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Category : Amazon Training

Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eBay Strategies eBay Training eCommerce

Webinar – Top 5 Tips for Profiting with Multi-Channel Selling – by Janelle Elms

Yesterday I enjoyed watching these two webinars which talks about growing your online business through Multichannel Sales.

Grow your business with eBay and Amazon

Dramatic changes have taken place in the online selling landscape.  Are you letting your selling platform run your business? Learn how to stand out in search engines, appeal to buyers, choose the right selling platforms for your business and make profitable decisions no matter what changes your chosen platform makes to their search capabilities. Presented by Janelle Elms, a best-selling author, speaker and leading eBay educator.

A few of the things you’ll learn:

– The future direction of online selling
– How Cassini will affect your eBay selling
– Obtaining worldwide search visibility
– Choosing the profitable selling platforms for your business model
– Tools for multi-channel selling



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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eCommerce

Smart Pricing with Amazon Repricer tools

Consumers might be paying higher price on Amazon than necessary now-a-days.  This is due to automated pricing tools like “Repricer” which claims to increase company profit margin with the set it and forget it rules of prices. The screenshot below shows how you can set rules:

Amazon Repricer Tool

Here is another way of using Repricer :  Company A is selling a product for £100. The pricing rule is

  • Keep the base price  lowest  between £100 – £102 to ensure it is the lowest
  • Keep the ceiling price much higher –  £110

In this scenario, product remains cheaper within the base price and when competition drops the price rise. This will have positive impact on profit margin. The competition might drop because Company B had only few items in stock and got sold out or there isn’t inventory system in place to relist products automatically.

So if  you are ready to give it a go, there are plenty of these tools. Here’s a screenshot of few:

Repricer Tools Available


If you would like to know more about Repricer have a look at this blog post on Tamebay.

It is good idea to keep your products cheapest and when there is an opportunity to maximise profit “Repricer” tool is great. It is all about smart pricing as they say!

Remember customers don’t only look for cheapest product; they look for other things like customer service and delivery times.

If you have used Repricer, I would love to hear the impact in your business. 

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How do Retailers Make Money on Amazon ?

how to retailers make money on Amazon

We know that Amazon sales are growing and third party sellers are benefit from Amazon reputation with increase of revenue. We know retailers should be on Amazon to increase their online revenue. According to a research carried out by Linnworks Amazon sales represent 54% of the online sales. All good here, but how do people make money selling on Amazon.

Let’s take this example above. The selling price is £2.00 including delivery.

Item Price + DeliveryVATAmazon Fees (17.25%)Postage CostProduct CostIf VAT payableIf VAT not payable
  • Assuming the item cost is 50p
  • There is no stationery cost
  • Price of the Postage (Lowest) – Ref royal mail

Express essential is having loss of £1.03. Even if the item was not VATable there was still loss of 70p.

I would like this calculation to be wrong, please comment the corrected figure and if it is correct how are retailers making money?

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eCommerce

Do you know what you are selling on Amazon?

As most of us do, I like selling on Amazon because it is quick to list products which are already there in their catalogue. All I need to list my products is SKU and Price. Titles are sometimes overridden by previous entries so it is redundant. I can search product by name and barcode becomes redundant if I am selling the product which is already there. I enjoy not having to fuss about photos which take most of the listing time on eBay. All in all my product listing would take be only 2-3 mins !

Having said this recently I have noticed a product with an image which is not in relation to the product itself as you can see on the picture below. Additionally the ‘Technical Details’ does not show generic details of the product but talks more about not the product which does not apply to all sellers in the marketplace. I am surprised among FIVE sellers no one ever picked this up and this listing is still live.




sliverline 2


So, during listing a product on Amazon it is advised to check the final listing so you know what you are selling is actually shows correct image and description. If it does not simply report it to Amazon and they will sort it out. This is just one case and I wonder how many more similar cases are there.

I would love to know if you have spotted similar scenario.

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Amazon Strategies Amazon Training eBay Strategies eBay Training

Why use Multi Channel Software like Seller Dynamics? – FAQs

1. Why do we need Multi-Channel Software ? Seller Dynamics

 Selling over multiple channels is very important for organisations looking to increase business and grow online. Managing the price, competitiveness, and stock levels of thousands of products on numerous marketplaces would be near impossible if done as a manual task. The automated features of multi-channel software make this possible and consequently save the user time, money, and ensures that products are always competitive and nothing is oversold.

2. How difficult it is to use? 

Seller Dynamics is designed to be as user friendly and as simple as possible to use. We promote our product as one that is easy to use and here’s why.

