What can we Learn from eBay & Amazon Checkout

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Your NEW Rakuten Store

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Comparatitive Shopping, eBay Vs Amazon: Two Examples

There was time I knew Amazon to shop only for books. Not any more. There is a good option to shop around. Few things are cheaper on eBay and few on Amazon. Price is lower in Amazon (Merchant Sellers) purely due to its Price Parity Policy. We have got to do Comparative Shopping to save some money.

Here’s one example


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  1. Price  eBay £185 vs Amazon £400
  2. Used eBay vs New Amazon


The choice is yours, do you want to save £215 and buy one in perfect condition or buy from Amazon. I think this is where still Amazon lacks and eBay is the winner. You can get good bargains on eBay on used and collectible items which is non existent on Amazon.

Let’s look at another example

amazon ebay price comparison

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Here, Seller’s price on Amazon is higher than eBay store which I was not expecting because their Amazon listings are against its Price Parity Policy i.e if you are selling same product at different places, your Amazon price should be same or lower. From a buyer’s perspective, you save bit of money simply by looking same store on different channel.

 All in all, remember to look for the product you like on more than one marketplace and save bit of money!


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Calculating the Cost of Google Shopping Changes

Key Dates:

Traffic from Google Organic

Click for Bigger Picture

13  February 2013 Google Shopping Transition Begins

End of June 2013

Google Shopping Change Complete

I am trying to find out the cost of not having Google Shopping lately. If I could
find how much traffic I am getting from Google Shopping, it would be great! Unfortunately, Google Analytics does not show traffic from Google shopping separately and is mixed with Google organic results.

Traffic from Google Shopping

However, Google Merchant centre shows daily number of clicks on Google Shopping feed. With this report I can now find out what is the average number of clicks from Google Shopping. Hurray!

Here’s the way I calculated cost of not being in Google Shopping:

  • Find out Avg. Clicks per day  – 100
  • Get Estimated Annual Traffic – 365 x 100 = 36500
  • Get Goal Conversion from your Analytics – 5.47%

(Only conversion from Google)

  • Estimated Sales = 5.47% of 36500 =  1997
  • Get Average Order Value from your Sales =  £20
  • Estimated Sales from Google Shopping =  1997 x £20 = £39,940

 I am also now able to find out percentage of sales Google Shopping is bringing to the business. 

  • Get Total Sales (eg. 2012) = £115,000
  • % of Sales from Google Shopping = (£39,940 / £115,000 )% = 34%

 It is a numbers game and the good thing is that you are now able to estimate the cost of not being there. As you can see above if your business is getting 34% of sales from Google Shopping it will be fatal not to think about it now.

There are quite a few experts around and if you happen to ready this post please comment your opinion !

After the discussion comments from Linked In, thought it would be good idea to show how to track Google Shopping Traffic with Analytics. Simply create a Filter as show in the picture below and you can easily track Google Shopping traffic from the filter day.

Google shopping Filters

Now you are sorted ! You can see traffic & Sales from Google Shopping. 

google shopping traffic


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FREE EVENT: Getting More out of eBay & Amazon

Thursday, 31st January 2013 at 6:30pm – 8pm

Location: ICE, Britannia House, Caerphilly Business Park, Van Road,

Caerphilly, CF83 3GG

If you are  eBay/Amazon seller why not come along and meet others and learn what they are doing to boost sales. 

If you are not using eBay/Amazon this is wonderful opportunity to know how to grow your online business with these Reputed Channels.

You can get to meet others and we can all chat about the challenges we face. We will also talk about how you would like future meetings to be shaped. 

The meeting will start with Round Table Discussion followed by networking.

Topics will include:

  • eBay SEO & Keywords Tactic
  • Increasing Sell through Rate with optimised Listing
  • eBay Listing Analytics & Sales Reports
  • Promoting your Own Webstore
  • Amazon Store – Not So difficult to START !


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Were you working this Holiday period?

I like working outside whether its sun or the rain. It was time to disinfect Chicken Coop (Looks like Palace, I know!) Along with disinfection, it was time to treat the girls with some Anti Mite Powder. As I did 100% of my Christmas shopping on-line,  it is not surprising I do the same for this. Looked around, found cheaper in Amazon with FREE delivery. FREE delivery is an important factor for me to decide whether to buy or not. This is where on-line retail is going and challenging on-line retailers!

The expected delivery was 28th December, within 2 days after purchase. I was not expecting the delivery on time due to Holiday period. And to my surprise I got it on the 28th. This is admirable. Well done Amazon and I must say Royal Mail you done very well too.


