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Veeqo: Helping You Sell Efficiently on Marketplaces

Multichannel Software


As a growing online business selling through multiple channels like eBay, Amazon and your own Webstore it is best to consider syncing inventory to avoid overselling and yet making our entire inventory available for sale to both eBay and Amazon customers. If you are not selling through all Marketplaces, you are losing out a big chunk of your revenue!

It is nice to see growing sales and in order to continue the growth it is important to put our heads on sales strategy and find a system that can help you in these areas: 

  1. Printing orders and Royal Mail labels from one screen
  2. Auto updating inventory after sales from all the channels
  3. Shipping multiple orders at one time
  4. Providing tracking numbers to your customers automatically
  5. Printing a list of stock to pick

When we are able to work on these efficiently with a system, we get plenty of time to think about how we can grow your online business. We can work achieve all these through “Veeqo” with a competitive price of £60/month if you are selling 1,000 products. As a new system we would like to try it out and like any other system Veeqo has free trial offer for a month. If you find it worth investing, sign up for a year and save 15% i.e. you pay only £51.00 a month.


Veeqo is founded by Matt, a good friend of mine for sometime now. Prior to Veeqo, Matt founded and is still CEO of a multi-million pound online business Jura Watches. Matt delivered a talk in February this year on our Online Seller Wales – Cardiff event. 


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Online Seller Wales – Cardiff

Thank you everyone for making this event a success. See you again in Newport.

[slideshare id=31456808&sc=no]


[slideshare id=31456774&sc=no]


[slideshare id=31456747&sc=no]

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The Future of Ecommerce – Webinar by PHP Genie

The Future of Ecommerce


I just got an email from Tom from PHP Genie that they are running  a free webinar next week on the Future of Ecommerce. The webinar will be covering current and future trends, and also look at multi channel software like Brightpearl.

PHP Genie claims that in less than an hour you’ll be able to/learn how to:
– Understand the future trends in eCommerce which you should be thinking about
– See how other businesses are becoming more efficient
– Plan developments of your sales channels using better design and information

When ? Thursday 18th July  4pm-5pm GMT

It took me a good few years to understand how eCommerce works. I am quite impressed by the claim that it will be clarified in less than an hour!

Register for this Webinar Here.




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Going Multichannel is Must to Grow your online business

We know by now Selling on one platform is not good enough. Retailers needs to be as many selling platform as possible. It is good to start on eBay and grow out to sell on Amazon, Rakuten Play and Etsy. Here’s a snapshot of traffic to these sites in 2012 & 2013.

Amazon tops the chart followed by eBay, Etsy and Rakuten Play. If you are not in any of these platforms you know you should be there. Every platform has their own features and you need to check one at a time to see if it is profitable for you. Bear in mind that “experimenting is better than assuming.”

Getting top of inventory management and order management is important when we have two or more selling platform. When you are not coping with the pressure of many orders then you know you need a tool to help you out. This is when you nee something like Stitch.

” Stitch is your all-in-one small business inventory management system that lets you increase sales, boost productivity, and communicate professionally – more effectively than ever before!”


With this type of tool you don’t need to  log into multiple ecommerce websites, whether you’re selling on eBay, Rakuten Play, Amazon, Etsy, BigCommerce, Shopify, other online platforms. It manages your inventory, invoices, contacts, and packing slips all in one spot. With all tools you have Dashboard which lets you quickly track the status of your sales, payments and inventory.

This is only one of millions other tools out there. Have a look around and get what suits you best.

It is nice to have our businesses diversified in terms of sales channels so if one does not work there is always another-one working and keeping our cash-flow going. This is also and indication to UK businesses that it can only survive better if they are on multi-channel platforms. Good luck everyone !

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Webinar – Top 5 Tips for Profiting with Multi-Channel Selling – by Janelle Elms

Yesterday I enjoyed watching these two webinars which talks about growing your online business through Multichannel Sales.

Grow your business with eBay and Amazon

Dramatic changes have taken place in the online selling landscape.  Are you letting your selling platform run your business? Learn how to stand out in search engines, appeal to buyers, choose the right selling platforms for your business and make profitable decisions no matter what changes your chosen platform makes to their search capabilities. Presented by Janelle Elms, a best-selling author, speaker and leading eBay educator.

A few of the things you’ll learn:

– The future direction of online selling
– How Cassini will affect your eBay selling
– Obtaining worldwide search visibility
– Choosing the profitable selling platforms for your business model
– Tools for multi-channel selling



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Amazon Strategies eBay Strategies

Why somethings sells on eBay does not Sell on Amazon ?

Multichannel seller must have noticed what sells on eBay necessarily does not mean it will sell on Amazon and vice-versa. There could be various reasons.   

Ebay and amazon


Some are familiar with fixed price on Amazon and go for it as they normally do rather than waiting for the bargains on
eBay auctions.  The search results on Amazon are lesser than eBay since Amazon shows result by the product and then you can look to buy from different sellers whereas eBay shows result by all seller and you can decide on various criteria like prices, P  & P, Seller Seller Status.

Buy Box:

There clever “Buy Box” invention works very well on Amazon providing this facility to the good rated sellers with lower price of the item. Buyer buys without having to go through rest of the sellers. This speeds up the buying process. Absence of this facility on eBay may be a good reason when something sells better on Amazon.

Customer Type:

Delivery promise fulfilment is another factor that affects sales. Most of the eBay customers asks “Where is my item ?”
even if dispatch emails are sent and they are made aware on the listing the expected delivery time.  This normally does not happen on Amazon. Probably Amazon customers are more convinced on Amazon delivery time compared to that of


Experiences buyers who had negative experience with eBay has good opportunity to switch to Amazon. Unlike eBay
Amazon has their own Warehouse for stock and dispatch orders themselves which is very important factor to build up trust among the buyers.

Product Reviews:

Amazon has user generated product reviews that speeds up the sales thought process resulting sales unlike that on eBay. 

These may not be good reasons for selling on Amazon but the fact is the Amazon is growing more that eBay and don’t forget more stores = more salesIf you can, always try to add sales channel. It does not hurt to try Play Trade, Asos Market Place or eBid.


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