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eBay Strategies

eBay Listing Feature: Which one should I use ?

If you have some extra cash there are always some people who want to take it. It’s up to you how you decide to spend your cash. EBay listing features are one of them. They can easily gobble the fees if you are not careful taking away major part of the profit. However, if you are careful and use these features they will give you competitive advantage over others thus, increasing your sell through rate.[1]

We will discuss about eBay listing features and which one of them are important for you. If you wish to sneak peak at the eBay listing feature fees please feel free to browse eBay Fees page.

Timing your listing helps you to schedule your listing so that you can start to sell during a chosen time. This time is supposed to be the high traffic time increasing your chances of selling. One research[2] suggests that Sunday evenings, 6-9 is the best time to sell.

eBay says adding pictures to your listing helps you increase sales, gives your buyers a more accurate picture of what to expect and distinguishes your listing from others of its kind. There is an option to add up to 12 pictures all together. Gallery Plus enhances the product displaying a larger picture, up to 400 x 400 pixels, when you hover over the item which is 96 pixels otherwise. Subtitle gives and option to add more descriptive and enticing item information below the main title, to create more interest and emphasise listing in search results. Listing Designer gives you an opportunity to enhance the listing with attractive themes. There is freedom to use HTML codes allowing you to customise the listings as required.

One research[3] suggests that promotional upgrades to auction listings are now a ubiquitous and only subtitle is effective and worth the cost. Another research[4] suggest that the designer listing feature was the most important feature for determining the final selling price of an item, followed closely by the subtitle feature, while additional photos and gallery plus proved to be the least important feature. The designer listing gives an opportunity for seller to bring forward what customer needs to see in order to complete the purchase with larger area display. The list of listing features according to their importance is listed below:

Designer Listing

  1. Subtitile
  2. Gallery Plus
  3. Additional Photos

Bear in mind you can easily use this features and easily spend good amount of money on your listings. There are no rules of thumb on using this features which why it makes difficult to decide whether to use it or which one to use. Researching the products is a better idea with tools like Terapeak. It claims that one Terapeak seller saw that a specific category sold items at higher price points than others, and made 360% more by listing smart. If you are thinking that I am suggesting this particular tool to use. No I am not! Now the best tool is in your hand research. Have a look at Terapkea testimonials and use it as a trial. It does not hurt trying.

[1] Sell through – Sell through is the number of items that sold divided by the number of clicks for your listing. A higher sell through rate is better, meaning members were more likely to buy your item when they clicked to view your listing

[2] David Steiner, The Most Popular Day to End an eBay Auction?

[3] Mikhail I. Melnik, Paul Richardson& Dan Tompkins: Does It Pay to Promote on eBay?

[4] Leon Lin ,Vasant Ramachandran : Assessing the Value of eBay Listing Features

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