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Amazon Headline Search for Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Headline Search Ads - Daytodayebay

There are a quite a lot of changes going on with Amazon Seller Central- Amazon Stores, Enhanced brand pages and now headline search. Previously headline search was only available for vendor accounts and it is available for all registered brands in seller central accounts. If you have not registered your brand yet, get yourself registered.

We have noticed headline search is expensive than sponsored ads but it works well to raise brand awareness when you are either launching your product or promoting during busy holiday season. Please note some key points below:

  • Placement: Above search result
  • Who is it for: Vendor Central and Seller Central
  • Analysis: Keywords performance reports
  • Tip: Test various headline text, choose three products wisely, drive customers to your Amazon store

Best Practices    

  • Use performing keywords from Sponsored Ads
  • Test phrase match and exact match to optimise performance
  • Allow enough time to test -1 month
  • Bid higher than sponsored Ads

How to setup?    

It is fairly easy to setup headline search ads, but do check out best practices above.

Here’s step-by-step guide to help you.   < click here to see guide >

How does the result look like?

Screenshot below shows the result of the ads and it is quite detailed to measure performance. You can also download search term report to see which keywords are performing well.

headline search ads - online seller uk

  • Impressions: number of times your ads being seen
  • CTR: Number of clicks / Impressions. The higher the better.
  • DPV: Number of times your page is viewed
  • ACPC: Average Actual cost per click. You don’t always pay the amount you bid and if there is a competition you’d pay 1p more than the nearest bid.Image result for prabhat shah
  • ACoS: It is the cost you pay to have a sale
  • Win rate: It shows your chance of winning bid if increase your bid

Headline search is an excellent opportunity to raise your brand awareness and ultimately sales. So, give it a try for at least 4 weeks to draw any conclusion. Questions?  Get in touch here >>

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Amazon Category Ungating

Amazon Category Ungating - Daytodayebay

Amazon restricts some categories to sell on their platform in order to maintain consumer confidence. These restricted categories are:

To sell in these categories, you’d have to apply for approval. The application process is simple with certain documentation for Amazon to consider your application. If your application fails, they may not disclose the reason why but you may again re-apply. Please see below three key documents:

  • Sales invoices of within 180 days that originate from a manufacturer/supplier or a wholesaler: This needs to be an invoice with at least 10 units. Your company address and seller’s address and contact details must be clear.
  • Company registration document
  • VAT certificate

The result can take 24 hours or more and sometimes sooner. If you need any help with regards to category ungating, please get in touch with us.

Thank you so much for your help, I would never have managed this without you.

Carol, Pharmascience



Amazon Category Ungating -Daytodayebay




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Amazon Events

AmazonSEO and marketing training in Brighton

BrightonSEO - Amazon SEO and Marketing Training - Daytodayebay

Amazon has brought double-digit growth for a lot of sellers, and with this rise in sales, it is obvious to see a lot of fierce competition. So, sellers are now working to find out how they can improve performance with better organic ranking and Amazon marketing services.

Our AmazonSEO training course is developed in collaboration with #BrightonSEO, with 10 years working experience. This will help you start or grow your business on Amazon.

At our September session, we saw brand owners, resellers, distributors and agencies. On this day session we covered things like:

  • What affects Amazon organic ranking?
  • How to get more product reviews?
  • How to avoid suspension?
  • How to leverage Amazon Sponsored Ads?
  • How study Amazon business reports?
  • Growing international and more

Check out this podcast to find out more about what we cover, and you can register online for our next session.

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Amazon Events

BrightonSEO – Amazon Sponsored Ads Beyond basics

BrightonSEO - Amazon Sponsord Ads Beyond Basics - Daytodayebay

It was another fantastic opportunity to speak at the biggest search marketing conference in the world, #BrightonSEO. I spoke about ‘Amazon Sponsored Ads: Beyond basics’, and my talk revolved around how to get best out of ads spend on the Amazon platform, and whether it really does work.

