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Category : Amazon

Amazon Amazon Strategies

A/B Testing with Amazon Sponsored Products


We have been managing Amazon Sponsored Products for some of our clients and we are seeing really good progress in sales. If you have not looked into this, it is very easy system to learn with lot less complications compared to that of Google Adwords. So, give it a go!


Amazon Sponsored Ads

You will find above question as a part of Official Amazon Sponsored Ads guide. We checked with Amazon whether this was true they came back to us with the answer below.

I would like to confirm that you are bidding against yourself in that the computer would need to decide which of the two campaigns to select so in that regard it does place both of the campaigns against each other to decide which one to display.

It also factors in a buyer’s previous searches, Browse Nodes, Bids, Seller and Browse Node Ratings and click-through-rates to make the decision but in these cases, your product will still display so you are not being penalised.

We were recently asked few questions by one of our clients regarding testing return on ads involving same ASIN in different ad types and also using same keywords on different ASINs. This is popularly known as A/B testing. Here’s specific question and answers:

  1. Does two ads compete if same ASIN is on manual ads and automatic ads?

>  Yes the two ads will compete for the system to show one of them. This means that the system will chose one, which will be done randomly, therefore you will only be generating Impressions once and any click will be only charged once.

  1. Does two ads compete if same keyword is on different ASIN?

>  Yes the two ads will compete for the system to show one of them. This means that the system will chose one advert based on a number of factors. Some of these factors are feedback on the item, price, availability, buyer previous searches and a few more. The system will decide which advert to show which is a higher probability of resulting in a purchase.

  1. Does two ads compete if same keywords on same ASIN?

>  Yes the two ads will compete for the system to show one of them. This means that the system will chose one advert based on a number of factors. Some of these factors are feedback on the item, price, availability, buyer previous searches and a few more. The system will decide which advert to show which is a higher probability of resulting in a purchase.

Please do try this out and let the system help you decide which one is the best. If you have further questions please feel free to get in touch.

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Amazon India for UK sellers


Amazon India could be fantastic hub for UK sellers in future. Currently it is open for Indian sellers only according to Amazon India’s T & Cs   In contrast Amazon themselves are selling on the platform exporting from the US as Global Export Sales LLC. Interestingly they have 1 feedback which is negative.

One very obvious option for UK sellers is to partner with Indian companies which we will see happening soon. There are already numerous UK businesses importing from their own factories in India. For them it will relatively easy as they know how things work over there. Let us know if you have started Amazon India venture on this Amazon Sellers Forum.

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Bye Bye Amazon Incentive Reviews


There is a lot of noise about Amazon reviews policy changes and here are few to the point notes based on their latest
reviews policy
. I can see why this is happening from example like this where 98% of its 94 reviews are from unverified sources. This may be the extreme case and shows the extent of abuse of the system. You can find more about this product reviews here >

Please find below some points to note with new reviews policy:

– Amazon reviews system gives weight to newer, more helpful reviews

– Stricter criteria applies to get Amazon verified purchase badge (discounted and free products don’t get this badge)

–  New system as of 03/10/2016 Amazon prohibits incentivized reviews unless they are facilitated through the Amazon Vine program

– The changes will apply to product categories other than books.

– Vine program has been in practice for few years and is open for vendors only by invitation only. Reviewers on vine program invites trusted and helpful reviewers on Amazon to post opinions about new and pre-release products.  Let’s hope vine program would be accessible for all.

So, it is going to be tough for those sellers following US Amazon private label gurus. Similarly we don’t know how important Jungle Scout Niche Hunter is going to be which aims to give you product ideas encouraging you to copy popular products, import, accelerate reviews and improve organic ranking. There is always an alternative way. We have recently trailed price reduction across the board and accelerated sales. Then we followed up customers for reviews. This was successful! So, you can give it a go.

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Amazon Product Reviews Test for buyers


There has been growing distrust on Amazon product reviews lately and this has been primarily driven by famously known as “private labels” pushed on to us from the US. For any buyer who is trusting Amazon for their quality service may get which are private labels with reviews generated via free product give aways.

We have generally seen 5* reviews on free products and they may not be honest and this is the issue. Though reviewers mention disclaimer saying “this product is received free for honest product review”, many don’t see them. They are misguided by stars! Many have ended up with quality products and many have not. Most importantly we don’t know if these products have properly gone through compliant procedure to ensure the quality of the product. Do you remember Hoverboard product problems last year!  Many trusted Amazon and many were disappointed. Due to repeated case this like this, buyers trust on Amazon is not paramount as before. At least not mine!

I have just tested one product on Amazon using a free tool called reviewmeta and I have received a report

44 of the 73 total reviews for this product are unverified purchases. The unverified purchasers have rated this product an average of 5.0 while the verified purchasers have rated this product an average of 4.1. Based on our statistical modeling, the discrepancy in average rating between these two groups is significant enough to believe that the difference is not due to random chance, and may indicate that there are unnatural reviews.   

  • On this particular product 60% of the reviews are unverified which means only 40% are actual reviews from customers who actually bought this product
  • Also to be noted – people who left 5 star reviews mostly are those who actually did not buy this product

If you want to test this tool, simply enter Amazon URL to get Review report. There is a quicker way with browser extension. Guardian has done a good work by making buyers aware of this useful tool.

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Introduction to Amazon A + Pages


Amazon A+ pages are rich information product pages often with images and charts. They are visually appealing and also contains more information than our seller central product pages. These pages can only be created via Amazon Vendor Central accounts or Amazon themselves.

Brand owners, Manufacturers and Distributors with Amazon Vendor Account enjoy the benefits of educating consumers through enhance content. Though they don’t come cheap Vendor account holders knows the importance of A+ pages as they give SEO benefits.

I have written a guest blog post on, you can read more there >> Tamebay

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Ultimate Guide To Amazon Product Reviews


We have seen recent changes on Amazon product review policy and we heard and read a lot of articles questioning if we actually get honest Amazon product reviews with free products. Amazon has also changed their reviews algorithm, meaning that now New Reviews, Verified Reviews and Reviews that are most helpful are given more weight. So, personally I’d recommend putting a system in place to ask for reviews from existing customers.

I have written my experience with accelerating product reviews on thewholesaleforums blog. I’d love to hear your experience on this.

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Fall short of the minimum to qualify for the free shipping on Amazon ? Amazon Filler Checker can help.

Amazon Filler Checker

Amazon offers free delivery for all of £20.00 or over even for non-prime members. I am still a non-price Amazon shopper recently bought a school bag from Amazon worth £16.99. Not surprisingly, it carried £4.95 delivery charge as it was an Amazon prime product.

Free delivery for orders of 20 on Amazon

Being put off by delivery charge, I was looking for a product worth £3.00 to make order of £20.00 for free delivery and then I discovered this brilliant tool called Amazon Filler Checker which let me search for product with the price and category I wanted.

It is a brilliant tool as it helped me make a better use of £3.99 delivery charge.


Amazon Filler Checker


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