As an on-line retailer, are you working towards delivering this efficient service like Amazon during Holiday period ?

I noticed that this order was Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and sold by PetGoods4U. So, if you are small retailer and you want an efficient operation to your business this is something you can think. OR if you are one-man-band in the business, send your stuffs to Amazon and to get an efficient operation.

All in all, along with other parts of your on-line operation you MUST work towards efficient operation and fulfil customer’s expectations. If you don’t somebody else is already there. So be Warned !

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Winning a Amazon Buy Box – An Example

 How to Win Amazon Buy Box


You must have heard something calledWinning a Buy Boxon Amazon. If any of your products happen to win this, buyers looking for that item are shown your product first even if your price is higher than others giving better opportunity for sale.

 How to Win Amazon Buy Box2



In an example above, you can see Concord Extra (£7.04) got privilege to sell an item which is penny higher compared to Jons Gifts (£7.03). Buyers looking for this item see this item first to Add to Basket. There is a general assumption on Amazon that cheapest item is shown in the top, hence customers end up buying that item.

It does make a difference if you win Buy box or not. There is no other way to win a buy box than being a Good Seller. Being a Good seller means shipping orders on time, fewer refunds, and fewer cancelled orders apart from lower price of the item. Amazon got very comprehensive Seller Performance Reports which you simply need to keep an eye on.

You might have read expert articles on this subject, but Remember the bottom line is be a Good Seller and you will win Amazon Buy Box.

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Have a good Christmas and Blessed New Year.

It’s been a good year yet and I am already looking forward to 2013.

Looking back I am very happy for what’s achieved so far especially we were able to help local businesses through our Meetups in Caerphilly and Torfaen. These were not a huge success; I got to admit however, I must say few those attended benefited from it. Here are few Tweets:

The aim of these events is to raise awareness about Multi-Channel Sales among local businesses and help them grow their business Online. I am aiming to continue FREE events through OnlineSellerWales in Local Area next year.

I hope it was good year for you all and that you enjoy your Christmas Holidays with your friends & family.

Have a good Christmas and Blessed New Year.


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eBay Training

FREE eBay Meet Up – Torfaen

A successful event went in quietly at one corner of Torfaen on the  18th. The event’s agenda were:

1. How to Start eBay Business ? – For Starters
2. Tools available to grow your eBay Sales – eBay Sellers
3. Does it worth Selling to Europe on eBay ? – Starter + eBay Sellers

This event was organised through OnlineSellerWales, a event group dedicated to raise awareness about Growing Business with Reputed Channels like eBay, Amazon and PlayTrade.

The event was successful and was able to answer specific queries on specific businesses (hand made jewellery  packaging, heath & safety training). Being inspired by the event, AllsortsTraining has already started to build their own eBay shop. The advantage of these sort of events is that there is informal environment where participants can ask whatever they feel like. There is no sales pitch so you know that there are no strings attached. You get to meet people who are like you and give you help/advice if needed.

So if you are local please join the group  and you will be first to know about the next event. There is nothing to lose but everything to gain !

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Building a Successful Online Business


With my millions of years of experience I have put together few important things to consider to build a successful On-line Business:

1. Strategic Planning 

  • Go back to Pen and Paper and Carry Out long term planning
  • Work things out in periods of three months, put targets, put tools to achieve it and measure
  • Give space for U-turn in case things don’t go right 

2. Multi Channel Operations 

  • Allow Sales channels like eBay, Amazon, PlayTrade along with your own operations
  • They  help to pay your bills
  • Use them as new Customer Acquisition tool

 3. Reputation Management 

  • Incorporate Customer Reviews & show them on the first point of contact
  • Use independent Review sites like Review Centre & Trust Pilot ( FREE with limited privilege)

 4. Usable Website  

  • Get some one good to create a website which is user friendly
  • Get some folks you know together and test the website from START  to FINISH of buying cycle
  • Plan a periodic website Audit

 5. Customer Service  

  • Keep customers happy no matter what it takes
  • Losing one customer means

 # of Lost Customer x Avg Order Value x Order Recurrence/month x 10 years ( for example)

  • Even if you lose few pounds to put things right do it, your customer will pay it back with repeat orders

6. Operation Management  

  • Keep some important Records like # of Customer Complaints, # of Returns, Order Dispatch Time that helps you to better understand how your operations is going on and correct them in time
  • Get yourself involved at least twice a month even if it packing orders. A successful boss is the one who understands every aspect of business.


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