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Category : Amazon Strategies

Amazon Strategies Amazon Training

Amazon Workshop 29th June – Swansea TechHub

If are selling on Amazon or new to Amazon, we have a perfect workshop for you.  We welcome start-up and existing on-line businesses to join this training. It is tailored to suit your business needs there will be opportunity to discuss your individual business plan. We always look into attendee profile before and spend lot of time to make it suitable for your business. So, expect to go with a prepared action plan to start & grow your business with Amazon.

Grab your Early Bird Ticket now at £75.00  ( £125.00 regular price )

Amazon Training in Swansea

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training

Amazon Shipping Override in 3-Easy-Steps

[slideshare id=42960067 &sc=no]

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Amazon Strategies eBay Strategies

Free Translator for eBay Listings

[slideshare id=39142998 &sc=no]

We know International Trade on eBay is going to Grow and this demands Translations Tools for UK retailers. I have found few Retailers using Google Translate to list their stock for eBay Germany and other marketplaces. It is interesting to see some positive result. It is also fascinating to know customer messages are also being handled through the use of Google Translate. It is not 100% accurate but it’s free and seems to be working fine.

Top Tip:  Use Bilingual Text in Customer messages as many can understand English.

I have recently discovered free tool called “DocTranslate” which allows us to quickly translate Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Txt and Xml documents without losing the layout. This is a handy tool for eBay UK Retailers as you can upload your eBay UK listings and get it translated in Germany.  Please scroll through the slides below that shows you how it can be done and the result.



Please be warned it is not 100% accurate it worths a try.

I have posted this tool on Web Retailer Forum for feedback.  Please post your experience there.

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training

Developing Your Business with Amazon – Fully Funded Workshop

Developing Your Business with Amazon Training - Software Alliance WalesTens of thousands of small and medium sized UK businesses utilise the power of the Amazon UK Marketplace to reach a wider audience. Using Amazon’s tried and tested platform, businesses are able to offer their products for sale on all of Amazon’s websites throughout Europe and the rest of the world – reaching tens of millions of potential customers.

This course will provide information on how your business can sell your products on Amazon – one of the top 10 most popular websites in the UK.

During the course of the day, we will provide information and tutorials on –

  • Account Setup
  • Seller regulation (how to comply with DSR and offering a returns policy)
  • How to optimise your Amazon listings to gain targeted sales, marketing your business on Amazon and store profile enhancement
  • Managing your orders (dispatch, delivery expectations, vacation settings and choosing the right courier)
  • Customer relationship management (handling queries, complaints and returns)
  • Analysing and tracking performance
  • Fulfilled by Amazon – is it worth it?
  • Amazon web stores
  • Checkout by Amazon
  • Amazon online resources

This is a beginner to intermediate course, so if you are a well-established seller or someone exploring this option – there will be something for you on the day.

Book Now >

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eBay Strategies eBay Training eCommerce

Online Seller Wales – Cardiff


OSW – Newport 25th March

Cardiff’s second FREE Online Seller Wales event! We are offering you a fantastic venue and exciting topics in Internet Retailing that will help you grow (or start!) your online business. Expect to meet like minded entrepreneurs and industry experts and hear the latest trends in the industry.

We have 45 places for Online Sellers,Agencies & Students. Book NOW!

Thursday, 15th May, 2014

6:30 pm – 21:00
Digital Cardiff Showcase, Cardiff Council County Hall, Atlantic Wharf, CF10 4UW

Eventbrite - Online Seller Wales - Newport

 1.      An eBay Seller’s Guide to Cassini Search 

35 Minutes ( 6:45 – 7:10 )

“One of the wonderful things about eBay is that if buyers are able to find what they want, then buyers are happy, and sellers, of course, are happy too because they are being connected to those buyers.” – Hugh Williams, eBay 

Cassini is a piece of technology that is really going to enable us to do that even better than we do today. eBay Cassini An eBay Seller's Guide to Cassini Searchsearch now live on all eBay sites. It is simply eBay’s search engine and understanding how it processes information will help you connect with your buyers. 

This talk aims to help you understand the facts on Cassini Search and how you can ensure that you are using it to your advantage.

