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Amazon Strategies eCommerce

Were you working this Holiday period?

I like working outside whether its sun or the rain. It was time to disinfect Chicken Coop (Looks like Palace, I know!) Along with disinfection, it was time to treat the girls with some Anti Mite Powder. As I did 100% of my Christmas shopping on-line,  it is not surprising I do the same for this. Looked around, found cheaper in Amazon with FREE delivery. FREE delivery is an important factor for me to decide whether to buy or not. This is where on-line retail is going and challenging on-line retailers!

The expected delivery was 28th December, within 2 days after purchase. I was not expecting the delivery on time due to Holiday period. And to my surprise I got it on the 28th. This is admirable. Well done Amazon and I must say Royal Mail you done very well too.


As an on-line retailer, are you working towards delivering this efficient service like Amazon during Holiday period ?

I noticed that this order was Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and sold by PetGoods4U. So, if you are small retailer and you want an efficient operation to your business this is something you can think. OR if you are one-man-band in the business, send your stuffs to Amazon and to get an efficient operation.

All in all, along with other parts of your on-line operation you MUST work towards efficient operation and fulfil customer’s expectations. If you don’t somebody else is already there. So be Warned !

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