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Category : Amazon

Amazon Amazon Strategies

Subscribe & Save for FBA sellers

Amazon Subscribe and Save Store

Amazon Subscribe & Save option is now available to FBA sellers in the UK who meet the requirements. This program was introduced in 2007 in the US allowing consumers to get their favourite consumables delivered regularly in exchange of at least 5% discount each order. * Beware Amazon price changes regularly and subscribe and save may no start saving you pounds.

What sellers need to know?

  • Subscribe & Save automatically gets Buy Box so, it is absolutely critical to win the buy box.

Amazon Subscribe and Save Buyers View

  • This is generally very successful marketing strategy which encourages repeat buys
  • You products are visible in Subscribe and Save page increasing visibility

Amazon Subscribe and Save Store

  • To be eligible your store needs to have good performance level with feedback rating of 4.7 or higher

Amazon Subscribe and Save Feedback Eligibility

Find out more about this programme and enrol, take a look at this Amazon help page >>

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Grow your business with Certified Refurbished on Amazon

certified by amazon
We are seeing more and more refurbished products on Amazon. These includes laptops, phones, tablets to kitchen appliances and office equipment.  They come with certification from Amazon giving  extra layer of security to buyers.  To be part of this, a seller has to meet Amazon’s strict performance standard and should follow following strict guidelines:
  • Products sold  look and work like new

  • Refurbishment process includes diagnostic test, replacement of any defective parts, a thorough cleaning and inspection process, and repackaging where applicable

  • All relevant accessories as expected for a new product should be included and it should give  1-year limited warranty
I had quick look in Laptop category to see the level of month sales and they are quite impressive. Checkout Amazon’s page for more details
Grow your business with Certified Refurbished on Amazon
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Buyer Opt Out Email and What You Should Do

Amazon’s Opt-Out of Buyer-Seller Messaging

Lately many Amazon sellers have received messages regarding the opt out messages from Amazon indicating: “We were unable to deliver the message you sent for order xxxxxxxxxx ……”. BQool has investigated, and here is the information that we would like to share.

Why did I receive an email from Amazon saying my message could not be delivered?

Amazon is now allowing buyers to opt out of receiving unsolicited messages from sellers. If you send an email to a buyer who has opted out, Amazon will block the message and send you a bounceback email with instructions for how you can still message the buyer if it is critical to completing the order.   

How do buyers opt out of messages from sellers?   

In buyer accounts, Amazon has provided settings of Email Preferences in Communication Preferences Centre. If buyers select the option of “Do not send me any marketing email for now” here, they will unsubscribe from Amazon’s marketing emails. Please note that this means buyers will not receive “Amazon marketing communications”. You should still respond to inquiries in which buyers contacted you first. Buyers can’t opt out of those. If your response is blocked, make sure that you are responding to the original message thread and that the original message is included in your reply.  

What does that mean for buyers to opt out of messages from sellers?  

This means that buyers will only receive emails with information critical to completing the order, such as product customization questions, delivery scheduling, and issue with a shipping address. Sellers can no longer send messages which are not critical to completing the order such as: shipment confirmations, product manuals, out of stock notifications, and feedback or product review requests. The new rule does not apply to messages regarding handmade, wine, or custom orders. Please note that Amazon has warned sellers that “repeated violation of this policy may result in enforcement actions or lose selling privileges”.

How do I send messages that are critical to completing the order if my message was blocked?

Amazon still allows sellers to send critical messages via Buyer Seller Messaging. To do so, click the buyer’s name on the Manage Orders page and you will be lead to Buyer-Seller Messaging. Then select “Additional Information Required” as your subject, write your message, and click “Send”. Please note that you can only choose “Additional Information Required” here as other subjects will cause the message being bounced back again if the buyer opted out.  

How can I identify buyers who have opted out?  

Currently the only way to identify buyers is from the bounceback email. So far this information is not available through Seller Central or Amazon’s API. BQool will keep monitoring this issue and will keep you posted as we learn more.  

I’m using a feedback service and how can I prevent sending emails to these buyers from it?  

If you are using an Amazon feedback service such as BQool’s Feedback Central, there should be a setting that allows you to add buyers who have chosen to opt out into a blacklist. Once they are on the blacklist, the feedback system will block all emails to these buyers.    

We hope the above information is helpful. If you have any questions or comments with regards to this issue, please don’t hesitate to contact BQool.

