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Why to Invest in Your Amazon Brand Store

As an Amazon seller, you always look for ways to stand out in the crowded marketplace and attract more customers. One powerful tool at your disposal is the Amazon brand store, a customisable storefront that allows you to showcase your products and create a unique shopping experience for your customers. In this blog post, we’ll explore ten reasons investing in your Amazon brand store is necessary for any brand looking to boost sales and build a loyal customer base.

1. Exclusivity and No Competitor Ads

Unlike your product listings, your brand store is a space where you have complete control. There are no ads from competitors or Amazon, ensuring that your customers are focused solely on your products and brand. This exclusivity helps to strengthen your brand identity and improves the shopping experience.

2. Customisable Shopping Experience

With access to valuable data, you can curate the shopping experience in your brand store to match your customers’ preferences. Tailor your store layout, product displays, and content based on customer behaviour insights to boost engagement and drive conversions.

3. Enhanced Visibility on Google

Amazon brand stores are indexed high in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for branded searches on Google. A well-optimised store can improve your online visibility beyond Amazon, attracting potential customers searching for your brand on search engines.

4. Amazon Posts and Brand Following

Utilise Amazon Posts to drive more shoppers to follow your brand store. Building a loyal follower base allows you to engage with customers directly and inform them about new product launches and promotions using the MYCE tool.

5. Multiple Ad Units for Increased Traffic

Promote your brand store and products using various ad units, such as SB store spotlight ads and DSP, to drive traffic and generate more sales. A strategic ad campaign can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and customer reach.

6. Higher Average Order Value

Branded storefronts often result in higher average units per order and average order value compared to regular listings at the account level. The immersive shopping experience and curated product displays encourage customers to explore more and make larger purchases.

7. Significant Revenue Contribution

A well-optimised brand store can contribute 5-10% of a brand’s overall revenue to Amazon. Investing in your store’s optimisation will bring in recurrent revenue. 

8. Launching New Products Effectively

Leverage your brand store to launch new products. With increased traffic and a dedicated section for new product features, your store becomes a powerful platform to introduce and promote new offerings to your audience.

9. Access to Valuable Store Insights

Amazon provides Store Insights, offering a wealth of data on customer behaviour, traffic sources, and product performance within your store. This data can be used to fine-tune your marketing strategy and scale other parts of your Amazon business.


Investing in your Amazon brand store is a smart move for any brand seeking to elevate its presence on the platform and engage with customers on a deeper level. From building brand loyalty to driving sales and launching new products, the benefits are extensive. So, why wait? Take the next step to optimise your brand store and reap the rewards of a compelling shopping experience and increased revenue. If you need expert assistance in taking your brand store to new heights, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help you succeed on Amazon!

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