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Category : Amazon Strategies

Amazon Strategies eBay Strategies

Why somethings sells on eBay does not Sell on Amazon ?

Multichannel seller must have noticed what sells on eBay necessarily does not mean it will sell on Amazon and vice-versa. There could be various reasons.   

Ebay and amazon


Some are familiar with fixed price on Amazon and go for it as they normally do rather than waiting for the bargains on
eBay auctions.  The search results on Amazon are lesser than eBay since Amazon shows result by the product and then you can look to buy from different sellers whereas eBay shows result by all seller and you can decide on various criteria like prices, P  & P, Seller Seller Status.

Buy Box:

There clever “Buy Box” invention works very well on Amazon providing this facility to the good rated sellers with lower price of the item. Buyer buys without having to go through rest of the sellers. This speeds up the buying process. Absence of this facility on eBay may be a good reason when something sells better on Amazon.

Customer Type:

Delivery promise fulfilment is another factor that affects sales. Most of the eBay customers asks “Where is my item ?”
even if dispatch emails are sent and they are made aware on the listing the expected delivery time.  This normally does not happen on Amazon. Probably Amazon customers are more convinced on Amazon delivery time compared to that of


Experiences buyers who had negative experience with eBay has good opportunity to switch to Amazon. Unlike eBay
Amazon has their own Warehouse for stock and dispatch orders themselves which is very important factor to build up trust among the buyers.

Product Reviews:

Amazon has user generated product reviews that speeds up the sales thought process resulting sales unlike that on eBay. 

These may not be good reasons for selling on Amazon but the fact is the Amazon is growing more that eBay and don’t forget more stores = more salesIf you can, always try to add sales channel. It does not hurt to try Play Trade, Asos Market Place or eBid.


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Amazon Strategies

Amazon Feedback, why is it important ?

Customer feedback is the normal way of checking out the seller. Trust is gained or lost immediately with feedback. For this simple reason feedback is important. Better feedback results better sales conversion. 

It is a fact that 90% of Amazon customer fail to leave feedback.  Most of the time customer are good and leave positive feedback but there are some portion who are dissatisfied and it is always good to pay attention to these customers. Always communicate with customers clarifying the problems. Let them know what is expected. Most of the time negative feedback is received when unexpected things happen. If order processing is delayed, explain why. If there is faulty item offer refund or replacement. It is best to do so as soon as problem is reported. Do not wait till you get the faulty item back. It is obvious that you get positive feedback when you satisfy your customers. I am not denying that you will always get odd ones who leave negative feedback before contacting you regarding the problem. However, you can always reply their feedback professionally.

Amazon feedback is important to win “buy box”. The “Buy Box” is the box on a product detail page where a customer starts the purchase process by adding an item to their shopping basket. Even if your price is higher you will win the buy box provided that you have better feedback. Your sales is maximised ! I came across Amazon Service called “FeedbackFive” which  clever enough to request your customers to leave feedback. Proactive communications can also let your customers know that you care about their buying experience, and can give you the opportunity to address issues before they become a larger problem.

Winning Amazon Buy Box

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Amazon Strategies

Is Amazon another growing sales channel ?

Amazon holds very high expectations for the retailers it approves to sell on its marketplace. Amazon’s high standards, coupled with a great number of data requirements, make this marketplace unlike most and difficult for online retailers to navigate. Amazon’s goal is to put its customers first in order to create the highest quality shopping experience available on the Internet today.

ChannelAdvisor’s customers saw a same-store-sales growth on Amazon of 77% in February 2010 and 75% in January 2010, which proves that online retailers should be priming their businesses to make the most of this revenue opportunity. ChannelAdvisor has identified the best practices to make sure your product listings are not only found by shoppers, but also appeal to shoppers on Amazon. Learn how to optimise search terms, product descriptions, details, images and more to make sure you’re positioning your products to  sell more on Amazon.

Download this White paper by Channel Advisor 

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