Speaker: Dan Burnham has over 15 years’ experience of retail and ecommerce and currently leads the Account Management Team responsible for the management and business development of eSellerPro’s customers and partners. His focus is on building a world class customer experience and driving customer growth.

 Dan Burnham

2.  Amazon Repricer Inside and Out

25 Minutes ( 7:15 – 7:40 )

There are many factors affect to win a magical Amazon Buy Box and it is not only the price. It is very important to Amazon Repricer Inside and Outlearn how to get buy box as this means sales or no sales! Amazon Repricer can help you gain this buy box.However, all Repricers are not the same.

Most Repricer bases their decisions on other seller’s prices. However, there are some clever ones which learn sellers profile and change the prices only when needed to win Buy Box.

According to unconfirmed data Amazon Repricer is responsible for 80% of Amazon sales and this talk will help you understand how Amazon Repricer works and helps you to choose the best one that works for you.

3.  How to Increase your Sales with Google Shopping Ads ?

25 Minutes ( 7:45 – 8:10 )

Google Shopping Campaigns - Online Seller Wales - NewportEveryday, people search on Google for the best products from retailers large and small. With Product Listing Ads (PLA) on Google Shopping, people can browse a wide selection of products, finding high-quality imagery and relevant product information like brand and price. 

To make it easier for you to connect with these consumers and promote your products on Google, Shopping campaigns are being introduced, a new campaign type for PLAs. Shopping campaigns streamline how you manage and bid on your products, report on your performance, and find opportunities to grow your traffic from Google.

I have personally seen Google Product Listing Ad being a success and it is now top source of sales for quite a lot of on-line sellers in the UK. Free Voucher for All Attendees, For New Accounts Only.

If you are an Online Seller this is a must attend talk. This aims to help you understand what you can achieve in 2014 through Google Shopping Campaigns.

Speaker: Prabhat founded Online Seller Wales with an aim to educate online sellers in areas of marketplace (eBay, Amazon, Rakuten Play) and Digital Marketing.



4.  7 Trust Tweaks For Profitable Online Selling    

25 Minutes ( 8:15 – 8:40 )

Building a sustainable online business is much easier when your customers trust you. You keep customers longer – and they buy more. And your future business involves online conversation as much as it does conversion.

In this session, you’ll be taken through 7 online tweaks you can make, to build trust with customers faster and sooner.

Speaker: Philippa Davies is a psychologist and web editor, who helped integrate into the main business. She’s made an online shop, apps, e-books and vooks and she runs WordPress Users Wales. Author of 11 books, her self-published e-book ‘The Gritties’ is being made into a tv film.


Eventbrite - Online Seller Wales - Newport


How to Reach Cardiff Council County Hall?

  • By Train – A train service runs from Queen Street Station to Cardiff Bay Station leaving 4 times an hour in both directions. Please visit for details.
  • By Car – East – M4 junction 33, follow signs to Cardiff Bay ; West – M4 junction 29, follow signs to Cardiff Bay

Parking: Free parking available at Cardiff County Hall and in the Red Dragon Complex opposite where charges do apply. 

  • By Bus – The Bay Car Bus service leaves Central Station 7 days a week.  It runs through the city to Cardiff Bay every 10 minutes in the daytime and every 15 minutes at other times. Passengers arriving by rail can catch the Bay Car using their rail ticket at no extra charge. Please visit for details.
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Amazon Strategies eBay Strategies eCommerce

Manage Multiple Channel Emails from One place with Reply Manager

I like productivity tools and so does everybody I guess if it saves time and money. I use Multichannel Software, Tweetdeck, Zapier, Mailchimp, Boomerang to name a few. Recently I had a chat with Jodi from Reply Manager on twitter about messaging tool for Multichannel Sellers. I found it interesting and thought it would be good idea to bring it before our readers.

Basically “Reply Manager” empowers you to reply all of your customer messages from all sales channels from one platform. It definitely makes life easier, like having all our orders from all the channels at one platform! Additionally it has auto-responder feature which  you can schedule for the weekend for all of your Amazon messages and keep with strict Amazon contact response time.

It has already been proven useful to many UK sellers.  The slides below include full details and seller testimonials to assure you Reply Manager can save you valuable time.

