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Please take a Tamebay Survey !


Many of you have found our website from Tamebay and both Chris and Dan have been our friends for many years.
In-fact over 8 years now ! There is no doubt that Tamebay has helped us to sell better online with an up-to-date news in ecommerce and marketplace everyday. They are really keen on helping us but they need to find more about your business and what you expect from them. This is the reason why they have started a survey  and your views count.  It takes only 5 minutes and means a lot to Tamebay.

I’d be grateful if you could click here to start the survey.

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eBay Strategies

Professional eBay Store Design

Professional eBay Store Design

We have been working with eBay store design for over a year. We have now updated our website with Professional and Branded eBay Store design page which includes:

  • Advanced Store Design
  • Mobile responsive
  • Advanced Listing design with filters
  • Related products options
  • Setup live store 
  • Listing in single active product

eBay Store design is a branding exercise and our designs are bespoke to your needs. If you already have a website we will design eBay store based on your existing design to help you with consistent branding. Please find more details here >>

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London Online Seller Meetup 17/03/2016


Online Seller UK  has organised  London meetup teaming up with We are Digital on 17th March at Rise, Whitechapel. This event includes talks on selling on marketplaces and your own website. Topics for the evening are:

#1 4 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Conversions with Delivery Options

#2 Selling on Amazon US – 5 top tips for UK sellers

#3 Borderless ecommerce, how to get a good start in a new market

Register here >>

As always, the event is free for online sellers and retailers and there is minimal fee for suppliers. Expect to hear practical tips that you can implement within weeks and see your success online. This is also an excellent opportunity to network with other online sellers and meet comfortably with industry experts.

If you have never been to one of their meetup, these past event photos will give some idea and also checkout attendees testimonials here >> 

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eBay Strategies

EAN for your eBay Listings


There is a lot going on about EAN and UPC recently. For eBay sellers this has been a real pain. However, Amazon started indexing products with EAN / UPC since the start with exceptions in manufactured products and seeds. Out of interest, I looked into one particular EAN in Google “8711600536661” to see what results I get. I immediately saw it was a Dove soap with images and few other things that are listed below:

#1 UPC index link shows this product originated in the Netherlands and also gives the details of company who registered this set of codes.  If you did not know any products that starts with prefix 870 – 879 belongs to product from the Netherlands as this is  allocated number for that country by GS1.

#2  The result further down shows this product’s availability in Russia and Italy. There is another link that shows its origin in Germany which is conflicting information from the one shown by UPC index above.

#3 Towards the end of the first page, the result shows that pricecheck is the UK distributor for this soap.

#4 When clicked on shopping  there was only one result with only four sellers retailing in the UK including two on eBay which points out to an Italian account. The supply chain from pricecheck seems to end with only few retailers in the UK.  So, this product may either be discontinued product or perhaps other reason which pricecheck may be able to answer.

There is a wealth of information you can dig with single set of numbers. We could easily find  where it was made and who is distributing it in the UK. And if you had this EAN  with your eBay listings your products will be identified easily as genuine with the rest of the listings and this is a very good reason for eBay to take it seriously. Currently, EANs are flooded in the market through resellers and they are cheap ( 10 for 99p). These may work but they are not assigned to your company and any serious business would  consider getting their own set from GS1.

We have recently completed  a project for a midland based eBay seller to include EANs in all of their listings at a very reasonable cost.  If you need help in getting you products listed with EANs please get in touch.

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Amazon Strategies

How to get product reviews on Amazon ?

Product reviews on Amazon now determines search visibility and conversion leaving price factor behind. So, how do retailers encourage buyers to write a product review. These slides shows you email template that you can use to request feedback and also it shows you automation tool from Xsellco.

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Branding eBay Strategies eBay Training

How to Create Exciting eBay Newsletters ?

eBay email marketing helps you create additional sales. eBay has in-built user friendly email design tools to help you create newsletters  for your the members of your mailing lists. You can create newsletters and send them automatically with set intervals or create one off sale email newsletters.

These slides below will show you exactly  how to create exciting emails that are different to your competitors.

We provide eBay training and consultancy in Manchester, London, Birmingham throughout the UK. Please get in touch if need help in starting your eBay store or to increase your eBay sales. 

    Send your enquiry

    We would love to help you grow your presence on marketplaces, and if you complete the form below we will call you back to discuss your needs in more detail

    We would like help with:

    Contact email:
    Contact number:
    Your Name:

    We're always happy to help. Please contact us using the box below.

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    Ecommerce 2016 – Checkout what “experts” say

    World First Magazine

    eCommerce is here to grow and merchants are constantly looking for different marketplaces and different geography aiming for constant growth. While marketplaces are reinventing themselves with faster delivery service and excellent customer support there are independent retailers benefiting from 90 mins delivery. 2016 will be another interesting year for eCommerce and Luke from World First has kindly shared their magazine with  “experts” panel view on various agendas. Please take your time to read it here.

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    Customer Relationship Management

    How to simplify your eBay customer support process

    How to simplify your eBay customer support process - Online Seller UK


    Customer service is the lifeblood of any online business.