  • Single Dashboard: All activity is monitored from one single dashboard with everything you need to know in one place. You can also access graphs and charts from here to analyse your data.
  • Personal Account Manager: Every new client is provided with a dedicated Account Manager who will help them get to grips with Seller Dynamics. While the Account Manager’s primary function is to help new users of Seller Dynamics, they will always be available for guidance and advice should clients want to contact them regarding any issues over time.
  • Automated Features: Our automated features do all the hard work for you. Once you set your profit margins and list your stock, Seller Dynamics will check against all competitors on the market every 20 minutes and amend your prices if necessary, depending on market activity. Our Unified Inventory Management also means that if an item is sold on one marketplace, this is taken into account on all other marketplaces in order to prevent overselling.
  • Stationery: Once you start using Seller Dynamics and selling on multiple marketplaces, we anticipate that you’ll have an increase in sales which is why we provide all the stationery required for packaging and shipping. This can be customised, branded, re-sized and printed out easily so that you can dispatch your goods as quickly as possible.


3. What time does to take from phoning you and getting live and working? 

We always try and clients live quickly as possible but every client is different, and therefore no set time frame can be specified. However, if a client signs with us and they already have a Proseller account on one of our partner marketplaces as well as a stock list, we can have them live within 1-2 days.

From the first call, the person enquiring will be given a Seller Dynamics demo before signing up with us.

The nature of the product being sold (e.g. alcohol legislation) and the number of marketplaces being sold on is dependent on the time it takes to put a client live.

4. What is the cost? Will it break my back! 

One thing we do differently at Seller Dynamics is that we do not charge a monthly fee for clients using us. All it costs is a percentage of the sales made through our partner marketplaces. We’ve developed our “Pay-As-You-Sell” method meaning that all payments are dependent on how well the client is doing at selling online.


5. How long does it take to learn how to use it? 

Seller Dynamics is relatively simple to use and we’ll give you enough help for you to become an expert in no time. You will be shown a demo before signing up and your personal Account Manager will guide you along the way and help you get to grips with it. We have a policy where new clients originally will list just ten items on their chosen marketplace so they can learn by doing and get to grips with how to work the software and once they feel comfortable enough using our software, they can upload as many items as they please.


6. Will there be someone when I need help on first two months of running? 

We take customer service very seriously and as part of that, we provide each client with their own personal Account Manager. While the main purpose of the Account Manager is to help new clients get on their way, we will always be a phone call away if any help is required, whether this is two days or two years down the line.


7. Why Seller Dynamics and not Channel Grabber or Channel Adviser? 

With no sign up fees, a personal account team to help the needs of each client and an easy to use programme which enables businesses to expand their online operations through a host of different marketplaces, Seller Dynamics offers everything an online retailer needs.  Our automated features save clients time and improves supply chain management, meaning that you’ll be running a smooth and effective e-commerce operation which will not only help you gain more revenue but such efficiency will ensure that your customer feedback ratings remain high.

Pay-As-You-Sell removes the pressure to hit a margin that will cover your monthly fee (as charged by other companies) and the fact that we are integrated with the Magento e-commerce platform means that any client that has a Magento e-commerce site for their own business can manage it on Seller Dynamics the same way which they can manage a marketplace such as Amazon.

Personal Account Managers for each client are a unique selling point and ensures that queries are dealt with quickly and any problems are solved instantly. Oh, and we also have a really good Facebook and Twitter account so check that out for marketplace management tips, advice and a bit of light-hearted entertaining fun as well.

Contact James at Seller Dynamics if you would like to discuss your requirements.

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I like Amazon Shopping !

addon amazon

 I like this Amazon shopping !

Price Comparison

 It shows me the cheapest supplier of the product I want to buy with FREE delivery with expensive buying choices at the right. This eliminates me to go to Google shopping / price comparison sites and do a quick shopping. With its price parity policy which does not allow Amazon merchants to sell at same or less price their own website, I know that I am getting a good deal. All in all, there is no need to go anywhere else for shopping this product I want!



 I am aware that my item will be delivered by 28th February (Date of screen shot 27th February). The new thing I noticed is that I no longer wait for delivery. I can choose to deliver it at my local Amazon locker! Yay ! I can go there and collect at my convenience.

 Gift Wrap

If I had wanted this for a gift I could choose do so and it is very clearly stated in this product page.


