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ManoMano have you heard of it?

Manomano is a marketplace specifically for DIY products but what sets it apart from the likes of Amazon and Ebay is that it has a forum and tips section dedicated to help you with your DIY dilemas! They have been trading online since 2013, ManoMano already brings together more than 200 sellers and over 200,000 clients.

Whilst Pinterest can be a useful source of pretty ideas for home décor and You tube has a multitude of tutorials to help you get things done around the home ManoMano combines a selling platform with a sense of community help through the forum and tips sheets and has a customer service chat function as well.  They boast the largest range of DIY products and are active in the UK, Italy, France and Spain. Many of the top DIY brands are featured including Black + Decker, Makita,Karcher Bosch and Timberpro

Mano Mano describe their role:

to locate the best value DIY/decoration/garden specialists then negotiate even further to achieve exclusive preferential tarifs for ManoMano;
– to select the sellers allowed on ManoMano using strict reliability criteria and make their catalogue accessible on one single internet site with stocks updated in real-time;
– and to guarantee you a delivery that conforms to the seller’s promise.

It’s not just about power tools there is a host of products available from Garden sheds to Designer Wallpaper, the search bar tells you that you can search through 185 000 different products.

Categories on ManoMano are split into the following: Kitchen, Bathroom, Flooring Decorating and Painting, Heating and Plumbing, Electrical, Lighting, Hardware, Tools, Building Materials and Garden & Outdoors so a comprehensive selection of product categories under the broad title of DIY.

With just under 175, 000 followers on their UK Facebook page it is clear that ManoMano are serious about building relationships and good content to drive sales through their marketplace.

To find out more check out their site

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