    It can be tricky for growing companies to keep up with customer service, particularly during busy periods like Christmas and summer holidays. This is especially true when it comes to scaling customer support as your eBay sales grow.

    For eBay sellers, customer support is the holy grail. Seller metrics – and ultimately sales – depend upon factors such as response and resolution times. The most successful companies’ constantly review their customer service processes, to make life easier for not only buyers, but for staff too.

    Here are three steps to reducing the workload of your customer support staff.

    Step 1: Map Your Current Process

    The first step in streamlining your customer support is to record daily activities.

    Recording and analysing your current customer support process is the easiest way of understanding and mapping the key activities within each task and identifying ways to simplify the process, both on a minute and macro level.

    Key processes such as returns and refunds should be scrutinised and simplified as much as possible. Sure, it’s great if all a buyer has to do is click a button and a return or refund request is submitted – but is it just as quick and painless for customer service staff to process it? Do they have to process the payment manually? Do they have to use more than one system?

    Boiling down common processes into a few simple steps mitigates the amount of work for your support staff, freeing them up to engage with and help your customers in more meaningful ways.

    Step 2: Identify Contributing Factors

    Once support activities have been recorded and broken down into individual tasks, it’s time to start recording the key metrics within them to further distinguish the most resource-demanding factors.

    The quickest way to determine which areas of support need review is to start with your inbox. Recognising which query types account for the biggest percentage of your inbox enables you to classify them and compile a spectrum of most and least frequent queries. For example, if you receive a large number of shipping queries; are these due to reasons such as late deliveries or unclear shipping times being given at checkout? Determining the basis of these issues will enable you to take action to mitigate their likelihood, as well as implementing strategies to deal with situations when they do occur.

    It’s essential to involve all CS reps in this process, as they will be able to share which situations and messages take up the most of their day. This step is all about locating the functions which constitute the most workload for the reps and working backwards to determine (and negate) the root cause.

    Common problems (and solutions) include:

    • Returns: Record the reason for each return, to deduce the most common causes and establish the driving force behind this.
    • Damaged goods: If there are high rates of goods damaged at arrival, the packaging used should be reviewed.
    • Wrong delivery: A high volume of wrong item deliveries could suggest a problem with pick pack and warehousing.
    • Late delivery: Late deliveries could indicate a problem with your courier.

    Product queries are one of the most time-consuming to answer because they require specific answers pertaining to different products, which may require staff to look up the information requested. For this reason they are always worth delving into further. Receiving questions about products is an opportunity to improve and update product descriptions to be more detailed and to clarify any ambiguity for future buyers, thus boosting customer satisfaction, while shrinking product query volumes.

    Step 3: Strategic Automation

    Once the customer service process has been mapped and the key contributing factors analysed, automation of the most time-consuming tasks can be implemented.

    A quick way to get started is by using the data from the inbox analysis, which determined the most common query types, and using it to create a library of template responses for support staff to utilise. The process of crafting good support messages can be somewhat time-consuming, but in the long run will save staff hours typing.

    When automating and implementing pre-sale preparation, it’s valuable to remember that many customers prefer to be autonomous and either have easy access to their own self-serve solution or to be able to find the answer without contacting a customer service representative.

    For example; including a note and pre-labelled envelope with the company’s address (particularly for items such as clothes, which have a higher margin of returns rates) will save buyers the frustration of contacting customer support to find this information and in turn reduce the potential for negative feedback from an unsatisfactory experience.

    Every marketplace seller is conscious of their metrics with regards to customer response and resolution times. The quickest and most effective way of increasing these is by creating auto-responses for periods where there could be a delayed response, for example out of office hours.

    Setting up strategic automated messages not only lets your buyers know that their query has been received and will be dealt with swiftly, but also ensures that your response metrics remain high.

    Follow these three steps and ensure you raise your customer service game to a new level in 2016.


    Author: Josie is Head of Partnerships for XSellco, a Dublin based eCommerce solutions provider specialising inJosie Grant - Xsellco
    solutions for multi-channel online vendors. XSellco’s main products are Fusion a HelpDesk tool build to
    online retailers, Price Manager an Amazon repricer and High5 a marketplace feedback solicitation tool.

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    eBay Training

    Personalised eBay Training in London

    We enjoy travelling and helping retailers throughout the UK. This is something we are really passionate about and been doing this for past few years. Our clients are quite happy with our highly personalised training.

    Today, we were invited to help clothing retailers based in London to establish their presence on eBay through a clearance store. It was a productive day with practical guidance with plenty of opportunity for client to implement changes during the day.

    Here’s how we delivered this training-

    #1 Scheduled Q & A session with the owner to find for situation analysis and set the expectation from the training

    #2 Researched current eBay account along with competitor analysis

    #3 Created a bespoke training plan

    #4  Delivered training with 2 weeks free telephone support

    We received really positive feedback and we hoping to be back for Amazon training after a few months time. If you require eBay training in London please find more about us in this FAQ and give us a call. We are here to help!

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