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Category : eBay Training

eBay Training

How to use Terapeak to find Best Selling eBay Category ?

[slideshare id=45881768&sc=no]

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Amazon Training eBay Training eCommerce

Online Seller Wales – Bristol 26/03/2015

Online Seller Wales are hosting their first Bristol event at Brightpearl’s office on 26th March, 2015. Brightpearl Online Seller Wales - Bristolprovides multi-channel retailers with software which manages orders, inventory, customer data and accounting in a single, reliable retail management system. The event will kick off with Brightpearl’s fastest growing customer story followed by these two eCommerce Topics:

1. Selling Internationally? World First bank accounts can help you save and expand on your marketplaces. 

2.  My eBay Sales is Flat Lining ! Now What ? 

Find out More about this Event and Sign Up 

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eBay Training eCommerce

Online Seller Wales – Cardiff 18.11.2014

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Amazon Training eBay Training eCommerce

POSTPONED: Online Seller Event – Bristol Saturday – 28th June 2014

Bristol’s First FREE Online Seller Wales event! As always we are offering you a fantastic venue and practical topics in Internet Retailing that will help you grow (or start!) your online business. Expect to meet like minded entrepreneurs and industry experts and hear the latest trends in the industry.


Eventbrite - Online Seller Wales - Newport

Saturday, 28 June 2014 from 10:00 to 13:00 

Bright Pearl Office, First Floor, New Bond House, Bond Street, BS2 9AG

I like hearing customer Stories as they reflect actual day-to-day experience and We are starting this event with Bright Pearl’s customer, sharing some actionable insight with you

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eBay Strategies eBay Training

Mobile Responsive eBay Listing


The tweets above shows a recent chat with Andy from Webretailer and Darren from Redstar Creative.

We have seen benefits of selling on eBay. It is simple to use and your product sells. If are to build your own eCommerce site, you’d need some time for development and then there is lot of work involved for marketing your website (products). eBay eliminates all hassle and helps you sell. There is only few days setup time and you are ready to go!

I recently had a quick with one a good friend of mine who specialise on Digital Marketing. I’m surprised to learn that lot of clients he sees prefer not to sell on eBay and would rather build their own store. I can see only one thing with this type of thought, lack of awareness. We have now set up Online Seller events which helps retailers to understand true potential of Marketplaces like eBay. Please find more on our official site

There are lot of Sellers who understand how important eBay can be for their eCommerce strategy. With this rise of Sellers on eBay, we have seen rise of Agencies who specialise on developing eBay listings or eBay Stores. I admire the amount work they do to develop a listing template which is beautiful to look at. However, as a seller you need to find out, is it really necessary. The best reason agencies give is “creating your own brand is necessary” which is why appealing listing design is must. Let’s not forget one of the factor buyers buy on eBay is trust which is given by eBay & PayPal. So, as long as your offering is at good price with good image and description others things are of minimal importance. If you are to build your brand consider building your own separate store.

eBay gives you good listing format with product title, category, price, image, product description and postage options. Additionally, eBay allows codes on description giving you an opportunity to custom design as you want. I can see this opportunity is over exploited. All you need in your product description on eBay is actual “description” of your product. I’d like to add it will be best to have it responsive to mobile devices. Let’s see an example below:

Mobile Responsive eBay Listing

You can see the first listing is responsive to mobile where you can read the description without scrolling towards the right and second listing is not. I’d go for the first listing as we know mobile sales is rising and we want to make our product offering appealing to  mobile shoppers.

You will find another example below of a eBay Listing (Chemist Direct) which must look really nice on desktop with fancy design but does not serve its purpose on a mobile device. It is best to avoid this type of design and look for something that is responsive.

If  you would like some help on responsive eBay listing please do get in touch. I will be very happy to help.

Chemist Direct eBay Listing Not Responsive to Mobile


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Amazon Training eBay Training

Online Seller Wales Cardiff – 15th May – Cardiff Digital Showcase

Its a Full House at Online Seller Wales Cardiff

Cardiff’s second FREE Online Seller Wales event!  We had fantastic venue and exciting topics in Internet Retailing. It was house full with like minded entrepreneurs and industry experts.  There were varied and topical talks on the evening: –

  • An eBay Seller’s Guide to Cassini Search
  • International Sales with Amazon
  •  7 Trust Tweaks For Profitable Online Selling

We skipped Google Shopping and Amazon Repricer due to time constraints. I will be bringing it back  on our next event. You will find presentation slides towards the end of this post.

