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Category : Amazon Training

Amazon Strategies Amazon Training

One-to-One Amazon FBA Training

one to one Amazon FBA TrainingAmazon FBA is an attractive business model through which a person like you and me can start selling online from anywhere in the world without involving your on day-to-day basis. With many success stories about Amazon FBA, quite a lot of people have started to find a ways to take a plunge and the good bit is there are plenty of online courses on this. One to One Amazon Training

Recently, I had a opportunity to work with an enthusiastic to be Amazon FBA seller from Brighton who traveled to our Newport Training suite for a half day training. Like the most he has spent time learning using online courses and his choice of udemy. It was a good course giving information out but lacked giving individualised experience. This is when one-to-one Amazon FBA trainers are  in need and we booked a half day training.

This one-to-one Amazon FBA training started with a simple process of

1. Finding out what you want to achieve and your understanding in the subject

2. Find out what you want to learn specifically

3. Including what’s needed to be successful

I use this process because everyone is different and with different level of understanding whether you are working for your own or working for someone else. This process allows me to find out what’s needed for personalised training and I prepare for it.

During this training we went through the basics of listing product right on Amazon and covered product titles, search keywords and getting the image right.  We also discussed about shipping the right way for Amazon FBA US and went a bit out of the way talking about how get new business using Facebook pages.  Additionally, we discussed how important private labelled is and listing products with two ASINs to maximise the sales.

All in all, it was really a productive half day course and after a day I received this testimonial –

“I am very pleased with my meeting with Prabhat. I was stuck at the point where I could go no further. Prahbat has provided me with the tools and the guidance to go forward and continue my journey with on-line selling.

I would highly recommend Prabhat’s services to speed up your journey in the on-line world.”

If you are looking for one-to-one Amazon FBA training please feel free to get in touch. I travel widely in the UK to deliver one-to-one eBay and Amazon training. You can also chose to visit our Newport Training suite and spend a day or half day for your training.

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training

Amazon Product Details Tips

Amazon Product Conent Tip

Customers browse through Amazon listings in an intention to buy your products. It is always good
to have a good product details. This becomes more important when you have won a buy box for a particular products. So, here’s three quick tips:

1. Include your main keywords on your product titles. Including brand name is only important if it is being searched.

2. Use bullet points to mention features of your products and include benefits as well. It is good to capitalise first letter of each points.

3. It is best to keep your description concise. Remember HTML codes that were allowed at one time does not apply any more. You can try <b> for bold <p> for paragraph change like this experiment listing.

It is also good idea to experiment any offers like buy 2 get 1 free.

If are looking learn how to sell on Amazon, Join us for Amazon Workshop in Swansea on 29th of June. 

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training

Amazon Workshop 29th June – Swansea TechHub

If are selling on Amazon or new to Amazon, we have a perfect workshop for you.  We welcome start-up and existing on-line businesses to join this training. It is tailored to suit your business needs there will be opportunity to discuss your individual business plan. We always look into attendee profile before and spend lot of time to make it suitable for your business. So, expect to go with a prepared action plan to start & grow your business with Amazon.

Grab your Early Bird Ticket now at £75.00  ( £125.00 regular price )

Amazon Training in Swansea

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Amazon Training

Getting the most out of Amazon Product Search Terms

Few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to consult a clothing retailer in Manchester about Search Terms for Amazon listings.

Basically, we have 5 keywords fields to use. They needs to be 50 characters length. If you are using excel to populate the keywords use  =LEN(A1) to calculate length. and then follow these Amazon Search Term Best Practices:

  • You do not need to enter common misspelling
  • It isn’t necessary to duplicate title keywords; it is better to use additional terms to generate a wider range of customer search hits.
  • Use single words– Single words work better as search terms than phrases. If you use phrases, then customers must type each entry exactly as you entered it. For example, if you enter ” Gifts for the bride to be Bridesmaid ” as search terms for Gifts for the Bride Bridesmaid Gifts Candle Wedding Day Gift White Gorgeous Jar, then that is what customers must type. However, by listing these terms separately, you allow for more combinations, such as bridesmaid gift, wedding candle, and wedding day gift. It is best to experiment these in a list of products to see the difference in sales.
  • We don’t need commas in between as we are using one set of keyword/ phrase per line.