My talk was followed by my good friend Darren at digitl, who spoke about getting a competitive advantage on eBay. The key points to take away from my talk were:

1. Use Automated Ads for keyword harvesting
2. Keep Automated Ads on all the time, so that your product appears on product details pages
3. Allow enough bid so that you get enough data. They may waste your budget for some time
4. Find ACoS “sweet spot” so that you know you are making profitable sales from sponsored campaigns
5. Invest more on keywords that are converting in your automatic ads
6. Consider brand awareness ( clicks/impressions) as your performance indicators

I have been working with Amazon sellers for the last 10 years and I have seen competition getting tougher and tougher every year. Amazon sponsored ads are not just an option anymore: use it wisely to get a longer-term return, rather than short-term ROI (Return on Investment). Check out more on my slide-deck, and if you have any questions or need help please get in touch.

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Amazon Seller App Photo Studio Feature

Amazon has recently released Photo Studio feature in their Amazon seller App. It looks good and allows you to do a minor retouch on photo including cropping. Worth a try!Amazon Seller App - Photo Studio

Additionally, it tells us whether the photo meets Amazon’s photo requirements as listed below:

• MAIN images must have a pure white background
• MAIN images must be the actual product
• Images should be 1,000 pixels or larger in either height or width. This minimum size requirement enables the zoom function on the website. Zoom has been proven to enhance sales. The smallest your file can be is 500 pixels on its longest side
• Logos, watermarks or texts are now allowed


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Amazon Amazon Training

Case Study: How we helped Finnish Dairy Manufacturer to establish presence on Amazon?

Amazon Training for International Businesses

Amazon is an attractive marketplace for sellers around the globe in various categories. We have also seen a rise in the use of the Amazon UK FBA model, which is very practical as it removes operational burdens and improves customer service.

It is because of this we are seeing more and more international sellers seeking our Amazon training and consulting program.  Last year we had the opportunity to provide training & consultation to the Finnish Dairy products manufacturer, Valio. Valio’s products include cheese, powdered ingredients, butter, yogurt and milk. It is Finland’s largest milk processor, producing 85% of the country’s milk.

So, what exactly did we do?

Our training and consultations are personalised, so we focussed all our sessions on the products they sell, and looked at what their leading competitors were offering. We followed our full training content, seen here, and covered important things like listing best practices, Amazon FBA operation, and sponsored ads.  We ensured that all their questions were answered, especially as they travelled all the way to Manchester for this Amazon session.

Read more here….

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Amazon Product Translation

Amazon is a growing marketplace not only in the UK but in other countries too. Amazon makes it easy to list products on all European platforms: Germany France and Italy.

We have seen the rise of automated tools like Webinterpret, which can create listings for you, but time and time again we have heard the translation is very poor as they use an automated process done via software and not by humans. Amazon also does auto translation for you and mostly they are also of poor quality.

Recently we have been approached by a London based Amazon seller to get their Amazon UK translated in German, French, Spanish and Italian. We turned out the translation plus created listings and synced with Amazon build international tools within the target time.

What we did?

We analysed their existing UK listings and started to understand the product well.

Word-for-word translation rarely works, and translation usually involves a certain degree of adaptation for each particular market.  For example, Amazon sellers search for Amazon FBA in the UK, while the Spanish counterparts search for Logistics of Amazon and Amazon Transportation. 

We then listed product listings on their Amazon platforms and synced build international tool. So, it was an A to Z solution for the client.

The result

We are starting to see a steady rise on sales on their European listings.

Amazon Europe can bring in substantial additional revenue to your business and the only thing that is stopping you is product listings which make sense to your local customers in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.  We have helped others and we can help you too. Please get in touch with Prabhat today to discuss more.

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How to successfully dispute Amazon vendor shortage?

