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Category : Amazon Strategies

Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eCommerce

Smart Shipping Price on your Amazon Listings

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Amazon gives us two shipping options. One based on price range of the products we sell another based on shipping weight of the product. Now we are left with a problem which how to assign required shipping rates for the products we sell. If we post actual shipping weight of a particular product we will not have control over how much we would like to charge shipping on that particular product. So, I have devised way to get over this. This will help you to charge certain shipping cost on products you are selling. You can even match with Royal Mail weight based charges.

Step 1:

Assign Fixed Rate per Kgs

Let’s take £2 for 1 Kg for example

Step 2:

  • Fill this in UK Street, UK PO Box and BFPO
  • Leave Per shipment blank
  • If you offer Expedited shipping leave in per Kgs and fill in £ xx amount in per Shipment row

Step 3: Create a Calculator

Base on the price set on step 1 you can easily set up spreadsheet which gives you right weight based on the price you enter.

Use this spreadsheet as an example – Click here to open spreadsheet


Enter this weight in shipping weight field on your Amazon listings and you are sorted.

This gives you flexibility to charge postage based on the Royal Mail weight band. Now, you can even create your own weight table based on the price you would like to charge.

Let me know your thoughts !

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eCommerce

Amazon in India – Easy Way In for UK Businesses

[slideshare id=22794817&sc=no]

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eBay Strategies eBay Training eCommerce

Going Multichannel is Must to Grow your online business

We know by now Selling on one platform is not good enough. Retailers needs to be as many selling platform as possible. It is good to start on eBay and grow out to sell on Amazon, Rakuten Play and Etsy. Here’s a snapshot of traffic to these sites in 2012 & 2013.

Amazon tops the chart followed by eBay, Etsy and Rakuten Play. If you are not in any of these platforms you know you should be there. Every platform has their own features and you need to check one at a time to see if it is profitable for you. Bear in mind that “experimenting is better than assuming.”

Getting top of inventory management and order management is important when we have two or more selling platform. When you are not coping with the pressure of many orders then you know you need a tool to help you out. This is when you nee something like Stitch.

” Stitch is your all-in-one small business inventory management system that lets you increase sales, boost productivity, and communicate professionally – more effectively than ever before!”


With this type of tool you don’t need to  log into multiple ecommerce websites, whether you’re selling on eBay, Rakuten Play, Amazon, Etsy, BigCommerce, Shopify, other online platforms. It manages your inventory, invoices, contacts, and packing slips all in one spot. With all tools you have Dashboard which lets you quickly track the status of your sales, payments and inventory.

This is only one of millions other tools out there. Have a look around and get what suits you best.

It is nice to have our businesses diversified in terms of sales channels so if one does not work there is always another-one working and keeping our cash-flow going. This is also and indication to UK businesses that it can only survive better if they are on multi-channel platforms. Good luck everyone !

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eBay Strategies eBay Training eCommerce

Webinar – Top 5 Tips for Profiting with Multi-Channel Selling – by Janelle Elms

Yesterday I enjoyed watching these two webinars which talks about growing your online business through Multichannel Sales.

Grow your business with eBay and Amazon

Dramatic changes have taken place in the online selling landscape.  Are you letting your selling platform run your business? Learn how to stand out in search engines, appeal to buyers, choose the right selling platforms for your business and make profitable decisions no matter what changes your chosen platform makes to their search capabilities. Presented by Janelle Elms, a best-selling author, speaker and leading eBay educator.

A few of the things you’ll learn:

– The future direction of online selling
– How Cassini will affect your eBay selling
– Obtaining worldwide search visibility
– Choosing the profitable selling platforms for your business model
– Tools for multi-channel selling



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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eCommerce

Smart Pricing with Amazon Repricer tools

Consumers might be paying higher price on Amazon than necessary now-a-days.  This is due to automated pricing tools like “Repricer” which claims to increase company profit margin with the set it and forget it rules of prices. The screenshot below shows how you can set rules:

Amazon Repricer Tool

Here is another way of using Repricer :  Company A is selling a product for £100. The pricing rule is

  • Keep the base price  lowest  between £100 – £102 to ensure it is the lowest
  • Keep the ceiling price much higher –  £110

In this scenario, product remains cheaper within the base price and when competition drops the price rise. This will have positive impact on profit margin. The competition might drop because Company B had only few items in stock and got sold out or there isn’t inventory system in place to relist products automatically.

So if  you are ready to give it a go, there are plenty of these tools. Here’s a screenshot of few:

Repricer Tools Available


If you would like to know more about Repricer have a look at this blog post on Tamebay.

It is good idea to keep your products cheapest and when there is an opportunity to maximise profit “Repricer” tool is great. It is all about smart pricing as they say!

Remember customers don’t only look for cheapest product; they look for other things like customer service and delivery times.

If you have used Repricer, I would love to hear the impact in your business. 

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Amazon Strategies eCommerce

Learn Email Marketing Tricks from Amazon

Email marketing is ongoing war in e-commerce. It brings good result with correct strategy and design. Here are few tricks you can learn from Amazon:

[slideshare id=21433832&sc=no]

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Amazon Strategies eBay Strategies eCommerce

Which Multi-Channel Software should I go for ?

Which Multi-Channel Software should I go for

UK eCommerce is expected to rise by 12% in 2013. We have seen quite a lot OFFline retailers jumping in and those selling on one platform, extending their reach to other platforms. Those retailers will only survive who is “anytime anywhere”. They need to be on eBay, Amazon and Rakuten Play. For obvious reasons we have seen many multichannel software coming to the market with an aim to simply the life of retailers combining inventory, orders and listing management; reducing labour cost and ultimately raising efficiency of the operations with incremental sales.

