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Category : Amazon Strategies

Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eBay Strategies eBay Training

Why use Multi Channel Software like Seller Dynamics? – FAQs

1. Why do we need Multi-Channel Software ? Seller Dynamics

 Selling over multiple channels is very important for organisations looking to increase business and grow online. Managing the price, competitiveness, and stock levels of thousands of products on numerous marketplaces would be near impossible if done as a manual task. The automated features of multi-channel software make this possible and consequently save the user time, money, and ensures that products are always competitive and nothing is oversold.

2. How difficult it is to use? 

Seller Dynamics is designed to be as user friendly and as simple as possible to use. We promote our product as one that is easy to use and here’s why.

  • Single Dashboard: All activity is monitored from one single dashboard with everything you need to know in one place. You can also access graphs and charts from here to analyse your data.
  • Personal Account Manager: Every new client is provided with a dedicated Account Manager who will help them get to grips with Seller Dynamics. While the Account Manager’s primary function is to help new users of Seller Dynamics, they will always be available for guidance and advice should clients want to contact them regarding any issues over time.
  • Automated Features: Our automated features do all the hard work for you. Once you set your profit margins and list your stock, Seller Dynamics will check against all competitors on the market every 20 minutes and amend your prices if necessary, depending on market activity. Our Unified Inventory Management also means that if an item is sold on one marketplace, this is taken into account on all other marketplaces in order to prevent overselling.
  • Stationery: Once you start using Seller Dynamics and selling on multiple marketplaces, we anticipate that you’ll have an increase in sales which is why we provide all the stationery required for packaging and shipping. This can be customised, branded, re-sized and printed out easily so that you can dispatch your goods as quickly as possible.


3. What time does to take from phoning you and getting live and working? 

We always try and clients live quickly as possible but every client is different, and therefore no set time frame can be specified. However, if a client signs with us and they already have a Proseller account on one of our partner marketplaces as well as a stock list, we can have them live within 1-2 days.

From the first call, the person enquiring will be given a Seller Dynamics demo before signing up with us.

The nature of the product being sold (e.g. alcohol legislation) and the number of marketplaces being sold on is dependent on the time it takes to put a client live.

4. What is the cost? Will it break my back! 

One thing we do differently at Seller Dynamics is that we do not charge a monthly fee for clients using us. All it costs is a percentage of the sales made through our partner marketplaces. We’ve developed our “Pay-As-You-Sell” method meaning that all payments are dependent on how well the client is doing at selling online.


5. How long does it take to learn how to use it? 

Seller Dynamics is relatively simple to use and we’ll give you enough help for you to become an expert in no time. You will be shown a demo before signing up and your personal Account Manager will guide you along the way and help you get to grips with it. We have a policy where new clients originally will list just ten items on their chosen marketplace so they can learn by doing and get to grips with how to work the software and once they feel comfortable enough using our software, they can upload as many items as they please.


6. Will there be someone when I need help on first two months of running? 

We take customer service very seriously and as part of that, we provide each client with their own personal Account Manager. While the main purpose of the Account Manager is to help new clients get on their way, we will always be a phone call away if any help is required, whether this is two days or two years down the line.


7. Why Seller Dynamics and not Channel Grabber or Channel Adviser? 

With no sign up fees, a personal account team to help the needs of each client and an easy to use programme which enables businesses to expand their online operations through a host of different marketplaces, Seller Dynamics offers everything an online retailer needs.  Our automated features save clients time and improves supply chain management, meaning that you’ll be running a smooth and effective e-commerce operation which will not only help you gain more revenue but such efficiency will ensure that your customer feedback ratings remain high.

Pay-As-You-Sell removes the pressure to hit a margin that will cover your monthly fee (as charged by other companies) and the fact that we are integrated with the Magento e-commerce platform means that any client that has a Magento e-commerce site for their own business can manage it on Seller Dynamics the same way which they can manage a marketplace such as Amazon.

Personal Account Managers for each client are a unique selling point and ensures that queries are dealt with quickly and any problems are solved instantly. Oh, and we also have a really good Facebook and Twitter account so check that out for marketplace management tips, advice and a bit of light-hearted entertaining fun as well.

Contact James at Seller Dynamics if you would like to discuss your requirements.

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I like Amazon Shopping !

addon amazon

 I like this Amazon shopping !

Price Comparison

 It shows me the cheapest supplier of the product I want to buy with FREE delivery with expensive buying choices at the right. This eliminates me to go to Google shopping / price comparison sites and do a quick shopping. With its price parity policy which does not allow Amazon merchants to sell at same or less price their own website, I know that I am getting a good deal. All in all, there is no need to go anywhere else for shopping this product I want!



 I am aware that my item will be delivered by 28th February (Date of screen shot 27th February). The new thing I noticed is that I no longer wait for delivery. I can choose to deliver it at my local Amazon locker! Yay ! I can go there and collect at my convenience.

 Gift Wrap

If I had wanted this for a gift I could choose do so and it is very clearly stated in this product page.


