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eCommerce Automation for Increased Productivity.

ecommerce automationThere a number of ways in which you can automate your ecommerce practices to help increase your productivity. So many different procedures can be automated so you can spend your time more wisely

Order Management

You can view and manage all your orders from one system, so there’s no more need to log into multiple systems to check your order updates. Manage your Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify WooCommerce orders from one dashboard, and sync in real time – Veeqo checks for new orders every 10 minutes, which means it will also update your web store or marketplace in real time. You can also use a barcode scanner with Veeqo to make scanning invoices and searching for products faster and easier with just one click, and cutting down shipping time. 

Integrate with your other software

Veeqo inventory management software integration with the leading online accounting package Xero means you no longer need to manually import sales orders and purchases into your system from your web store, as it’s taken care of automatically. 

Inventory Management

You can synchronize your inventory in real time between your  Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify WooCommerce  stores to prevent over selling. Veeqo inventory management software automatically links products from different channels by SKU code, but you also have the option to override and use the products matching tool to link products together manually. You can also export some or all of your products into a CSV, edit data in bulk and then import back into Veeqo to bulk update pricing. 

Reorder Levels/PO’s

You can set minimum stock levels for products at the quantity you want to to re-order at. When you create a new purchase order you have the option to have it emailed direct to your supplier in PDF format and also book inventory against a purchase order which will then update your website and marketplaces. 

Shipping Labels

Veeqo allows you to automatically batch print courier labels, which can save you up to 5 minutes per order. Its direct integration with Royal Mail means you bulk print your labels without leaving Veeqo, and it will also update your sales channel and email your customer with a tracking number. It supports all tracked and non-tracked Royal Mail services and you can print your end of day collection manifest as well. If you’re using FedEx, Veeqo will generate your shipping labels for you including the customer and order details and also provide a tracking number for the customer. This saves you logging in and updating these details manually. Create rules for an order to assign the correct courier and service, based on min/max order price, min/max weight, domestic/international, webstore/marketplace.

Purchase Orders

You can create and manage purchase orders and automatically email them to your suppliers through your inventory management software, sync them with Xero and easily see what you have on order with suppliers.

Sales Reports

With Veeqo dashboard and reports, you can see all the important facts and figures across all your sales channels, which have been automatically produced for you – no more time spent analysing and calculating to create your own reports. You can monitor and compare all your sales in a simple graph which can show you each web store or marketplace individually so you can see how they’ve been getting on, or use product band reports which let you keep track of each brand’s individual sales or compare them against each other in a graph.

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