I hope this helps a bit. I would love to hear from you or take any questions.

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Amazon Training eBay Training eCommerce

Online Seller Wales – Bristol 26/03/2015

Online Seller Wales are hosting their first Bristol event at Brightpearl’s office on 26th March, 2015. Brightpearl Online Seller Wales - Bristolprovides multi-channel retailers with software which manages orders, inventory, customer data and accounting in a single, reliable retail management system. The event will kick off with Brightpearl’s fastest growing customer story followed by these two eCommerce Topics:

1. Selling Internationally? World First bank accounts can help you save and expand on your marketplaces. 

2.  My eBay Sales is Flat Lining ! Now What ? 

Find out More about this Event and Sign Up 

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training

Amazon Shipping Override in 3-Easy-Steps

[slideshare id=42960067 &sc=no]

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Amazon Training eBay Training eCommerce

POSTPONED: Online Seller Event – Bristol Saturday – 28th June 2014

Bristol’s First FREE Online Seller Wales event! As always we are offering you a fantastic venue and practical topics in Internet Retailing that will help you grow (or start!) your online business. Expect to meet like minded entrepreneurs and industry experts and hear the latest trends in the industry.


Eventbrite - Online Seller Wales - Newport

Saturday, 28 June 2014 from 10:00 to 13:00 

Bright Pearl Office, First Floor, New Bond House, Bond Street, BS2 9AG

I like hearing customer Stories as they reflect actual day-to-day experience and We are starting this event with Bright Pearl’s customer, sharing some actionable insight with you

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Amazon Training eBay Training

Online Seller Wales Cardiff – 15th May – Cardiff Digital Showcase

Its a Full House at Online Seller Wales Cardiff

Cardiff’s second FREE Online Seller Wales event!  We had fantastic venue and exciting topics in Internet Retailing. It was house full with like minded entrepreneurs and industry experts.  There were varied and topical talks on the evening: –

  • An eBay Seller’s Guide to Cassini Search
  • International Sales with Amazon
  •  7 Trust Tweaks For Profitable Online Selling

We skipped Google Shopping and Amazon Repricer due to time constraints. I will be bringing it back  on our next event. You will find presentation slides towards the end of this post.

Stuart a good friend from Swansea says: 

 “A great evening, we not only learned a lot on selling on ebay, but made a couple of good contacts to help us grow online, I look forward to attending the next meeting.”

I am very pleased to see so many Retailers with eBay, Amazon and their own Webstore and making it a success! I did notice demand of this event in Swansea and I planning one soon on Saturday.

Keep up-to-date with All Events on our Official site

 [slideshare id=34783059&sc=no]

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training

Developing Your Business with Amazon – Fully Funded Workshop

Developing Your Business with Amazon Training - Software Alliance WalesTens of thousands of small and medium sized UK businesses utilise the power of the Amazon UK Marketplace to reach a wider audience. Using Amazon’s tried and tested platform, businesses are able to offer their products for sale on all of Amazon’s websites throughout Europe and the rest of the world – reaching tens of millions of potential customers.

This course will provide information on how your business can sell your products on Amazon – one of the top 10 most popular websites in the UK.

During the course of the day, we will provide information and tutorials on –

  • Account Setup
  • Seller regulation (how to comply with DSR and offering a returns policy)
  • How to optimise your Amazon listings to gain targeted sales, marketing your business on Amazon and store profile enhancement
  • Managing your orders (dispatch, delivery expectations, vacation settings and choosing the right courier)
  • Customer relationship management (handling queries, complaints and returns)
  • Analysing and tracking performance
  • Fulfilled by Amazon – is it worth it?
  • Amazon web stores
  • Checkout by Amazon
  • Amazon online resources

This is a beginner to intermediate course, so if you are a well-established seller or someone exploring this option – there will be something for you on the day.

Book Now >

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