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DaytodayeBay Slide Share Analytics

daytodayebay slides

DaytodayeBay Slide Views Chart

I have investigated quite a lot of time creating slides on eBay and Amazon. It is good to see that
these slides has served sellers from India to USA including the UK, Germany and France.

With over 17,000 views in past one year and increasing month by month, daytodayeBay slideshare account is now open for your to reach your potential customers and raise your brand awareness.  Simply get in touch to raise your brand awareness from a trusted daytodayeBay slides.

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Is it time to build Mobile Friendly site?

Is it time to get Ready for Mobile friendly site


Did you know mobile unfriendly website will suffer in Google search result starting this April? Google’s announcement on mobile friendliness as a ranking factor is not unexpected seeing the rise of mobile usage. This only means shoppers will have quicker access to search result that are optimised for their devices.

So, what are the best practices for creating mobile friendly websites

  • Use to-the-point text.
  • Avoid unnecessary images, and compress those that are already there
  • Design mobile friendly forms, exclude unnecessary fields for mobiles
  • Design mobile friendly menus
  • Maintain clear back and home buttons

Ready to check your website’s mobile friendliness ?

This tool allows you to find out if the pages are mobile friendly and explore technical details: Mobile-Friendliness check. Here another tool, “Mobile Usability Report” in you Webmaster account to get a full list of mobile usability issues across your site. I don’t understand much technicality myself and I use these tools to highlight issues to my web developer and I hope this post helped you to give  you basic understanding. Initiate some action today !

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Workshop: Using Online Marketing to Generate Offline Sales

Using Online Marketing to Generate Offline Sales


Thought I should our readers know that Software Alliance Wales has organised another interesting workshop and this time the focus is on offline sellers. “Using Online Marketing to Generate Offline Sales” is fully funded workshop for Qualifying Welsh Businesses and it is going to be held on 4th September in Carmarthern.

The aim of the workshop is to help offline retailers to increase their sales using online marketing tools. It is also equally beneficial for those retailers selling both online and offline helping them to create a multichannel strategy to bring better customer experience and increase their overall revenue.

If this sounds good to you checkout further details and Book Your Place

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Experience: eBay Seller’s Customer Support

eBay Seller Customer Support 1

I am simply writing about my recent customer experience on eBay.

On 14th July 2014 I bought a Power Point controller to use during  16th July #OSWNewport. It was a last minute purchase. I did check it was First class free delivery and seller’s profile. Both assured me that I will get it before the event.

eBay Seller Customer Support 2

After  my quick 2 mins purchase, I received an email saying my item is on its way which was assuring for me. It says all I needed to know, when I should be expecting delivery and there may be delay. It also says to contact the seller just in case there is delay which quite good way of avoiding unnecessary bad feedback. The good part is I received the Power Point Controller on the 16th. Happy days!

eBay Seller Customer Support 3


Here’s another email I received on the 20th asking if everything was OK with my order and requesting to leave feedback.

eBay Seller Customer Support 4

I found the way the seller emailed me at different stages of my purchase cycle was good and I applaud eBay for enabling sellers to do so. As a seller here’s what we need to takeaway:


  1. Send dispatch email after dispatching the order
  2. Mention to contact you if there is any issue with delivery
  3. Check if everything was OK with the order rather than requesting feedback

It is important to update your customer of every stage of purchase cycle which assures them that their order is on its way.

So Well done ! Mylisarz2008  You got 10/10.

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Online Seller Wales Event – Cardiff


Online Seller Wales Event – Cardiff – FREE to Attend

Thursday, 20 February 2014 from 18:30 to 20:30 (GMT)

Online Seller Wales Event – Cardiff

Porter’s Cardiff

Harlech Court
Bute Terrace
CF10 2FE

Event Details

Cardiff’s first FREE Online Seller Wales event! We are offering you a fantastic venue and exciting speakers aiming to help you grow (or start!) your online business. You will meet will like minded entrepreneurs, share your experiences, hear the latest trends in the industry and take away some relevant ideas to grow your business.

Eventbrite - Online Seller Wales Event – Cardiff

1.      Case Study: “Jura Watches – Online sales from £0 to £1m+ in less than 12 months” – Matt Warren – Veeqo

Matt is eCommerce veteran with over 12 years experience selling stuff online, founded Jura Watches, UK largest online luxury watch retailer. Crowd funded seed funding for latest startup Veeqo, which helps retailers sell on multiple channels easily.

Follow him on Twitter: @veeqo

2. “Google-Friendly Link Building Tactics For Online Sellers” – Steve Morgan, Morgan Online Marketing

When one of the leading experts in the SEO industry admitted over a year ago that “quality link building is hard,” you know it’s tough! More than ever, Google expects inbound links to be 100% by-the-book, natural and high quality. Sometimes though, there are high quality, natural link building tactics sitting right under your nose just there for the taking. This talk will provide numerous suggestions specifically aimed at online product sellers and eCommerce website owners, hopefully leaving you with a ton of ideas for Google-friendly link building in 2014 and beyond!

Steve Morgan is a freelance SEO consultant trading as Morgan Online Marketing. Having worked agency-side and in-house for 4.5 years, in May 2013 he decided to go self-employed. He runs a blog about SEO called SEOno in his spare time.

Follow him on Twitter: @steviephil

3.      Selling internationally with eBay and Amazon – Prabhat Shah, DaytodayeBay

Online spending is growing worldwide. Selling internationally will help UK businesses from these growth rates and prepare for the future. Selling internationally with eBay and Amazon is much easier than setting up your own international online shop. This talk is all about reaching millions of potential customers outside the UK within a short period of time.

Prabhat founded Online Seller Wales with an aim to educate online sellers and encourage small retailers to sell online through reputed channels like eBay and Amazon.

Follow him on Twitter: @day2dayebay

Eventbrite - Online Seller Wales Event – Cardiff

This event is supported by

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Amazon Prime – Brilliant way to lock customers

Customer Retention is the best way to grow your sales over period of time. Customer Retention costs less than acquiring new ones. This is the basic reason businesses try to encourage loyalty. Research shows one of the reason prospective customer do not buy is high shipping cost.

Amazon has cleverly rectified this problem with offering free delivery with minimum annual fee.Amazon’s strategy to lock-in customers with services like Amazon Prime and will help the retailer gain share in the online retail market.

“It also works because it exploits some very simple human psychology. Your best customers enjoy the pleasant, repetitive sensation of profiting from every purchase while your business still nets more money – either from the customer’s greater loyalty, or simply because the revised pricing causes them to spend more on your services overall.”
  Rory Sutherland, Campaignlive

Following Amazon prime strategy will be costly in the short run but will increase sales in a long term.

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