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Unleash the Potential: Supercharge Your Brand’s Visibility on Amazon with Brand Impression Share


In the highly competitive world of Amazon, standing out and capturing shoppers’ attention is crucial for the success of your brand. As a result, brand impression share is a critical metric that can significantly impact your brand’s visibility. Understanding and effectively utilising brand impression share can enhance your advertising efforts and maximise your brand’s presence on the platform.

So, what exactly is brand impression share? It represents your brand terms’ top-of-search impression share (IS) over time. In simpler terms, it measures the percentage of top-of-search impressions your ad campaigns receive out of the total impressions they could receive.

Why is brand impression sharing important? Let’s delve into its benefits and how it can help you elevate your brand on Amazon:

Gain Insights into Advertising Share of Voice: Brand impression share provides valuable insights into your advertising share of voice when shoppers search for your brand on Amazon. It allows you to gauge your brand’s prominence in the search results compared to your competitors. By monitoring and analysing this metric, you can make informed decisions to improve your brand’s visibility and competitiveness.

Track Top-of-Search Impression Share Over Time: Monitoring your top-of-search impression share over time is essential to understanding how your voice evolves. This data enables you to identify trends, spot fluctuations, and determine the effectiveness of your advertising strategies. By keeping a close eye on your share of voice, you can adapt your campaigns and bidding strategies accordingly to maintain a strong presence in the search results.

In this example, we compared two weekly brand impression share reports:

  • In the week starting April 30th, 77.42% of the brand impressions were attributed to Sponsored Product Ads (70%) and Sponsored Brand Ads (90%).
  • In the week starting May 7th, the brand impression increased to 83.75%, with Sponsored Product Ads accounting for 82% and Sponsored Brand Ads contributing 85% to the overall impressions.
  • Although adjustments in bids have led to an improvement in the overall brand impression, there is still room for growth in impression shares for the brand campaigns. 



Optimise Bidding Strategy for Increased Share of Voice: Brand impression share empowers you to optimise your bidding strategy and adjust your bids to achieve your desired share of voice goals. With a clear understanding of your brand’s current impression share and its relationship with your competitors, you can make data-driven decisions to enhance your bids and increase your brand’s visibility. This optimisation ensures that your ad campaigns receive the maximum exposure they deserve.

As a seller on Amazon, tracking brand impression share is crucial for evaluating your ad campaigns’ performance and identifying growth opportunities. By harnessing this valuable metric, you can refine your advertising strategies, outshine your competitors, and strengthen your brand’s presence on the platform.

In conclusion, brand impression share is not just a metric; it’s a powerful tool that can significantly impact your brand’s visibility on Amazon. By leveraging this metric effectively and optimising your bidding strategies, you can elevate your brand’s presence, capture shoppers’ attention, and drive meaningful results for your business.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your brand on Amazon? Consult with our Amazon Ads experts today and discover new strategies to maximise your brand’s visibility and boost your success on the world’s largest online marketplace. Book a call now and take your brand to new heights!

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