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eBay Strategies

eBay’s Good ‘Til Cancelled in 2019

Some sellers were taken by surprise by eBay’s recent announcement that soon all fixed-price listings will be Good ‘Til Cancelled listings. The change was due to the fact that eBay now believes listings which are listed the longer amount of times gets better sales.  I am assuming this is why Amazon listings are doing better as listings are always live whether you have stock or not.
So, your next steps are
  • To review your settings in time for the change and implement changes with your third-party tools. If you are an inkfrog user check out this blog post for further details.
  • Use out-of-stock feature, with correct stock reflected on the account.
Happy selling!
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NEW Amazon Automatic Campaign Targets – the results are in

Amazon’s sponsored ads new feature for auto campaigns allows sellers to target products without any research, and its a great move as it eliminates the need to spend hours of your time learning! 

We are a UK based Amazon consultancy and have been working with Seller Central and Vendor Central users directly for many years; below we would like to share some results with you on these new features:

What new targeting options are available? 

We have seen 4 different default targeting options within auto campaigns including:

Close Match: This option will show your ad in search results when your ad closely matches what the shopper is looking for. In the example below, the close match has a better ACoS compared to the loose match, but we have seen it the other way round as well.

Tip: Lower bids if one of them is not profitable, or pause if cost is not controllable. Also, add negative keywords that are not converting, this will help reduce wasted spend; you can get this data from your “search term” report.

Loose Match: This option allows your ad to be shown in the search results if your ad loosely matches what the shopper is looking for. In this example, the ACOS is beyond 100% so, you would pause this option unless you want to see if this lowers when adding in negative keywords.

Substitutes: This option shows your ad on the product detail pages of products that are substitutes of yours. In this example, the outcome is good and profitable, with an ACoS of below 10%.


Tip: Up the bid to ensure your product is appearing continuously, but watch ACoS closely to ensure it doesn’t creep up due to the increased bid.

Complements: This option shows your ad on the product detail pages of products that are complements of yours. In this example, conversion cost is double that of substitutes. If you’ve just started selling your product on Amazon, it is perfectly fine to run campaigns with a high ACOS but eventually, this needs to be stopped as it won’t be profitable.


Whatever the results above, automatic targeting is a great way to get your campaigns started as it automatically targets your ads to shoppers based on keywords and products. Plus, with the capability to now adjust these targeting options within the campaign manager, you are now more in control.

Be sure to use negative keywords to prevent your ads from appearing in irrelevant search results or on irrelevant detail pages. You can find negative keywords from your “search term report” as seen below.

Once you get your report you can view “0” sales and find out which keywords are of high cost but not converting, and add them as negative keywords, if appropriate.

Let us know how you find using Amazon’s new auto-targeting features. We are UK based Amazon Consultants. If you are looking to learn more, check out our Amazon Advertising training course and if you are looking for services check out our Amazon Advertising service page.


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How to manage Content changes, Q & A and Reviews on Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon is an important growth channel for most brands, and with that growth, there is a high demand to maintain the channel with the correct content, reviews and consistent customer support.

There are many tools to manage the Seller Central side, but if you are a Vendor there aren’t many tools in the market. No matter what, there is still a need to know what customers are saying about our products on Amazon, and to reflect on them as a brand in the best way possible. 

At the same time, it would be ideal to monitor customer reviews in real time and respond accordingly.  This is exactly what reviewbox does. You can use reviews to upgrade and improve your product.

With Reviewbox, we can monitor how quickly we respond and what we’re saying.


Reviews are important and have a positive impact on our business. We are at the stage where consumers have stopped noticing the difference between a brand and Amazon brands, just because on the latter product there is a massive amount of reviews.  This is why it is important to keep improving your brand perception by reaching out to your customers through reviews and questions. 

Whilst working our back off to maintain positive reviews we get hit by constant fake reviews. It is impractical to manually monitor all reviews when you have 3k products within your Amazon Vendor account. But with reviewbox you can follow all reviews and see the trend of spam reviews, good or bad and report them to Amazon for removal.

When consumers ask questions on Amazon it is important to answer them in a timely manner. Many consumers will go to the questions section with a question in mind, and having answers helps even if they are not going through the purchase cycle. With reviewbox, you can monitor and answer all questions.

The ultimate aim for maintaining good reviews and Q & A is to maintain trust with Amazon content.



Another problem Vendors face, are content changes that happen without giving you notice. This is because retailers contribute to the product content and many times Amazon takes the changes and reflects for consumers to see. This may not be within the brand guideline and often they may be full of “keywords” without making any sense. To monitor all of these manually is a nearly impossible task, especially with everything else going on with your Vendor account.  With copybox you can get notified via email when your content is updated, and you’ll know exactly what’s changed, including titles, key features and product descriptions.

