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Category : Amazon Strategies

Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eCommerce

Selling your products to Europe: Build International Listings with Amazon


One thing I really like about Amazon is ease of listing inventory in multiple sites like Germany or France. This is definitely right way forward to expand your sales out of the UK. eCommerce is growing without any borders and Amazon is helping you to realise this building your business.

Recently, I discovered a tool called Build International Listings that claims to save you time and enable you to create and update listings at the same time across multiple Amazon Europe marketplaces. It is simple to use this tool

Step 1: Select a Source Marketplace where your listing exist

Step 2: Identify the target Marketplace

Step 3: Apply pricing rules

  •  % above the source marketplace – Use this option if your source marketplace is UK and target marketplace is Germany.  This safeguards you from the unanticipated changes. This is how it works

Percentage above the source marketplace price


10 GBP

10 X 1.05 X 1.2728


  • The Current Daily Exchange Rate at the time of creation of your listing on is 1 GBP = 1.2728 EUR

Fixed amount above the source marketplace –

Fixed amount above the source marketplace price


10 GBP

(10+1) X 1.2728

14.00 EUR

  • Same price as source marketplace – Use this option if your source and target marketplace is any EURO countries.

Step 4 Ceate a connection between the source marketplace and target market

And you’re done. Allow some time for listing to build and your listings will appear in your target market place. There are few things you need to consider:

  1. Check you Shipping settings
  2. Check your descriptions text language
  3. You can always go back and update this rules
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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eBay Training eCommerce

Online Seller Wales – Newport

Thank you everyone for making Online Seller Wales – Newport a success.  This event was supported by PHP Genie.  I have boarded some pics from the event. You will also find speaker’s presentation slides below.

I am planning next event in Cardiff end of January 2014. I am looking for partners for this event. If this is for your please reply my tweet below:

How eBay and Amazon can help your Business Grow ?

[slideshare id=28808067&style=border: 1px solid #CCC; border-width: 1px 1px 0; margin-bottom: 5px;&sc=no]

Future of eCommerce by Tom Bond
[slideshare id=28807966&style=font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.5em; border-style: solid; border-color: #cccccc; border-bottom-width: 0px; margin-bottom: 5px;&sc=no]
Using SEO to get most out of your website by Ben Magee 

[slideshare id=28807280&style=border: 1px solid #CCC; border-width: 1px 1px 0; margin-bottom: 5px;&sc=no]

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eBay Training eCommerce

Free Online Seller meet-up event in Newport next week

Thank you very much Tamebay for featuring Online Seller Meet-up in Newport

Free Online Seller meet-up event in Newport next week

If you have not Registered, here’s the link to register.

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eCommerce

As the world’s first fully-algorithmic repricer – Feedvisor


I wrote  short post on ” Why Amazon Repricing Tool DOES NOT always work ?”  back in October and Dave from UnderstandingE recommended Feedvisor –

“I wouldn’t tar all repricers either the same brush, some are very much price and raise to the bottom driven, however some are much more intelligent.

FeedVisor for example have a self learning algorithm which takes into account all buy box factors, not just price and they will get you not just the buy box but the highest possible price you can sell at to maintain it.

Hence the example you have pictured above, the buy box seller could be using FeedVisor or something similar and they win the buybox even when not at the bottom price.”

Feedvisor claims to be  fully algorithmic repricing solution on the market today, enabling you to continuously and consistently win the BuyBox without sacrificing your profit margins.

Instead of repricing your products based on your competitors’ prices, Feedvisor understands how the Amazon BuyBox works, and is able to reprice your products based on maximum profit, optimum sales, or any other business goals.

I will try this tool sometime soon and reading a “Buy Box Bible” an refreshing my memory.  May be you can give it go !

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training

Why Amazon Repricing Tool DOES NOT always work ?

We have seen growth of repricing tools in the market for Amazon. All of these claim to help you win “Buy-Box” with small changes in price.  Some sellers have taken advantage of this tool by increasing their sales lowering their product price compared to that of competitors. It has to be noted that it’s a Game and there are other players on in to win the Price War. Some other sellers have increased the price of products which is not easily available and increased their profit. So, you can use this tool to increase or decrease your product price, result is increase in profit or increase of sales. All depends on your strategic objective of your online business.

Take a look at this product offer below:


Let’s say for instance the price was lowered with repricing tool but seller did not win “Buy Box”. Customer sees Preference 1 and loses out by 79p. Other seller won the buy box simply because its feedback score is better than the other. It would be good as a seller to consider look at Buy Box factors rather than jumping into the price war.

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Amazon Strategies

Christmas Selling in Toys & Games on


If you have got this email from Amazon, it’s very unfortunate that you have missed an opportunity. Here are few things to consider improving your performance:

  • Schedule a regular check on Your performance Metrics. In above email, the only problem is pre-fulfilment cancel rate. I am sure this was ongoing problem and if the merchant had corrected, this problem would not be there.
  • Frequently check your orders and process on time
  • Dispatch your orders on time

Here’s a short video which talks about Maintaining Amazon Seller Performance.



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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training

How to Create Email Template to save your time on Amazon?


Have you noticed recurring emails from your customer? If you have it is time for you to start writing templates. This will eliminate the need of rewriting email messages for common questions. This will also come handy when one of your customer support team is OFF as someone else can easily take on this role.

On Amazon this email template feature is part of the Buyer-Seller Messages tool, which you can access by clicking the Messages link in the top right-hand corner of your seller account home page.

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eCommerce

A guide to help you to list your products effectively on Amazon & maximise your sales

Customers buy on Amazon because of trust and price of a product. Retailers offering well presented and easy to find products are successful.  If you are thinking it is not always easy to find out what sort of information is required for your listing. This is made easy by Amazon easy step-by-step listing process which gives you opportunity to provide full information of your product.

Amazon has its own Listing Style Guidelines which you can search on help page on Amazon. These guides explains do’s and don’ts with specific information that you help your product visible to the buyers. I have simply put together few slides to guide you how to to list your products effectively on Amazon & maximise your sales.

Hope you will enjoy it !
[slideshare id=25330475&style=max-width: 550px; border: 1px solid #CCC; border-width: 1px 1px 0; margin-bottom: 5px;&sc=no]

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eBay Training eCommerce

What is Boffer ?

If you have not heard of Boffer before, you can read more on Tamebay. I am quite impressed by their daily deals. This is a good way to get stock for eBay and Amazon traders which makes good profit. Along with daily deals, Boffer offers Experts Forum and Buy and Sell Forum. I have prepared few slides to show you all aspects of Boffer from my personal understanding and what’s there for Traders and Boffer.

[slideshare id=23775967&style=border: 1px solid #CCC; border-width: 1px 1px 0; margin-bottom: 5px;&sc=no]

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