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Smart Shipping Price on your Amazon Listings

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Amazon gives us two shipping options. One based on price range of the products we sell another based on shipping weight of the product. Now we are left with a problem which how to assign required shipping rates for the products we sell. If we post actual shipping weight of a particular product we will not have control over how much we would like to charge shipping on that particular product. So, I have devised way to get over this. This will help you to charge certain shipping cost on products you are selling. You can even match with Royal Mail weight based charges.

Step 1:

Assign Fixed Rate per Kgs

Let’s take £2 for 1 Kg for example

Step 2:

  • Fill this in UK Street, UK PO Box and BFPO
  • Leave Per shipment blank
  • If you offer Expedited shipping leave in per Kgs and fill in £ xx amount in per Shipment row

Step 3: Create a Calculator

Base on the price set on step 1 you can easily set up spreadsheet which gives you right weight based on the price you enter.

Use this spreadsheet as an example – Click here to open spreadsheet


Enter this weight in shipping weight field on your Amazon listings and you are sorted.

This gives you flexibility to charge postage based on the Royal Mail weight band. Now, you can even create your own weight table based on the price you would like to charge.

Let me know your thoughts !

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