Bulk Order

 I don’t normally buy bulk on Amazon. I tend to buy as I need and now I am seeing new option “Add on”. Any products with this option and upto £20 qualifies for FREE delivery. I love this! I have seen quite a lot a retailers offering free delivery option with more than £25 order. Even horse burger selling Tescos give £3.00 OFF when I spend £25 or more. Other than I need to think what else I need to buy which I hate, this is really cool idea of bulk buying with FREE delivery.

So, tell me one reason why should not shop in Amazon when

  1. I have already got account
  2. I know I am getting a good deal
  3. I don’t need to compare prices anywhere else
  4. I know I am getting a good price due to its price parity policy
  5. I can collect at my local Spar at my convenience
  6. I have option to buy bulk with FREE delivery


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Resolving Amazon Contact Response time issue

Amazon Contact Response Time Now Resolved

We are aware that Amazon got stringent seller performance standard and sellers not maintaining the good performance are penalised by Amazon. “Contact Response Time” is one of the performances that are not so easy it keep up. This is because either seller does not work week ends and don’t respond to customer emails or during holiday time.

This is an issue but with answer!

Did you know you can reply Amazon Messages directly from your Mail Client like Outlook/Thunderbird? Customer email addresses are coded by Amazon and when you reply through your mail client, a copy stays with the client and a copy in Amazon Sent Box. I found this quite handy!

To separate Amazon Emails from other emails simply create a filter to file all emails to a folder called “Amazon Emails”. Here’s a video which will help you to do this:


Now all you need is create generic Auto responders like this

 “Thank you for your email. I’m out of the office and will be back on…..and your email will be dealt. Thank you for your patience.”

Here’s a video that will guide you on this:


Amazon will take all your emails as responded and hence your contact response time is maintained upto the standard. When you are back on your desk you can respond emails keeping your customers happy. Here’s a win-win situation!

Try this out and let me know how you get on.

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Were you working this Holiday period?

I like working outside whether its sun or the rain. It was time to disinfect Chicken Coop (Looks like Palace, I know!) Along with disinfection, it was time to treat the girls with some Anti Mite Powder. As I did 100% of my Christmas shopping on-line,  it is not surprising I do the same for this. Looked around, found cheaper in Amazon with FREE delivery. FREE delivery is an important factor for me to decide whether to buy or not. This is where on-line retail is going and challenging on-line retailers!

The expected delivery was 28th December, within 2 days after purchase. I was not expecting the delivery on time due to Holiday period. And to my surprise I got it on the 28th. This is admirable. Well done Amazon and I must say Royal Mail you done very well too.


As an on-line retailer, are you working towards delivering this efficient service like Amazon during Holiday period ?

I noticed that this order was Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and sold by PetGoods4U. So, if you are small retailer and you want an efficient operation to your business this is something you can think. OR if you are one-man-band in the business, send your stuffs to Amazon and to get an efficient operation.

All in all, along with other parts of your on-line operation you MUST work towards efficient operation and fulfil customer’s expectations. If you don’t somebody else is already there. So be Warned !

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Winning a Amazon Buy Box – An Example

 How to Win Amazon Buy Box


You must have heard something calledWinning a Buy Boxon Amazon. If any of your products happen to win this, buyers looking for that item are shown your product first even if your price is higher than others giving better opportunity for sale.

 How to Win Amazon Buy Box2



In an example above, you can see Concord Extra (£7.04) got privilege to sell an item which is penny higher compared to Jons Gifts (£7.03). Buyers looking for this item see this item first to Add to Basket. There is a general assumption on Amazon that cheapest item is shown in the top, hence customers end up buying that item.

It does make a difference if you win Buy box or not. There is no other way to win a buy box than being a Good Seller. Being a Good seller means shipping orders on time, fewer refunds, and fewer cancelled orders apart from lower price of the item. Amazon got very comprehensive Seller Performance Reports which you simply need to keep an eye on.

You might have read expert articles on this subject, but Remember the bottom line is be a Good Seller and you will win Amazon Buy Box.

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Do you Care about Packaging your Orders ?

Packaging your order betterI love on-line shopping and don’t like going around shops. I believe there are quite a few millions like me ! I know , I can buy anything I need on-line  and do so. If things are not available in the UK I can even import it without hassle. On-line Shopping is truly Global now-a-days.

Recently, I bought a Christmas present for my other half. The order was with FREE postage and arrived safely. To be honest, I bought quite a few things same time and I din’t know what it was until I opened the box. When I opened it, I was amazed how safe my present was inside. 

how to pack your order

This is something I admire about Good On-line Retailers. They always pack orders to the highest standard. Does this make be buy again with this Retailer even if price is bit higher ? The answer is…Oh Yes !

It is your responsibility to get orders safely to the customer. If you  have been ignoring this aspect of your business, NOW it is time to correct. It is good to go on the ground and put it right. 

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How to increase value of the basket ?

Image Source: Flickr

We all know postage cost is one of the factor that put buyers OFF during shopping. In order to tackle this problem, it is very wise to give your customers value for money with multi-buy options.