[slideshare id=32240989&sc=no]

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training

Tackling Amazon Listings Quality Alert

Have you ever seen “Active (with quality alert)” in your active listings? These alerts appear when your listings are missing some information which is vital for your consumers to find your product.

Amazon listings are like catalogue and buyers search for products narrowing down the product specifics/details. If your listing is incorrect or incomplete buyers cannot find them you lose out in sales. It is very common to find missing browse nodes on Amazon listings. This is easily missed which means your product won’t appear when buyers look for your product navigating through categories. It is very important to get the basics right on Amazon listings and looking into “quality alert” is priority task. You can also view Amazon Forum for ongoing discussion on this.

It is very easy to find your listings with quality alert. Simply locate your defected listings from Seller Central account àUnder Inventory > Manage Inventory > Improve Listing Quality

I have few Screenshots below that shows you one the way of downloading this report. The end result is the same, you will get list of products which –

  • don’t have images
  • don’t have description
  • don’t have browse nodes
  • don’t have product specifics like colour, size

[slideshare id=32163002&sc=no]

Give it a go and please comment below if you find anything!

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training

Amazon Repricer Inside and Out

[slideshare id=30791373&sc=no]

I must admit I was not aware how clever Amazon Repricer can be until the #oswtalk evening. Most importantly most don’t Reprice et all.

We are aware there are many factors affect to win a magical Amazon  buy box and it is not only the price. This is why I wrote a post on “Why Amazon Repricing Tool DOES NOT always work?” It is very important to learn how to get one as this means sales or no sales! So, I asked how can we be sure that we will win buy box with Amazon Repricer?

Most Repricer base their decisions on other sellers prices, this is the one and only reason for Amazon Repricer not to work.

However, there are some clever ones! According to unconfirmed data Amazon Repricer is responsible for 80% of Amazon sales and if your Repricer doesn’t show this, change Repricer.

All Repricers are not born the same – they get their data in different ways, and use vastly different methods to Reprice. Some lower quality Repricers use bots to “scrape” Amazon for data, a completely unreliable technique that doesn’t get accurate information. So, it is critical to find the best one for business success and when you find the best one try your best to be a better seller.

Then we moved on to another aspect of Amazon Repricer which is increasing profit margin! We would all like more from every sale, don’t we?

This is possible by winning Amazon Buy Box and the HIGHEST possible price instead of the lowest. Amazon Repricer does not only lower the prices it can also raise the price of your product depending on the circumstances. This is what I found very clever. The Buy Box looks at seller performance and price. If your seller performance is good and within target mentioned below, your price can be higher than the other seller and you can still win Amazon Buy Box.

  • Order defect rate: < 1%
  • Pre-fulfilment cancel rate: < 2.5%
  • Late shipment rate: < 4%

So, a good Amazon Repricer helps to understand the HIGHEST price you can go, with individual seller performance.

Amazon Repricers helps you to stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace and now you know this does not mean you have to lower the prices all the time. If your rating is low you need to lower the price but most importantly if it’s high you don’t have to. This is where you start winning the game on-line! I recommend you to review your Amazon Business Report every week and take action if there is any issue. This is what will keep you competitive and this is the best way to get better result out of your Amazon Repricer.

Traditional rule based Amazon Repricers don’t always take your seller performance into account, but algorithmic ones adjust automatically. This is the key difference between the two. A good Repricer balances your sales and profit margins and sometimes winning less Buy Box at a higher price or vice versa.  A Good Amazon Repricer can actually help you to beat event Amazon !

Here are few things that you can takeaway:

  1. Deliver Great Customer Service
  2. Make a rule to Review you Amazon Seller Performance
  3. Check if Amazon Repricer is Rule Based or Algorithmic
  4. Algorithmic Amazon Repricer gives you better result because it looks at your Seller Performance.
  5. High value, high margin and high volume products benefit the most from Algorithmic Repricer

I hope you can now make an informed decision whether to use Amazon Repricer and how to choose the best.

The topic for next Tweetchat is “Getting top of eBay Search Result”.

If you are expert in this field please do reply tweet above and I will organise a chat!

Note: #oswtalk was planned to be a weekly chat on anything everything e-Commerce. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any expert for this week. If you are interested in helping e-Commerce business for greater good please reply my tweet above. 

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