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Author Archives: Prabhat S


Amazon Vendor Training and Consultancy

According to recently published research, 59% of millennials ‘always’ or ‘often’ start their online shopping journey on Amazon, with 1 in 5 16-36-year-olds always heading to Amazon when looking to make an online purchase.

With such a significant amount of shoppers shopping on Amazon, it is a huge missed opportunity if your products aren’t available on Amazon, and this applies to all categories and product types. We can even buy fresh flowers on Amazon now! This just goes to show how eager Amazon is to increase its available categories and products. There is an opportunity for everyone, whatever the product! 

Very recently I had the opportunity to provide a bespoke Amazon Vendor Central training day in Sheffield for a business selling kitchen tools. They had new recruits in the business to manage their Amazon Vendor Account, who were keen to learn more. We spent the day discussing the best possible way to increase sales via Amazon Advertising and how to successfully build a brand on Amazon.  Some of the key areas we discussed were:

–          Amazon Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),

–          Amazon Advertising best practices and research processes,

–          Amazon Stores and A + Content.

It was a practical session, providing each member of the team with practical tips and ideas that they could go away and confidently implement with their new knowledge. We also spent some time piecing together an Amazon Growth Plan, which outlines a process on how to implement what had been learning during the days training and to help give direction to the business.

Whether you are an experienced Amazon Vendor Central Seller, or you have been invited by Amazon to join their Vendor Programme, our onsite training session helps you to get the best out of the Amazon Vendor Central platform.

I am based in Loughborough and will easily commute to Sheffield, Derby, Leicester and Nottingham.

Find out more about Amazon Vendor Central Training

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#AmafestUK Speaker Slide-deck: Amazon listing optimisation

In the UK, third-party marketplaces like Amazon and eBay dominate online sales. There are a number of other marketplaces including Tmall, and which promote the growth of third-party sellers, however, the demand for cheap products on these marketplaces is far fewer now. Especially with the likes of Amazon offering the promise of next day delivery, even on Sundays.

Amongst all of these platforms, Amazon is very influential and we have already seen Amazon significantly affect the retail industry; this is why is it important to understand how the Amazon marketplace works and how to gain a competitive edge.

This is one of the reasons why AmafestUK was formed, to help Amazon sellers. It’s a full day conference organised by our parent company Online Seller UK, and our in-house expert Jess Howes presented on Amazon Listing Optimisation. 

Attended by 200 attendees from the UK and across Europe, it was one of the first Amazon focussed conferences in the North. There were 11 world class speakers, and some of them travelled as far as from the USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey and Siberia.

Download this slide-deck


We are a team of experts helping you sell better on Amazon. If you already sell but need help with listing optimisation or advertising or, even if you are new to Amazon please get in touch to understand how Amazon works and we will help you to grow your sales.


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Exclusive Interview with AmafestUK Speaker – Jess Howes

AmafestUK , a dedicated full-day Amazon Seller’s Conference is less than a month away. The venue and drinks are sponsored by UK Fast, Manchester.

This conference holds a lot of value to both Seller Central and Vendor central users with talks from over 10 world class Amazon experts.  The talks include optimisation, advertising to private labels. Check out our in-house marketplace expert’s interview.

 Jess Howes – Increase Conversions & Sales with Amazon Listing Optimisation


AmafestUK_Jess Howes

What can people expect to take away from your talk at Amafest 2019?

Tips on how to optimise their product pages to help improve conversion rate and sales.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background? What experience do you have working with Amazon?

I started my career working at an agency where I worked with several e-commerce clients. Then, 3 years ago I started working client-side for a company, which is where I first started working with Amazon. 3 years later and I am now freelance, working with some of the best UK brands.

Do you think Amazon is a threat to traditional brick and mortar retail?

Definitely. Amazon is making it easier and easier and more convenient for shoppers to sit at home and order. Especially now you can order and even set up repeat orders via Alexa!

What are the main benefits of selling products on Amazon as opposed to other platforms such as eBay?

Amazon has spent time building the trust of consumers, which gives them a competitive edge over eBay.They also have the well-trusted and well-loved Prime programme. It is also a benefit in itself that in 2018 it was estimated 51% of shoppers started their online shopping journey on Amazon, and that 35% of UK online spend goes through Amazon. 

What’s your top tip for someone who is just starting to sell on Amazon and someone who is trading for a few years?

Optimise product detail pages for search, and continually improve them by adding new keywords, additional content (EBC/A+ Content). Amazon is a crowded marketplace full of competition and shoppers aren’t just going to stumble upon your product. You need to help them find it.

