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Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program: What You Need to Know ?

Amazon Early Review ProgramAmazon’s Early Reviewer Program: What You Need to Know ? When Amazon banned incentivised reviews many of us found very difficult to gather product reviews because most buyers simply don’t bother writing reviews. They are important to rank better in search and to get sales – there is no doubt on this. Recent Amazon announcement with a solution for this is a fantastic news. It is called Amazon Early Reviewer Program.

This a positive move from Amazon although currently available in the US only. Soon it will be here in the UK.  Vine program for vendors has been very popular but was not accessible for 3rd party sellers.

What exact it is ?  

This program is a way to incentivise reviews for new products. It is aimed at to help brand owners to gather early reviews. These reviews:

  1. Helps shoppers make smarter buying decisions
  2. Increases page views
  3. Increase click-throughs, and
  4. Ultimately sales

FAQs  more info here>

#1 Is this available everywhere ? : Currently it is available only in the U.S. brand registered Amazon sellers.

#2 Is this available for everyone ? :  It is only available for Brand owners so you’d have to apply for Brand Registry if you own the trademark. If you have not applied for your brand, find out more here

#3 Can I enrol all of my ASINS ? : In order for an ASIN to be eligible for the Early Reviewer Program, it must have fewer than 5 reviews and must be priced above $15.00.

#4 What is the cost?:   A seller pays $60 for each SKU to be enrolled in the program chargeable once a SKU gains a review. The Early Reviewer Program will continue to gather reviews for a SKU for up to 1 year from time of enrollment, or until 5 reviews are received through the program, whichever occurs first. More info here>

#5 Can we select customers to write review ?: No, Amazon randomly selects customers from a list of all customers who have purchased products participating in the program

#6 What is the incentive for Reviewers? : They receive a small reward (a $1-$3 Amazon gift card, for example) after submitting their review that meets the community guidelines. Their review can be positive or negative.

#7 Early Reviewer Program reviews are denoted with an orange badge that reads “Early Reviewer Rewards.”

How to Enroll in Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program ?

#1.  Enroll Your Brand in Amazon’s Brand Registry

#2. Upload your SKU with CSV from < Advertising tab >

#3. Upload upto 100 SKUs at one time

Whilst this program helps sellers speed up reviews gathering process there is no there’s no way to guarantee positive reviews. However, this is a better and much safer way to build reviews without spammy content for your new products on Amazon.

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Amazon Product Reviews Test for buyers


There has been growing distrust on Amazon product reviews lately and this has been primarily driven by famously known as “private labels” pushed on to us from the US. For any buyer who is trusting Amazon for their quality service may get which are private labels with reviews generated via free product give aways.

We have generally seen 5* reviews on free products and they may not be honest and this is the issue. Though reviewers mention disclaimer saying “this product is received free for honest product review”, many don’t see them. They are misguided by stars! Many have ended up with quality products and many have not. Most importantly we don’t know if these products have properly gone through compliant procedure to ensure the quality of the product. Do you remember Hoverboard product problems last year!  Many trusted Amazon and many were disappointed. Due to repeated case this like this, buyers trust on Amazon is not paramount as before. At least not mine!

I have just tested one product on Amazon using a free tool called reviewmeta and I have received a report

44 of the 73 total reviews for this product are unverified purchases. The unverified purchasers have rated this product an average of 5.0 while the verified purchasers have rated this product an average of 4.1. Based on our statistical modeling, the discrepancy in average rating between these two groups is significant enough to believe that the difference is not due to random chance, and may indicate that there are unnatural reviews.   

  • On this particular product 60% of the reviews are unverified which means only 40% are actual reviews from customers who actually bought this product
  • Also to be noted – people who left 5 star reviews mostly are those who actually did not buy this product

If you want to test this tool, simply enter Amazon URL to get Review report. There is a quicker way with browser extension. Guardian has done a good work by making buyers aware of this useful tool.

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Ultimate Guide To Amazon Product Reviews


We have seen recent changes on Amazon product review policy and we heard and read a lot of articles questioning if we actually get honest Amazon product reviews with free products. Amazon has also changed their reviews algorithm, meaning that now New Reviews, Verified Reviews and Reviews that are most helpful are given more weight. So, personally I’d recommend putting a system in place to ask for reviews from existing customers.

I have written my experience with accelerating product reviews on thewholesaleforums blog. I’d love to hear your experience on this.

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Amazon Strategies

How to get product reviews on Amazon ?

Product reviews on Amazon now determines search visibility and conversion leaving price factor behind. So, how do retailers encourage buyers to write a product review. These slides shows you email template that you can use to request feedback and also it shows you automation tool from Xsellco.

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eCommerce

Getting Product Reviews on your Products on Amazon is getting More important than ever

Personally, I do read product reviews on Amazon before purchasing anything.Amazon Product Reviews This becomes more important when I am spending bit more money on any product. I believe it is the same case for many of us. This is something Amazon is taking very seriously and giving importance to new and most helpful reviews as a part of new change is Amazon Reviews Algorithm which is already rolled out in the US and will follow to other countries eventually.

I have sometimes doubted if these reviews are really true. I have found some reviews very comprehensive and I question if somebody really has spent that amount of time writing it ? Perhaps no, perhaps yes but I am fully aware that there are several reviews site that encourages product reviews with a compensation. It is good for retailers to boost their white labelled products but not of buyers. Good news is that Amazon is already on legal battle with fake review site companies. So, if you are thinking of going this way perhaps you should reconsider.

Not surprisingly, I have had few inquiries about getting quicker reviews with highly regarded retailers  in the past, some of them trading in the UK for over 80 years.  I understand it is not easy to get reviews from customers but I have kept myself away from recommending fake ones though I was not liked to be saying this.

Now, you know that new review system will give more preference to new reviews, reviews from verified accounts and reviews that get the most votes from buyers

as a UK retailer what is the best way to get more product reviews on Amazon ?


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