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Amazon has become very important marketplace for many sellers and very competitive one. With huge influx of sellers we are seeing tough competition with price war with other third party sellers and Amazon. As a result, sellers are looking for ways to keep away from the price war by creating new products with multibuy offers and product bundles. Multibuys are easy to create, they can be either new products or variations of exiting products but product bundles do need time and effort.

As a product specialist in your category, you may be very certain about what customers buy together but it is still be good to find out what exactly people buy together using historical data.  This is what Amazon shows on frequent bought together tab on your product listings. We lack reporting functionality within Amazon system to download another ASIN bought with our ASIN.




Here at DaytodayeBay, we have developed a solution for you and we can now generate a report with your ASIN and product link with frequent bought together ASIN and product links. The first screenshot above shows the source and the second screenshot shows what exactly you will be getting on your report.

Whether you have thousands of listings on Amazon or few hundreds we are happy to help you out. Get in touch for a quote.  

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