Get your AmafestUK ticket —



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Amazon Training

#BrightonSEO Amazon SEO and Marketing Training

“59% of respondents said they have shopped on Amazon. That’s an increase of 3 percentage points from a year prior.”   Emarketer


We can all agree, Amazon have done things right. And with years of customer satisfaction and trust building, Amazon is overtaking any other marketplace and is by far the major player in e-commerce. One of its success is the “prime programme” which aims to deliver products the next day.  

Sellers that aren’t selling on Amazon are finding it hard to grow their brand, and so begin selling on Amazon or selling to Amazon. Whichever way you work, Amazon is a complicated platform and learning the full aspect of Amazon is crucial for your business’ success. This is why we have developed the successful Amazon SEO and Marketing course.

And last week it was another exciting BrightonSEO training day on Amazon SEO and Marketing. We have been running this course for the last few years and it is never the same. Amazon as a platform is dynamic and our training programme adapts to this change. If you have never attended this course check out the full outline here >>

In the audience, we had a mix of agencies and brands. It was a good opportunity to share my experience of working with Amazon for the last 10 years. Having Amazon operation knowledge is significant to do the best on Amazon, unlike Google SEO / PPC. This is why this course is created with practical knowledge and is adapted based on attendees profile each time.

Who has attended?

Alongside our content, we were also able to talk through core challenges attendees shared during the day: Core challenges faced by Amazon sellers

  • Product reviews best practices and tools
  • Creating a progressive advertising plan that anyone can implement
  • Some of the best Amazon tools
  • Enhanced content, A+ best practices
  • How to improve rankings?
  • Dealing with Multiple languages & SEO
  • How to deal with support to get a quicker resolution?
  • How to ensure listings are compatible for Alexa?
  • Optimising PPC for a low ACoS  
  • Product listing best practices
  • Moving between vendor and FBA, potential pros and cons
  • Getting focus for an investment: advertising, deals or vine reviews

With a small group, there was plenty of opportunity for an attendee to ask individual questions and the session with engaging with practical work, quizzes throughout the day. And at last, attendee went away with an Amazon Growth Plan for their business.  

Our next session is in September and get your ticket here >>

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Amazon Amazon Strategies

8 Elements of Amazon Product Listing Optimisation

Amazon Content Optimisation -Daytodayebay

Amazon Content Optimisation is getting a lot more attention these days than it did 10 years ago when I first started selling on Amazon for retailers. In those days, our main focus was to get as many products on Amazon as possible and in return, we started seeing sales rise in a geometric proportion.

Fast forward 10 years, with competition on Amazon at the highest level, there are now so many “expert agencies” providing Amazon Content Optimisation Services.   

When done correctly, product listing optimisation can have a huge impact on your sales! Our most successful, and simple approach is to write product content based on your product and its story without trawling through keyword tools. This helps to bring originality to your content and ensures that you are writing for and being relatable to the consumer rather than a search engine. This avoids sounded robotic.   

Then, the next step would be to understand what your potential customers are searching for. At this stage, you will want to use third-party tools (discussed below). With this data, you can then adapt your content to ensure you are targeting relevant search terms. Finally, use your competitors. Understand and research what keywords your competitors rank for. Again, there are plenty of third-party tools for this. Three simple steps.

Above I have outlined the three steps to perfecting content optimisation on Amazon, but read on for a more in-depth look into the key elements of Amazon Content and find out about a whole host of tools that could really help your Amazon Business today.

This guide will show you exactly how to optimise your Amazon content. 

Download Amazon Product Listing Optimisation Guide 


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#AmafestUK 2019 – Amazon Sellers Conference in Manchester

AmafestUK powered by Caribou is back for the fourth year running! 

Amazon really is an online giant who controls around one half of the online retail market, so we have gathered together some experts who will be available to talk you through the processes of selling on Amazon, enabling you to gain the information needed to make the most of your online selling experience. This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about the ins and outs of Amazon, as we will be focussing solely on Amazon this year.

Sponsors for this conference are: Caribou, ShipStation, ZonSupport and Khaos Control

There will be more panel discussions this year, as well as speakers from the US and across Europe available to answer any questions you might have. There will be 2-panel discussions: one on Amazon private labels and one on Amazon vendor central. Attendees can expect to receive information that they can implement themselves on their own Amazon stores, and with many success stories being discussed people can be inspired and motivated to create their own success story.

