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Investigate and resolve your eBay Defect rate today


how to resolve ebay defect rateI have been getting few calls lately with eBay sellers having issues with eBay defect rate which has
limited their account to sell more. These sellers are told to increase the sales to uplift the limit but  they are not able to as they are only allowed on certain number of listings. It is a difficult situation. How do you resolve this  ? I have not got a magic answer. Firstly, it is best to get in touch with eBay and seek their advice. Secondly, it is review your account and get into the roots of problems and get it sorted. I have put together some slides that will walk you through find the problems and help you plan to resolve issues and you get out of limitations.

If you are in this situation and need help resolve your eBay defect, please do get in touch.

[slideshare id=49708032&sc=no]

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