there are so many out doing similar stuff. We took “business & user centric”    approach which enabled us to finalise the right channel to consider.

Further more, we discussed how we can grow website sales with Google Shopping and Social Channels.  It was a really enjoyable day and we ended the day with a strategic plan for the business. We are increasingly seeing businesses demanding for one to one session to develop the business are we are getting better at this. Free resources like webinars and blogs does help to understand so called “expert” opinion but personalised session like today aims to help business grow.

We can help your business grow too on Marketplaces and through your own website. So, get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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eBay Strategies

Professional eBay Store Design

Professional eBay Store Design

We have been working with eBay store design for over a year. We have now updated our website with Professional and Branded eBay Store design page which includes:

  • Advanced Store Design
  • Mobile responsive
  • Advanced Listing design with filters
  • Related products options
  • Setup live store 
  • Listing in single active product

eBay Store design is a branding exercise and our designs are bespoke to your needs. If you already have a website we will design eBay store based on your existing design to help you with consistent branding. Please find more details here >>

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eBay Strategies

EAN for your eBay Listings


There is a lot going on about EAN and UPC recently. For eBay sellers this has been a real pain. However, Amazon started indexing products with EAN / UPC since the start with exceptions in manufactured products and seeds. Out of interest, I looked into one particular EAN in Google “8711600536661” to see what results I get. I immediately saw it was a Dove soap with images and few other things that are listed below:

#1 UPC index link shows this product originated in the Netherlands and also gives the details of company who registered this set of codes.  If you did not know any products that starts with prefix 870 – 879 belongs to product from the Netherlands as this is  allocated number for that country by GS1.

#2  The result further down shows this product’s availability in Russia and Italy. There is another link that shows its origin in Germany which is conflicting information from the one shown by UPC index above.

#3 Towards the end of the first page, the result shows that pricecheck is the UK distributor for this soap.

#4 When clicked on shopping  there was only one result with only four sellers retailing in the UK including two on eBay which points out to an Italian account. The supply chain from pricecheck seems to end with only few retailers in the UK.  So, this product may either be discontinued product or perhaps other reason which pricecheck may be able to answer.

There is a wealth of information you can dig with single set of numbers. We could easily find  where it was made and who is distributing it in the UK. And if you had this EAN  with your eBay listings your products will be identified easily as genuine with the rest of the listings and this is a very good reason for eBay to take it seriously. Currently, EANs are flooded in the market through resellers and they are cheap ( 10 for 99p). These may work but they are not assigned to your company and any serious business would  consider getting their own set from GS1.

We have recently completed  a project for a midland based eBay seller to include EANs in all of their listings at a very reasonable cost.  If you need help in getting you products listed with EANs please get in touch.

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Branding eBay Strategies eBay Training

How to Create Exciting eBay Newsletters ?

eBay email marketing helps you create additional sales. eBay has in-built user friendly email design tools to help you create newsletters  for your the members of your mailing lists. You can create newsletters and send them automatically with set intervals or create one off sale email newsletters.

These slides below will show you exactly  how to create exciting emails that are different to your competitors.

We provide eBay training and consultancy in Manchester, London, Birmingham throughout the UK. Please get in touch if need help in starting your eBay store or to increase your eBay sales. 

    Send your enquiry

    We would love to help you grow your presence on marketplaces, and if you complete the form below we will call you back to discuss your needs in more detail

    We would like help with:

    Contact email:
    Contact number:
    Your Name:

    We're always happy to help. Please contact us using the box below.

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    eBay Strategies eBay Training

    Investigate and resolve your eBay Defect rate today

    how to resolve ebay defect rateI have been getting few calls lately with eBay sellers having issues with eBay defect rate which has
    limited their account to sell more. These sellers are told to increase the sales to uplift the limit but  they are not able to as they are only allowed on certain number of listings. It is a difficult situation. How do you resolve this  ? I have not got a magic answer. Firstly, it is best to get in touch with eBay and seek their advice. Secondly, it is review your account and get into the roots of problems and get it sorted. I have put together some slides that will walk you through find the problems and help you plan to resolve issues and you get out of limitations.

    If you are in this situation and need help resolve your eBay defect, please do get in touch.

    [slideshare id=49708032&sc=no]

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    eBay Strategies eBay Training

    eBay Workshop at Techhub Swansea 01/07/2015

    We have eBay Workshop in Swansea coming soon to help you start selling on eBay. This is a intermediate to eBay Training in Chepstowadvanced course aiming to help you develop your eBay Business. The training is going to be personalised based on attendees so, expect to have a lively discussion based on your business and your plans for your business.

    We have had excellent testimonials from our past attendees. Peter a professional eBay seller says

    “Another interesting OSW meeting. Received best practice advice from an experienced eBay seller and then learnt about a exciting opportunity selling on Amazon. These sessions are really useful if you are thinking of or currently selling online.”

    Don’t miss your opportunity to book Early Bird tickets !

    1st July, 2015 | Tehhub Swansea |Ticket Cost £125.00 | Full Details and Registration

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    Amazon Strategies eBay Strategies

    Free Translator for eBay Listings

    [slideshare id=39142998 &sc=no]

    We know International Trade on eBay is going to Grow and this demands Translations Tools for UK retailers. I have found few Retailers using Google Translate to list their stock for eBay Germany and other marketplaces. It is interesting to see some positive result. It is also fascinating to know customer messages are also being handled through the use of Google Translate. It is not 100% accurate but it’s free and seems to be working fine.

    Top Tip:  Use Bilingual Text in Customer messages as many can understand English.

    I have recently discovered free tool called “DocTranslate” which allows us to quickly translate Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Txt and Xml documents without losing the layout. This is a handy tool for eBay UK Retailers as you can upload your eBay UK listings and get it translated in Germany.  Please scroll through the slides below that shows you how it can be done and the result.



    Please be warned it is not 100% accurate it worths a try.

    I have posted this tool on Web Retailer Forum for feedback.  Please post your experience there.

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    eBay Strategies Uncategorized

    Experience: eBay Seller’s Customer Support

    eBay Seller Customer Support 1

    I am simply writing about my recent customer experience on eBay.

    On 14th July 2014 I bought a Power Point controller to use during  16th July #OSWNewport. It was a last minute purchase. I did check it was First class free delivery and seller’s profile. Both assured me that I will get it before the event.

    eBay Seller Customer Support 2

    After  my quick 2 mins purchase, I received an email saying my item is on its way which was assuring for me. It says all I needed to know, when I should be expecting delivery and there may be delay. It also says to contact the seller just in case there is delay which quite good way of avoiding unnecessary bad feedback. The good part is I received the Power Point Controller on the 16th. Happy days!

    eBay Seller Customer Support 3


    Here’s another email I received on the 20th asking if everything was OK with my order and requesting to leave feedback.

    eBay Seller Customer Support 4

    I found the way the seller emailed me at different stages of my purchase cycle was good and I applaud eBay for enabling sellers to do so. As a seller here’s what we need to takeaway:


    1. Send dispatch email after dispatching the order
    2. Mention to contact you if there is any issue with delivery
    3. Check if everything was OK with the order rather than requesting feedback

    It is important to update your customer of every stage of purchase cycle which assures them that their order is on its way.

    So Well done ! Mylisarz2008  You got 10/10.

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