Amazon Vendor is a powerful program for brands, manufacturers and distributors. Over the last 12 months we have had really good opportunity to work with Amazon vendors selling Kitchenware, Fishing, Fitness Equipment and Stationary. Most of the accounts generate at least million pound-a-year sales so it is a successful sales channel for many. However, it does come with some set of problems.

Very common problem we have seen is “shortages in delivery”. The shortage occurs when quantity (number of units) received is less than that specified in the ASN (Amazon Shipment Notification). All of the vendors we have met are very confident that they are sending correct number of units. So, it is surprising where products go missing.

“Millions of shipments going to Amazon stuff like this are bound to happen.”

How to solve it?   

#1 As a first step go to Payments > Invoices

#2 Select Submit Proof of Delivery and upload files

Few key things to remember while submitting POD:

  • Proof of Delivery (POD) is evidence and this includes Packing slip, Invoice copy and delivery receipt.
  • All documents submitted needs to match ID and they must link with each other. Please see is an example below picked from Amazon help documents. You can also see guide on this Amazon page >   ( log in required )

Vendors are very busy and process like this is very annoying to say the least. It is costing so much time for many so it is very common practice to ignore any shortage less than £50.00 or even £100.00 in some cases.  Someone, somewhere knows this and we wonder what sort of value is lost if we add this together for all vendors!

There are also automated inventory systems that can support you a little. Please see below some systems.

Looking for help with Amazon Vendor Consulting? Get in touch today!

Send your enquiry

We would love to help you grow your presence on marketplaces, and if you complete the form below we will call you back to discuss your needs in more detail

We would like help with:

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Amazon Vendor Training Course

Amazon Vendor Account Training

Amazon marketplace has brought great opportunity and growth to lots of businesses in the UK and the same can also apply to your business. Amazon Vendor course course is designed for brand owners and manufacturers and helps you explore the untapped potential to grow your business with Amazon. In this informative session, we share our experience of working with many successful brand owners and share proven methods to be successful on Amazon Vendor program.

With Amazon Vendor Program, you have a wholesale relationship with Amazon. Amazon makes Purchase Orders (PO) based on market demand, the brand fulfils the PO, and Amazon then handles the rest, from promotion and shipping to customer service and even building your product detail page.

Amazon’s Vendor program is a growth opportunity worth considering and this course aims to guide brand owners / manufacturers  with Vendor account or Vendor Express account.

Find full content here >

What client say….

We had the pleasure of having Prabhat in for a private session and help us clear up many of our Amazon woes. Prabhat is a warm and friendly guy who gave information freely from his vast knowledge that is based on years of practical and consultancy experience gain across different business sectors.

At the end of the session we had implement simple admin processes based on Amazon best practices and formulated a road map to take us forward over the next 5 months.

Glyn Berrington,  E-Commerce Manager at Ryder Imports

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Amazon Search Terms – 1000 or 250 characters

Recently Amazon’s headlines told us that Amazon has changed search term character limit to 250 characters from 1000.  Many already knew this to be already in action sometime ago and it is normal for Amazon to roll out test features without informing sellers. There is still confusion because seller central product listings still shows 1000 character limit for each field of search terms. To clarify situation, I was in touch with Amazon sellers support and here’s their answer:

Amazon Search Terms - Daytodayebay

Few other key points about search terms:

  • Search terms can be different for vendors – some accounts show 400 characters limit
  • Search terms are additional opportunity for sellers to rank product on search
  • Not many sellers seem to use this functionality wisely due to lack of time or understanding about how it works
  • Comma is not required
  • Misspellings are not necessary but brand name misspellings are
  • Repeating words are not necessary
  • Using competitor brand name does not result your product
  • Using competitor brand name can help display your products on product details page with Automatic Sponsored Ads
  • Here’s one example of search terms being shown in searchAmazon Search Terms Character limit - Daytodayebay
  • Use competitor keywords – use REVERSE ASIN search in sonar tool
  • To find out if your search term is indexing or not use ASIN + search term
  • Amazon Search Terms - Daytodayebay
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