These multichannel sales software come in all shapes and sizes. Here are five of them:

  1. Channel Grabber
  2. Seller Express
  3. Seller Dynamics
  4. Store Feeder
  5. Linnworks

Each of them have their own way of saying they are the best. If you are in confusion, simply list what your business require and match them with the software features. You are sorted!

When I look at these software I see more similarities and than differences. They all do the same function because most of the businesses want similar things. However these are some differences you will see on them:

  1. Level of Customer Support
  2. Account Management
  3. Ability to customise
  4. Cost

Personally, I would like to see high level of customer support initially to walk me through setup and usage. I would prefer to talk to one person so that he/she knows history of the problem and we understand each other. Secondly, I would like my account to be looked at every now and alert me if there is something wrong or if I am doing well with incremental sales generated due to this software. I would also like to have some bits customised due to technical reasons which would help me not to change much in my 10 years operation. Finally, it would be great to have all these above at the best price possible. A big NO if I have to give away 1.5% of my hard earned sales!

I would love to know what you want your multichannel software to do and if you have used one let me know how you got on with it?

Note: You can follow poll on LinkedIn “What is the best Multi-Channel Software you have seen so far?”

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How do Retailers Make Money on Amazon ?

how to retailers make money on Amazon

We know that Amazon sales are growing and third party sellers are benefit from Amazon reputation with increase of revenue. We know retailers should be on Amazon to increase their online revenue. According to a research carried out by Linnworks Amazon sales represent 54% of the online sales. All good here, but how do people make money selling on Amazon.

Let’s take this example above. The selling price is £2.00 including delivery.

Item Price + DeliveryVATAmazon Fees (17.25%)Postage CostProduct CostIf VAT payableIf VAT not payable
  • Assuming the item cost is 50p
  • There is no stationery cost
  • Price of the Postage (Lowest) – Ref royal mail

Express essential is having loss of £1.03. Even if the item was not VATable there was still loss of 70p.

I would like this calculation to be wrong, please comment the corrected figure and if it is correct how are retailers making money?

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Amazon Strategies eBay Strategies eCommerce

Increase your online sales on eBay and Amazon

Do you sell exclusively on eBay or Amazon? Maybe you’re only selling on Rakuten’s or your own eCommerce store? Whatever your current strategy, your sales could be greatly improved by selling your products across multiple marketplaces and channels.

The obvious reason for this is perhaps obvious—selling into more marketplaces increases your potential buying audience. But the often over-looked advantage of adopting a multi channel eCommerce approach is recognising what products sell best on what marketplaces. You may realise that a category of your inventory simply sells better and at a higher margin on eBay than Amazon, or that particular goods sell exceptionally well on Amazon Germany. You simply won’t know until you try.

And here’s the really good bit—there is software out there called SellerExpress that can help you sell across multiple online marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay and Rakuten’s Play, as well as your ecommerce webstore, allowing you to reach a larger market of online shoppers. It synchronises your inventory and brings stock management, order processing and auto repricing for your multiple channels into one easy-to-use online solution.


Features include rapid data entry, bulk data importing, stock synchronisation, inventory splitter, auto repricing, currency conversion, automated order processing tasks, picking options and advanced reporting.

SellerExpress offers a free 15 day trial and free managed setup to help customers get up and running as quickly and easily as possible. Give it a try—what have you got to lose?

Other sellers are already enjoying the benefits—here’s what they have to say…

Simple to set-up, easy to use and most important of all; it increased our sales and profits. I wholeheartedly recommend the team at SellerExpress.

I’m new to SellerExpress. I was immediately impressed with how advanced the software is. I’ve never seen anything as good or as easy to use as this. The email support I’ve had is very good with rapid responses to my questions. They have some great features – especially the intelligent re-pricing tool. SellerExpress makes the competitor I was using look prehistoric!!

I signed up to Sellerexpress a few months back. I’m now listed on 6 Amazon Marketplace places (UK, DE, FR, US, JP, CA) and Play.Com. Free trial is good as it lets me play around with the system and get everything setup and the staff are amazing they really know what they are doing and very helpful during setup.

I have used this system for approx 10 months It is very easy to use, has saved a lot of time listing and repricing. The back up service is excellent. It is a good value excellent tool to help grow your business as it has done with mine.

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eCommerce

Do you know what you are selling on Amazon?

As most of us do, I like selling on Amazon because it is quick to list products which are already there in their catalogue. All I need to list my products is SKU and Price. Titles are sometimes overridden by previous entries so it is redundant. I can search product by name and barcode becomes redundant if I am selling the product which is already there. I enjoy not having to fuss about photos which take most of the listing time on eBay. All in all my product listing would take be only 2-3 mins !

Having said this recently I have noticed a product with an image which is not in relation to the product itself as you can see on the picture below. Additionally the ‘Technical Details’ does not show generic details of the product but talks more about not the product which does not apply to all sellers in the marketplace. I am surprised among FIVE sellers no one ever picked this up and this listing is still live.




sliverline 2


So, during listing a product on Amazon it is advised to check the final listing so you know what you are selling is actually shows correct image and description. If it does not simply report it to Amazon and they will sort it out. This is just one case and I wonder how many more similar cases are there.

I would love to know if you have spotted similar scenario.

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