Stuart a good friend from Swansea says: 

 “A great evening, we not only learned a lot on selling on ebay, but made a couple of good contacts to help us grow online, I look forward to attending the next meeting.”

I am very pleased to see so many Retailers with eBay, Amazon and their own Webstore and making it a success! I did notice demand of this event in Swansea and I planning one soon on Saturday.

Keep up-to-date with All Events on our Official site

 [slideshare id=34783059&sc=no]

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eBay Strategies eBay Training

Have you looked at your Defect Rate on your eBay Seller Dashboard?

You may already be aware of eBay’s new seller performance standard. I can see few unhappy sellers commenting Tamebay. I don’t think complaining is the right way forward. I’m quite happy to see eBay taking more steps in order to provide better customer experience. We’ve seen Amazon taking good care of customers through stringent seller performance standard and I applaud eBay taking this step.  Customer care has been one important factor behind Amazon’s success and I believe eBay understood this and took it on board.

I have personally felt comforting buying from Amazon compared to eBay. Amazon Fly Wheel EffectThe main reason behind this was a case had early this year when I returned Mini Bluetooth Wireless Handheld Keyboard”  for a refund. It was Hassel free! This is stamped my thinking to buy from Amazon again and even if it is bit expensive I would as I am assured that Amazon will takes care of me if there needs to be. I have mentioned this to my friends about it as well. This is what Amazon calls “Fly wheel effect” which helped it GROW.

Now, I’d like to concentrate on defect rate on eBay as this is NEW to eBay sellers.  It is simply a bad shopping experience! eBay says it is calculated based on 7 possible factors listed below. You can  verify this from eBay’s Page

  1. Detailed seller ratings of 1, 2 or 3 for item as described
  2. Returns for item not as described
  3. eBay Money Back Guarantee or PayPal Buyer Protection cases for item not as described
  4. Detailed seller rating of 1 for dispatch time
  5. eBay Money Back Guarantee or PayPal Buyer Protection cases for item not received
  6. Negative / Neutral Feedback
  7. Transactions cancelled by you due to stock out or item sold to another buyer

You can find out your defect rate in your new dashboard by clicking the link below and download a report

I’ve put together some slides for your see what exactly it looks like. Rest is on your hands! You can either choose to ignore it or take do something to improve your operation. I’d like to emphasise Jeff Bezos used every complaint seriously and tried to improve Amazon to its perfection.

Bear in mind that maximum 2% defect rate is allowed for you to stay as top rated seller.

[slideshare id=34130478&sc=no]

Here are few simple tips that I’d like to remind you to lower your defect rate.

  1. Clearly describe your item with multiple views/angles of the same item
  2. Check out your listing on mobile devices
  3. Title – use as many descriptive words as possible
  4. Use item specifics; people use them to refine search, and wrong ones may lead to a defect
  5. Update your inventory regularly
  6. Send parcel with Tracking
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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eBay Strategies eBay Training eCommerce

Online Seller Wales – Cardiff


OSW – Newport 25th March

Cardiff’s second FREE Online Seller Wales event! We are offering you a fantastic venue and exciting topics in Internet Retailing that will help you grow (or start!) your online business. Expect to meet like minded entrepreneurs and industry experts and hear the latest trends in the industry.

We have 45 places for Online Sellers,Agencies & Students. Book NOW!

Thursday, 15th May, 2014

6:30 pm – 21:00
Digital Cardiff Showcase, Cardiff Council County Hall, Atlantic Wharf, CF10 4UW

Eventbrite - Online Seller Wales - Newport

 1.      An eBay Seller’s Guide to Cassini Search 

35 Minutes ( 6:45 – 7:10 )

“One of the wonderful things about eBay is that if buyers are able to find what they want, then buyers are happy, and sellers, of course, are happy too because they are being connected to those buyers.” – Hugh Williams, eBay 

Cassini is a piece of technology that is really going to enable us to do that even better than we do today. eBay Cassini An eBay Seller's Guide to Cassini Searchsearch now live on all eBay sites. It is simply eBay’s search engine and understanding how it processes information will help you connect with your buyers. 

This talk aims to help you understand the facts on Cassini Search and how you can ensure that you are using it to your advantage.

Speaker: Dan Burnham has over 15 years’ experience of retail and ecommerce and currently leads the Account Management Team responsible for the management and business development of eSellerPro’s customers and partners. His focus is on building a world class customer experience and driving customer growth.