Each talk will last for 25 minutes, with an allocated time slot at the end for questions to gather further information. We have a wide variety of people present to share their success stories, such as Nadine co-founded the PPC automation tool BidX and Huw Johnstone, Director of GHL Sourcing, so you will leave feeling motivated, inspired, and full of new knowledge on how to grow your online presence. With the opportunity to speak to these experts face to face, this really is an opportunity to learn all you can about Amazon. For more information, a list of speakers is available on the website at

The amazing news is that Amafest is open to EVERYONE, not just people who are already selling products on Amazon. If you want to start up from scratch, or whether you want to grow what you have already started, you are welcome to join us.

If you are interested in learning all aspects of the world of Amazon, the burning question would be “how can I get my hands on a ticket?!” The good news is registration is simple and completely FREE, so head over to  now to secure your ticket.


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Sign up to BrightonSEO Amazon SEO & Marketing Training Course

Did you know 56% of UK, US, German and French shoppers use Amazon as a starting point for shopping online? As a result, Amazon is now the biggest online growth opportunity for brands, manufacturers and retailers. 

Whether you are a toy retailer or an organic coffee, your presence on Amazon will help build your brand and sales.  There are two ways to do this the first way is to build a search-friendly content and the second one is leverage advertising opportunity. With the combined effort I have seen a 46% sales growth in 3 months and this can be yours.


Sign up to BrightonSEO Amazon SEO & Marketing Training Course where we will talk about proven Amazon SEO tactics and process driven Amazon Advertising. It is a practical course so, bring your account with you and we will answer all questions relevant to your account too.

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eBay Strategies eBay Training

eBay Listing Optimization Webinar

Very recently Chris at Inkfrog organized webinar regarding eBay listing optimization. Well worth viewing the recorded version. In this webinar, Chris talks about

  • Understanding the eBay customer journey and what you can influence to get sales
  • Best practices for eBay listing optimization
  • Examples of good and bad listings


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eBay Strategies

eBay’s Good ‘Til Cancelled in 2019

Some sellers were taken by surprise by eBay’s recent announcement that soon all fixed-price listings will be Good ‘Til Cancelled listings. The change was due to the fact that eBay now believes listings which are listed the longer amount of times gets better sales.  I am assuming this is why Amazon listings are doing better as listings are always live whether you have stock or not.
So, your next steps are
  • To review your settings in time for the change and implement changes with your third-party tools. If you are an inkfrog user check out this blog post for further details.
  • Use out-of-stock feature, with correct stock reflected on the account.
Happy selling!
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NEW Amazon Automatic Campaign Targets – the results are in

Amazon’s sponsored ads new feature for auto campaigns allows sellers to target products without any research, and its a great move as it eliminates the need to spend hours of your time learning! 

We are a UK based Amazon consultancy and have been working with Seller Central and Vendor Central users directly for many years; below we would like to share some results with you on these new features:

What new targeting options are available? 

We have seen 4 different default targeting options within auto campaigns including:

Close Match: This option will show your ad in search results when your ad closely matches what the shopper is looking for. In the example below, the close match has a better ACoS compared to the loose match, but we have seen it the other way round as well.

Tip: Lower bids if one of them is not profitable, or pause if cost is not controllable. Also, add negative keywords that are not converting, this will help reduce wasted spend; you can get this data from your “search term” report.

Loose Match: This option allows your ad to be shown in the search results if your ad loosely matches what the shopper is looking for. In this example, the ACOS is beyond 100% so, you would pause this option unless you want to see if this lowers when adding in negative keywords.

Substitutes: This option shows your ad on the product detail pages of products that are substitutes of yours. In this example, the outcome is good and profitable, with an ACoS of below 10%.


Tip: Up the bid to ensure your product is appearing continuously, but watch ACoS closely to ensure it doesn’t creep up due to the increased bid.

Complements: This option shows your ad on the product detail pages of products that are complements of yours. In this example, conversion cost is double that of substitutes. If you’ve just started selling your product on Amazon, it is perfectly fine to run campaigns with a high ACOS but eventually, this needs to be stopped as it won’t be profitable.


Whatever the results above, automatic targeting is a great way to get your campaigns started as it automatically targets your ads to shoppers based on keywords and products. Plus, with the capability to now adjust these targeting options within the campaign manager, you are now more in control.

Be sure to use negative keywords to prevent your ads from appearing in irrelevant search results or on irrelevant detail pages. You can find negative keywords from your “search term report” as seen below.

Once you get your report you can view “0” sales and find out which keywords are of high cost but not converting, and add them as negative keywords, if appropriate.

Let us know how you find using Amazon’s new auto-targeting features. We are UK based Amazon Consultants. If you are looking to learn more, check out our Amazon Advertising training course and if you are looking for services check out our Amazon Advertising service page.


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