Most of the time postage for one and two items are same. It does not cost you more to send and it is good 
value for money to the customer who need your product regularly. Result, increase in the value of the basket. Simple !

Here are few simple steps to carry this out on eBay / Amazon:

– Replicate the single listing
– Suffix title with x 5 ( for example ). This shows multi-buy at first glance.
– Add x 5 to the image (for example).
– Create a Multi-Buy category and assign your listing to this category as second shop category. This will help buyers to find the product in relevant category and helps you analyse your category sales
– Remember to enter EAN in this listing. Most of the products have pack EAN which is separate to single product EAN. This will allow you to list your multi-buy product on Amazon.

Experiment this and don’t be afraid to change the quantity, some products may sell better in 5s and others in 2s.  Leave a comment below how you got on.

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Amazon Price Parity Policy – Can you work around this ?

Image – Last Drop of Ink

I stumbled in an article on “Amazon Price Parity Policy”  by LastDropofInk this morning. It was a good read and recommend you to go through comments section. You will find real juice there !

I am not surprised most sellers are going on with what has been dictated by their Godly Amazon and why not? At the end of the day if no has done anything with their tax issue, I very much doubt anything will be done against this policy. At the end of the day, you would not want to get suspended from one of the most popular sales channel that is helping you to buy bread and butter. Would you?

Suddenly I got the feeling of “ DICTATORSHIP” here without any option than saying “YES SIR”.

I am aware that quite a few experts have given various options however; it is waste of time and a BIG RISK not following their policy. If they have spent time on finding out your price in other sales channel they will certainly find this and suspend you. Then what?

Simply, say “YES SIR” and change your prices. This is very simple do by uploading product inventory file. One thing you could try with few hundred products – Try hike postage price. We all know Amazon Customers are affluent and they don’t mind paying bit extra. Additionally, Amazon Checkout process is setup in such a way that it does not highlight the postage price that often unlike any other checkout process and they have got popular One Click Checkout technology which enable quick checkout taking postage price into consideration.  You can change shipping for your experimental product with “Shipping Overrides” file. See what happens and do the same for the rest. Good luck and please comment your result in this post.

Amazon got a good e-Commerce technology and you got low price products. These TWO gives you optimum shopping experience to the buyers. One thing definitely happens with Amazon’s Price Parity – Sales Growth.

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Amazon Business Report for sales growth

Business Reports by Amazon is an excellent way to track your sales based on time and product. This will give you insight on how popular is your listing, where do you stand on winning buy box, what is the average order value. One of the part of report is “The Detail Page Sales Traffic Time Series” report. 

Traffic: Traffic indicates which products are being discovered most often by shoppers. Products with higher sessions and page views are being found most frequently. In order to increase traffic use appropriate title, provide good item description and include relevant keywords at keywords search listing field. 

Buy Box Percentage: If multiple merchants are selling a particular product, Buy Box Percentage indicates how often your offer is featured when a shopper views the detail page. Merchants who win the Buy Box have a greater chance of gaining the sale. Follow following to win Buy Box win  

a. Low total price, including product price and shipping cost.
b. Fulfil your order on time
c. Keep a low refund rate resulting your error
d. Maintain low negative feedback ratings (generally less than 5%).
e. Maintain low number of A-to-z Guarantee claims.

Conversion: Conversion is a good measure of how often users actually purchase the product that they view. You can increase sales by increasing conversion. Start first with products that have a lower conversion rate than others.
a. Provide complete product content to make a decision.
b. Use promotions “Free Shipping” to increase conversion
c. Provide high-resolution primary image (300 dpi or higher). Include more images if necessary to give customer insight of product look from different angles. 

Order Session Percentage: This is a percentage conversion metric indicating how many orders were generated relative to the number of people who viewed the products. It is calculated by dividing the number of orders by the number of sessions for a selected time period and then expressed as a percentage. This is a good measure to check if your products need revision. 

Product Sales per Order: This is the average order size for the selected time series. It is determined by dividing the ordered product sales by the number of orders for the selected time period. Increasing value shows customers behaviour of buying multiple items. It is best to encourage this behaviour by reducing the cost of shipping.

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Amazon Prime – Brilliant way to lock customers

Customer Retention is the best way to grow your sales over period of time. Customer Retention costs less than acquiring new ones. This is the basic reason businesses try to encourage loyalty. Research shows one of the reason prospective customer do not buy is high shipping cost.

Amazon has cleverly rectified this problem with offering free delivery with minimum annual fee.Amazon’s strategy to lock-in customers with services like Amazon Prime and will help the retailer gain share in the online retail market.

“It also works because it exploits some very simple human psychology. Your best customers enjoy the pleasant, repetitive sensation of profiting from every purchase while your business still nets more money – either from the customer’s greater loyalty, or simply because the revised pricing causes them to spend more on your services overall.”
  Rory Sutherland, Campaignlive

Following Amazon prime strategy will be costly in the short run but will increase sales in a long term.

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