eBay Strategies

Can eBay Be Used as a Customer Acquisition Tool?

eBay is very important customer acquisition tool because you have a customer who already trusted you to spend money !  Here are some suggestions, they are not exhaustive and they may work in some categories and not others: First, eBay considers every registered user as their customer, but in reality, eBay’s only customers are the sellers who pay them fees, so if an eBay user buys from you they are now your customer. You need to treat them as such.

Provide a mailing list opt-in option on your website so that you can reach out to them with specials and other marketing initiatives. You can download sales data which includes your customer email address. You can then send your customer customised thank you or dispatch emails with opt-in options. There must be incentive for the customers to visit your store like free shipping or discount on first purchase. eBay marketing is targeted marketing and very effective as they are already your customers and you know what they want to buy.

Research your eBay competition. Check their completed sales to see what is selling. Identify, through your sales history, those items that have the highest potential for success and list them in core. Use store inventory for potentially less successful product that will add breadth to your eBay listings and provide additional exposure. The key here is to limit what you list on eBay. Only list items on eBay that you have the most confidence in. Clearly spell out that you have a far greater selection of product on your website and if possible use checkout redirect to allow them to complete their order on your website. Some customers don’t like this so weigh your options. Do not go overboard on your eBay listings or your expenses will quickly get out of control. Remember, the key is to use eBay as advertising so come up with a budget you can live with and limit what you list on eBay. Use eBay’s sticky apps like MyWorld, Guides, Wiki’s , Blogs and place a link to you website on your About Me page to introduce yourself to potential customers. Please read eBay TOS (Terms of Service) to make sure you are not violating any rules.

The key to using eBay is changing your mindset. Once you see eBay as a marketing tool you can use your creativity and product knowledge to drive your customers to your website.

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eBay Strategies

10 eBay Selling Tips

Our market is extremely competitive on eBay there are to boost sales. Here are 10 eBay selling useful tips.

Getting the click – Our first goal was to increase the amount of clicks we were getting, based on the same number of listings.

1. Work on the product image – The product preview image which buyers see in their search result can really make a difference. It will help your listing stand out in the sea of listings and you can use it to communicate a marketing message, such as ‘same day dispatch’ at the bottom of the image.

2. Experiment with product titles – After optimising your image, look at the product title with the aim of making it more appealing to buyers. By all means do experiment, but don’t forget to keep the product keywords in the title. My suggestion is to use the matrix of [product title – Unique Selling Proposition], for example [ipod leather holder in black – cheapest on eBay], [ipod leather holder in black – get free gift], [ipod leather holder in black – free delivery] etc

3. Make the title stand out – After experimenting and based on the clicks and sales that each title received, pick one and make it stand out. To achieve this, you can try to place uncommon characters in the title (those which eBay permits such as <>,# etc), use upper case for the first letter of each word in the title, place your phone number, use symbols and so on. The important step is to keep your keywords in the title and just experiment.

4. Use enhanced listing wisely – eBay’s own tools to enhance your listings are great, but come at a price. For some products it’s worth using the bold and sub-title option in particular. Use the sub-title field to provide further product description and include a call to action.

Convincing the unconvinced – Our second goal was to reduce the amount of pre-sale inquires we received because they highlight buyer’s question marks. If listings are unclear then potential buyers will simply move onto another seller.

5. Write your own product description – Great product copy is essential for getting the sale. It should address all the concerns buyers have before buying the product and provide an accurate description of what they’re buying. We found it useful to include answers to questions buyers were asking and to show why we’re different from our competing sellers within the copy. If your idea of a product description is to copy and paste the manufacturer’s description, it might not be enough. Write your own.

6. Work on product offers – If you also sell away from eBay, for example in your standalone store, you know the value of product merchandising and offers. The same should be applied to your eBay store to make your offer more convincing. Consider offers such as free gifts, upgraded delivery methods, discount on future orders and more.

7. Pay attention to feedback – Many buyers scan through your feedback before buying. Try to follow up with buyers to get as much feedback as you can and in particular ask buyers to rate you. If negative feedback was left, take the time to publicly respond to the feedback and accept the blame (if that is, it’s your blame).

Closing and getting the sale – Our third goal and the holy grail for any eBay seller was to get our figures up.

8. List your call to action – The same with any type of advertising, you want to direct buyers to take an action. If your listing page is long, place several calls to action across the page.

9. Offer alternative payment options – The vast majority of eBay buyers are likely to use PayPal as their payment means. Some however might want to pay by credit card or cheque and some by telephone order. By offering those options you’re creating a competitive advantage over your competitors.

10. Prioritise eBay customer service – eBay buyers are expecting high levels of customer service from your part, but most will look for it after the sale. If however you offer exceptional service before the sale takes place, you might capture the buyer while they’re still signed in on eBay and it reinforces your credibility.

from Mark Kenny.com

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Amazon Strategies

Is Amazon another growing sales channel ?

Amazon holds very high expectations for the retailers it approves to sell on its marketplace. Amazon’s high standards, coupled with a great number of data requirements, make this marketplace unlike most and difficult for online retailers to navigate. Amazon’s goal is to put its customers first in order to create the highest quality shopping experience available on the Internet today.

ChannelAdvisor’s customers saw a same-store-sales growth on Amazon of 77% in February 2010 and 75% in January 2010, which proves that online retailers should be priming their businesses to make the most of this revenue opportunity. ChannelAdvisor has identified the best practices to make sure your product listings are not only found by shoppers, but also appeal to shoppers on Amazon. Learn how to optimise search terms, product descriptions, details, images and more to make sure you’re positioning your products to  sell more on Amazon.

Download this White paper by Channel Advisor 

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