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We are based in Loughborough providing our services throughout the UK. Our Marketplace Training courses and consultancy helps you sell profitably on Amazon and eBay.

Please follow the links below to find out more about both Amazon and eBay courses:

If you are looking for Amazon FBA training we have got it covered as well.

Our training courses are tailored to suit your specific needs and include one-month free email support. We travel comfortably anywhere in the UK and we have already trained businesses in Bristol, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Leicester and Cardiff. You can choose any one of two delivery options:

  1. Onsite/ in-house training throughout the UK & EU – Please see FAQs 
  2. Online / remote training or consulting – Please see FAQs 
  3. Face to face Training Centre in Loughborough or Nottingham – Please see FAQs

Case Study: How we helped Finnish Dairy Manufacturer to establish a presence on Amazon?

Amazon and eBay Services

Our Amazon and eBay Services aim to help you grow your sales. We have a range of services that covers all aspects of running both Amazon and eBay account:

  • Listing products on Amazon and eBay
  • Product launch on Amazon and eBay
  • Analyse your competitors and create a strategy to grow your sales
  • Review your account and improve seller performance
  • Optimise your Amazon or eBay  listings 
  • Help you grow your business internationally

Please find out a full list of services we provide.   All of our services are flexible to your needs.

Some feedback clients have left me directly:

Mike Lammas, Collisons

Very informative and interesting day. Prabhat was very flexible, answering questions we had as well as delivering the bits he felt we needed to know.

Maggie, Spinaclean

Prabhat was very kind and send over course content to me 3 weeks prior to my training, to give me an idea of what questions i may ask. Prabhat has answered all my questions which make me feel much confident to use eBay and Amazon. I do much appreciate his help. Thank you

Hasan,  Ultimate Herbal

Prabhat was exactly the teacher I needed at my time of early development on eBay store management. Prabhat was able to give me the foundation knowledge to shorten, what would have been, a long learning curve.

In two sessions I had the confidence in dealing with the ebay store. The extra information he gave about selling & product analysing platforms are most valuable. Thanks Prabhat.

Mark Barber, Forest Park Gardens

I am please to recommend Prabhat Shah for his services  regarding eBay workshops.

As a complete novice to using eBay as a means of selling and promoting products I had little to no  idea what to expect. But with his vast knowledge of the topic, all the information was easy and  straight forward to absorb and well explained… I never felt overwhelmed or intimidated, the workshop was extremely insightful, especially for the company’s future  business plan.

Rhoswen, Escape Watersports

So nice to have one to one training where the course is based on your own experience and Ebay store. Gave me loads of ideas on how to improve the store and the boost listings for better visibility. Thanks Prabhat

Doordecorandmore, Angela Morris

I was pleased the advice we received was very personal to each of us! Our company has been selling on Amazon for a couple of years, but felt that I needed to get more involved in this side of things. I left the course with my head full of ideas, and a “To do” list as long as my arm – but all things that need to be done! I’m sure I’ll be attending another of the courses at some point in the future.


I am very pleased with my meeting with Prabhat. I was stuck with Amazon FBA

At the point where I could go no further. Prabhat has provided me with the tools and the guidance to go forward and continue my journey with on-line selling.  I would highly recommend Prabhat’s services to speed up your journey in the on-line world.

Girlynightout, Sally Wood

We are very impressed with how quickly our questions were responded to and the information provided has been very helpful!  Can’t recommend enough. Will definitely be using again.

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