BQool is a SaaS company offering great software solutions that help Amazon merchants resolve daily business challenges. They strive to create products that will increase Amazon sellers’ feedback rating, product reviews and sales. Each feature is designed to make your job easier and save time.

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Introduction to Bid+ ( Amazon Sponsored Ads )

Bid + on Amazon Sponsored Ads Daytodayebay

Bid+ functionality, available in Amazon Manual Sponsored Ads, is a setting in Campaign Manager that gives you an
opportunity to show your product ads on the top of customer search results.

If you have never noticed it before go to Campaign Manager > Click on Campaigns > Campaign Settings. When you turn on Bid + Amazon can increase the maximum bid for your ads up to 50% more than your default bid when ads are eligible to show at the top of search results. If your ad is not eligible to show Amazon will not increase your bids.

We have trailed Bid + on several Amazon accounts we handle and received positive result. The screenshot below shows impressions, clicks, average cost, total spend and sales.  Out of total spend of  £28.10 spend the return was £423.91.

Therefore, the ROAS is a ratio of 15 to 1 (or 1500 percent) as £423.91. divided by £28.10 = £15. Image result for prabhat shah

Revenue: £423.91.
___________________ ROAS = £15.00  OR 15:1

Cost: £28.10

For every pound that the company spends on its Amazon Bid + Sponsored campaign, it generates £15.00 worth of revenue. So, this is worth looking into. If you need any help, please get in touch today to discuss your Amazon Advertisement campaigns.

Bid + on Amazon Sponsored Ads - Daytodayebay

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Amazon New* Profile Page

Amazon New Profile Page

Amazon’s new profile page is awesome ! Buyers can find out more about sellers information quickly. Buyers may be interested in finding out more about  Returns, Warranties and Refunds, Delivery, Privacy Policy or contact number to find out more about delivery to Scottish Highlands. So, it is now time to review your profile information and ensure that they are up-to-date.

Lot of buyers still don’t realise there are third party sellers on Amazon and lot of buyers assume they are buying from Amazon themselves so this is a good way to differentiate yourself from Amazon and other sellers.

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Amazon: Condition notes are no longer accepted for products listed as new

Amazon stopped all condition notes for product listed as new from the last week of February. This may have not have Amazon New products condition notesgreater impact on large number of sellers but there are some sellers selling large product taking advantage of this note to include contact number to get in touch if buyers are from not from mainland UK.

If you do have products listed as new with condition notes, the condition notes will be removed from the offer listing page. You will still be able to see  the notes made in regards to an older listing. Here’s one  example .

Generally this notes has been brilliant for sellers – for example, to include expiry date of a perishable item. But this feature has been misused massively. Checkout this example

Amazon New products condition notes japan


Have you been affected by this change ? Let us know your thoughts.




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So What is Amazon’s new Return Dissatisfaction rate?

Amazon seller metrics is a good way of tracking performance and often we overlook this only to find our account Amazon Return Dissatifaction Ratesuspended because of one the metrics going below Amazon’s target. We have been seeing Return Dissatisfaction rate for sometime and there was a question asked if this affects your account health.

So what is Return Dissatisfaction rate?

Amazon says – “The Return Dissatisfaction Rate is the percentage of valid return requests that were not answered within 48 hours, were incorrectly rejected, or received negative customer feedback.” It measures how happy customer is with their return experience. It looks into three main areas once return is processed

  • Negative Return Feedback Rate
  • Late Response Rate
  • Invalid Rejection Rate

Does it affect your Account health or seller ratings?

Return Dissatisfaction Rate does not affect your account, and is not visible to customers. It is designed to capture the customer’s sentiment, which can sometimes change. If you feel that you did the right thing to a specific order but the customer is not aware of that or accidentally answered the survey differently than they meant to, feel free to reach out to the customer and ask that they re-take the survey by going back to the link in their email. Amazon counts the most recent response. 

Can high Return Dissatisfaction rate cause suspension?

Your account would not get suspended nor would your main metrics not get affected once your Return Dissatisfaction Rate is at risk.

The Return Dissatisfaction Rate is the percentage of valid return requests that were not answered within 48 hours, were incorrectly rejected or received negative customer feedback.

** I hope this clarifies more about Amazon’s new Return Dissatisfaction rate. If you have any question about Amazon’s metrics, please get in touch. We also provide Amazon account audit report which can be helpful to know more about how you can maintain or improve your Amazon account health.

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