 Dan Burnham

2.  Amazon Repricer Inside and Out

25 Minutes ( 7:15 – 7:40 )

There are many factors affect to win a magical Amazon Buy Box and it is not only the price. It is very important to Amazon Repricer Inside and Outlearn how to get buy box as this means sales or no sales! Amazon Repricer can help you gain this buy box.However, all Repricers are not the same.

Most Repricer bases their decisions on other seller’s prices. However, there are some clever ones which learn sellers profile and change the prices only when needed to win Buy Box.

According to unconfirmed data Amazon Repricer is responsible for 80% of Amazon sales and this talk will help you understand how Amazon Repricer works and helps you to choose the best one that works for you.

3.  How to Increase your Sales with Google Shopping Ads ?

25 Minutes ( 7:45 – 8:10 )

Google Shopping Campaigns - Online Seller Wales - NewportEveryday, people search on Google for the best products from retailers large and small. With Product Listing Ads (PLA) on Google Shopping, people can browse a wide selection of products, finding high-quality imagery and relevant product information like brand and price. 

To make it easier for you to connect with these consumers and promote your products on Google, Shopping campaigns are being introduced, a new campaign type for PLAs. Shopping campaigns streamline how you manage and bid on your products, report on your performance, and find opportunities to grow your traffic from Google.

I have personally seen Google Product Listing Ad being a success and it is now top source of sales for quite a lot of on-line sellers in the UK. Free Voucher for All Attendees, For New Accounts Only.

If you are an Online Seller this is a must attend talk. This aims to help you understand what you can achieve in 2014 through Google Shopping Campaigns.

Speaker: Prabhat founded Online Seller Wales with an aim to educate online sellers in areas of marketplace (eBay, Amazon, Rakuten Play) and Digital Marketing.



4.  7 Trust Tweaks For Profitable Online Selling    

25 Minutes ( 8:15 – 8:40 )

Building a sustainable online business is much easier when your customers trust you. You keep customers longer – and they buy more. And your future business involves online conversation as much as it does conversion.

In this session, you’ll be taken through 7 online tweaks you can make, to build trust with customers faster and sooner.

Speaker: Philippa Davies is a psychologist and web editor, who helped integrate into the main business. She’s made an online shop, apps, e-books and vooks and she runs WordPress Users Wales. Author of 11 books, her self-published e-book ‘The Gritties’ is being made into a tv film.


Eventbrite - Online Seller Wales - Newport


How to Reach Cardiff Council County Hall?

  • By Train – A train service runs from Queen Street Station to Cardiff Bay Station leaving 4 times an hour in both directions. Please visit for details.
  • By Car – East – M4 junction 33, follow signs to Cardiff Bay ; West – M4 junction 29, follow signs to Cardiff Bay

Parking: Free parking available at Cardiff County Hall and in the Red Dragon Complex opposite where charges do apply. 

  • By Bus – The Bay Car Bus service leaves Central Station 7 days a week.  It runs through the city to Cardiff Bay every 10 minutes in the daytime and every 15 minutes at other times. Passengers arriving by rail can catch the Bay Car using their rail ticket at no extra charge. Please visit for details.
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Amazon Training eBay Training eCommerce

Online Seller Wales, Newport 25th March Presentation Slides

[slideshare id=32793292&sc=no]

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eBay Strategies eBay Training eCommerce

Could this be a Clue for you to go beyond Borders?

Go Beyond Borders with eBay

It is time for UK retailers to go beyond borders. For eBay Sellers, if you are unsure here’s this post will help you realise if you really need to !

eBay got Omniture traffic analysis software and it is available for free for your EBay Shop. It gives you analysis on

– Page Views
– Daily Unique Visitors
– Storefront homepage views
– Most popular pages – including shop pages
– Most popular fixed price listings
– Most popular auctions
– Keywords used to search your store
– Keywords that drove traffic to your store

I recently looked into Omniture language report and compared number of visitors in (2 months) 2014 against (three months) 2013.  Pleas find stats below:

[slideshare id=31932303&sc=no]

We can see increase of Polish, German and Spanish visitors apart from US. If you are curious please checkout your report simply by following this link
You may have doubts on this however, this does give you bit of clue whether you should go beyond UK borders and where to go first. If you are inspired by this why not look at eBay’s International Selling Guide.

Would love to know what you see your eBay Ominiture Traffic Report.

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