Bulk Order

 I don’t normally buy bulk on Amazon. I tend to buy as I need and now I am seeing new option “Add on”. Any products with this option and upto £20 qualifies for FREE delivery. I love this! I have seen quite a lot a retailers offering free delivery option with more than £25 order. Even horse burger selling Tescos give £3.00 OFF when I spend £25 or more. Other than I need to think what else I need to buy which I hate, this is really cool idea of bulk buying with FREE delivery.

So, tell me one reason why should not shop in Amazon when

  1. I have already got account
  2. I know I am getting a good deal
  3. I don’t need to compare prices anywhere else
  4. I know I am getting a good price due to its price parity policy
  5. I can collect at my local Spar at my convenience
  6. I have option to buy bulk with FREE delivery


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Resolving Amazon Contact Response time issue

Amazon Contact Response Time Now Resolved

We are aware that Amazon got stringent seller performance standard and sellers not maintaining the good performance are penalised by Amazon. “Contact Response Time” is one of the performances that are not so easy it keep up. This is because either seller does not work week ends and don’t respond to customer emails or during holiday time.

This is an issue but with answer!

Did you know you can reply Amazon Messages directly from your Mail Client like Outlook/Thunderbird? Customer email addresses are coded by Amazon and when you reply through your mail client, a copy stays with the client and a copy in Amazon Sent Box. I found this quite handy!

To separate Amazon Emails from other emails simply create a filter to file all emails to a folder called “Amazon Emails”. Here’s a video which will help you to do this:


Now all you need is create generic Auto responders like this

 “Thank you for your email. I’m out of the office and will be back on…..and your email will be dealt. Thank you for your patience.”

Here’s a video that will guide you on this:


Amazon will take all your emails as responded and hence your contact response time is maintained upto the standard. When you are back on your desk you can respond emails keeping your customers happy. Here’s a win-win situation!

Try this out and let me know how you get on.

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FREE Local Event “Getting More out of eBay and Amazon”, Welsh Ice | Caerphilly

Here’s the slides from a nice evening at Welsh Ice, Caerphilly.

[slideshare id=16200075&w=600&h=500&sc=no] 

A good general insight into my future operations dealing with eBay and Amazon.

Terry Lyons, Celticwood Fired Oven, January 2013

Excellent and very informative. Answered questions that I asked. Thoroughly recommended.

Claire Willicombe, Lillieum Design, January 2013

Picked up some good tips about listing and analysing tools.

Louise Williams, Purple Oak Creatiions, January 2013

I have found this very useful & intersting. It pointed out pitfalls and things to be aware of.

It also showed how to use analytical tools to enhance your sales.

Peter Cathcart, January 2013

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Comparatitive Shopping, eBay Vs Amazon: Two Examples

There was time I knew Amazon to shop only for books. Not any more. There is a good option to shop around. Few things are cheaper on eBay and few on Amazon. Price is lower in Amazon (Merchant Sellers) purely due to its Price Parity Policy. We have got to do Comparative Shopping to save some money.

Here’s one example


Click to View Large Image


  1. Price  eBay £185 vs Amazon £400
  2. Used eBay vs New Amazon


The choice is yours, do you want to save £215 and buy one in perfect condition or buy from Amazon. I think this is where still Amazon lacks and eBay is the winner. You can get good bargains on eBay on used and collectible items which is non existent on Amazon.

Let’s look at another example

amazon ebay price comparison

Click to View Large Image


Here, Seller’s price on Amazon is higher than eBay store which I was not expecting because their Amazon listings are against its Price Parity Policy i.e if you are selling same product at different places, your Amazon price should be same or lower. From a buyer’s perspective, you save bit of money simply by looking same store on different channel.

 All in all, remember to look for the product you like on more than one marketplace and save bit of money!


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Amazon Training eBay Training eCommerce

FREE EVENT: Getting More out of eBay & Amazon

Thursday, 31st January 2013 at 6:30pm – 8pm

Location: ICE, Britannia House, Caerphilly Business Park, Van Road,

Caerphilly, CF83 3GG

If you are  eBay/Amazon seller why not come along and meet others and learn what they are doing to boost sales. 

If you are not using eBay/Amazon this is wonderful opportunity to know how to grow your online business with these Reputed Channels.

You can get to meet others and we can all chat about the challenges we face. We will also talk about how you would like future meetings to be shaped. 

The meeting will start with Round Table Discussion followed by networking.

Topics will include:

  • eBay SEO & Keywords Tactic
  • Increasing Sell through Rate with optimised Listing
  • eBay Listing Analytics & Sales Reports
  • Promoting your Own Webstore
  • Amazon Store – Not So difficult to START !


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