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What I learnt from Amazon Sponsored Ads Webinar

Amazon sponsored Ads are very successful strategies to grow your sales on Amazon. Recently I attended Amazon hosted Sponsored Ads Webinar and listed below some key things I learnt. This will give you overview of sponsored ads.  If you have more specifics questions, please feel free to drop a line on

#1 Use both Automatic and Manual Ads. Decrease bid of automated ads after running manual campaigns. Automated ads are important because it captures customer trends and wider audience.

Manual campaigns do not display your products on product details pages. So, you will be missing out on product placement if you just run Manual campaigns.

#2 Group item based on product type to see reports on search terms together. This way you will see precisely which word converted which products.

#3 Cost Per Click ( CPC) you are charged based in auction. Suggested bid helps to find benchmark of cost per click and set maximum you are willing to pay.

#4 If you archive a campaign you cannot run it again in future.

#5 Running campaigns throughout the year is recommended.

#6 Sales are recorded only if sales happen within 7 days.

#7 Search terms report shows actual customer search terms. If we put similar products in one ad group we will be able to precisely measure which word converted which product.

#8 We see ASIN in search term report when customer clicked on our ad when it appeared on product pages.

Search for ASIN and use product brand name, item name, item category add as keyword on manual campaigns.

#9 First day impression and last day shows the demand of products.

#10 Other ASIN sales means customer clicked on one advertised items and ended up buying another ASIN. If buyer clicked on white sofa and ended of buying grey.

So, see other ASIN report and focus campaign for products that resulted sales and reduce bids for variants are not actually creating sales.

#11 Bid + is a special feature of manual campaigns which allows your products to appear in top of search terms. You will pay upto 50% more than current bid.

Use product placement report to find out Bid + performance.

#12 Types of keywords match type:

Broad Match: Words does not have to be in any particular order, includes common misspellings, plurals

Phrase Match: Orders of words are important, words before after keywords included, misspellings and plurals included

Exact: Has to be exactly the same, includes plurals and misspellings

#13 Increase your daily budget if you are happy with ACoS. Also Bid + is a good strategy to get continuous top of the search placement.

#14 Schedule your reports to get regular downloadable report.

#15 Same keyword on two campaigns does not compete and will raise bid.

I hope this helps you give quick insight on Amazon Sponsored Ads. I have been working on various Amazon accounts for the past few months and they certainly work. Here’s a snapshot of two accounts I work with.

Account A   < campaign sales vs total sales >

This chart shows sponsored ads brings in about 30% of sales in total.

Amazon Sponsored Ads - DaytodayeBay

Account B < spend, sales >

This chart shows spent is very is very less and often below 5% Advertising Cost of Sale ( ACoS ).

Amazon Sponsored Ads Management - DaytodayeBay

This shows Amazon advertising can perform very well and it is something that any business should consider. I’d love to answer any more questions you have, audit your current sponsored ads to show strengths and weakness and manage your sponsored ads for you.

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    Amazon Amazon Strategies

    A/B Testing with Amazon Sponsored Products


    We have been managing Amazon Sponsored Products for some of our clients and we are seeing really good progress in sales. If you have not looked into this, it is very easy system to learn with lot less complications compared to that of Google Adwords. So, give it a go!


    Amazon Sponsored Ads

    You will find above question as a part of Official Amazon Sponsored Ads guide. We checked with Amazon whether this was true they came back to us with the answer below.

    I would like to confirm that you are bidding against yourself in that the computer would need to decide which of the two campaigns to select so in that regard it does place both of the campaigns against each other to decide which one to display.

    It also factors in a buyer’s previous searches, Browse Nodes, Bids, Seller and Browse Node Ratings and click-through-rates to make the decision but in these cases, your product will still display so you are not being penalised.

    We were recently asked few questions by one of our clients regarding testing return on ads involving same ASIN in different ad types and also using same keywords on different ASINs. This is popularly known as A/B testing. Here’s specific question and answers:

    1. Does two ads compete if same ASIN is on manual ads and automatic ads?

    >  Yes the two ads will compete for the system to show one of them. This means that the system will chose one, which will be done randomly, therefore you will only be generating Impressions once and any click will be only charged once.

    1. Does two ads compete if same keyword is on different ASIN?

    >  Yes the two ads will compete for the system to show one of them. This means that the system will chose one advert based on a number of factors. Some of these factors are feedback on the item, price, availability, buyer previous searches and a few more. The system will decide which advert to show which is a higher probability of resulting in a purchase.

    1. Does two ads compete if same keywords on same ASIN?

    >  Yes the two ads will compete for the system to show one of them. This means that the system will chose one advert based on a number of factors. Some of these factors are feedback on the item, price, availability, buyer previous searches and a few more. The system will decide which advert to show which is a higher probability of resulting in a purchase.

    Please do try this out and let the system help you decide which one is the best. If you have further questions please feel free to get in touch.

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    Amazon Training

    Amazon Masterclass Training Course in London Monday – 17/10


    Online Seller UK has been delivering Amazon Masterclasses for over a year. The training course is created in house
    with 8 years  experience of working Amazon platform. This is a perfect workshop for growing on-line businesses aiming to improve performance and expand globally. One of the speciality of the course with Online Seller UK is that they take time learn about your business and tailor the course suit you giving you plenty of opportunity to discuss your individual business plan. You will go away with clear pathway to creating successful Amazon business.

    In the past this training has been attended both small and large organisations there has been really good feedback. Please find out more and register online >>

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    London Online Seller Meetup


    Online Seller UK has organised another meetup in London. It is going to be held at GS1 UK office on 17th October. Free for online sellers and retailers, this event is perfect for any business aiming to grow online nationally or internationally. If you are thinking of starting to sell online, you will learn proven strategies and tactics quicker through our events. So, don’t miss this opportunity ! You will plenty of time to ask your questions  alongside this expert talks:

      #1  How to rank your products on eBay & Amazon ?

    #2 Ecommerce Fulfillement tips for Growing Online Business

    #3  Borderless E-Commerce: Enter New Markets with Ease

    #4  Structured Data: How can it increase your visibility ?

    Register today >>

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