Image result for getreviewbox

Both of these: reviewsbox and copybox are powerful tools for Vendors and they work on all Amazon platforms. Let us know how you found them.

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My Amazon Store Generated £1000 This Month

It’s not quite 10k, but during December one of the stores we designed and launched recently generated 1k in sales. This is additional sales that we may have never had if we’d not set up the store. If you have never spent time on your Amazon store, then now is the right time. 

We have designed and launched several stores, and below are some examples:

  1. Nutripouch
  2. Juice Programmes
  3. Fill n Squeeze
  4. Tractor Ted

Amazon Stores gives small businesses a bigger spotlight.

In the past, Amazon has not given brands their own voice, displaying as little branding as possible which leads many Amazon customers to think all products bought on Amazon are sold by Amazon. However, now with Amazon Storefronts, the scenario has changed. Any customer that follows the “brand” link on your page will be taken to your custom designed and fully branded Amazon Storefront.


This seems to be a way for Amazon to get more brands selling on Amazon, who may already be selling via eBay or Shopify. With Stores, the customer gets a much more personal feel from brands, which is great for brand awareness. You can include lifestyle images, logos and brand videos. 
Amazon stores are built on a template and you can plug and play. No need for a developer! You also have access to a range of analytics.

NOTE: Amazon stores are only available for brands who have a trademark and brand registry.

Amazon Store Analytics shows the sales growth over a period of time, and in December we generated 1k in sales from the store alone.


Amazon Store Analytics shows top selling pages and traffic sources. Traffic sources can be organic, driven by advertising or external sources. 

Advertising is definitely a must; and to promote your store, you can use Sponsored Brands advertising. Sponsored Brands displays your products on the top of the Amazon search result page (SERP) and links to your Store. As Sponsored Brands appears in a key area, it can be 3 times more expensive compared to your Sponsored Products Ads, but is certainly beneficial for pushing your Store and raising brand awareness.


Amazon Store Analytics shows visitor numbers and sales per categories.

Amazon Stores also allows you to create tags so that when you drive traffic to your Amazon Store via any other external channels like Facebook, Email Marketing etc, you can see where the conversion has come from. As a merchant as long as you are generating profitable sales with less investment of time it is great, and it has been shown that conversion rates on Amazon are much better than conversions from a website.

The top 25% of online retailers convert at 5.31% and the top 10% of online retailers convert at 11.45%.

Amazon Prime members convert 74% of the time on That is according to a 2015 study from Millward Brown Digital. Compare that to 13% for non-prime members.


So, if you are a brand, whether newly established or established, this is the right time to get your store designed and increase your sales. Remember, all the time you spend without a store you’re missing out on conversions. 

Amazon comes with lots of challenges but we have heard a lot of times:“Since we started selling on Amazon in October 2016, our sales have nearly doubled.” 

We are the UK based Amazon Consultancy with 10 years of experience and we’d love to help you develop your brand via Amazon. Schedule a call to discuss more

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What’s happening to Amazon Advertising? Amazon Automated Ads now displaying target.

Amazon Sponsored Ads allows you to promote your products so they appear in various positions across Amazon’s search, based on conversion and bid.  There are 2 options available with Sponsored Ads, 

  1. Automatic – this is where Amazon decides where to display your products based on the content on your product page and the customer’s search term.
  1. Manual – this is where you decide which keywords you want to bid on.

More often than not, Manual Ads is the prefered targeting option as the ACoS is generally better and easier to manage. Plus, Manual Ads are far more targeted, due to the fact you choose the keywords to target. Although, we have seen both Manual and Automatic to work well, depending on the client and product. 

As an Amazon specialist agency, we have developed our own process-driven approach to handle all Amazon Advertising, and we apply the standard rule to start with Automated Campaigns. This allows us to harvest keywords that convert to then create Manual Targeted Ads with, and this also gives us a list of negative keywords we can add to campaigns to avoid overspend and wastage.

See more here >>


We have noticed recently, that Amazon has started telling us how it targets Automatic Ads. Although, we are not seeing this in all accounts so this must be a gradual roll out.

  • Close Match – shows your products when a search query is closely related to your product,
  • Loose Match – shows your products when a search query is  loosely related to your product,
  • Substitute Match – shows your products to the shoppers who viewed the detailed page of products that are similar to you,
  • Complements Match – shows your products to the shoppers who viewed the detailed page of products that complement your product.

These options are great and now means we can create campaigns targeting exact queries, or competing/complementary products you’d like to target.

  • Close Match – focuses on conversion
  • Loose Match – focuses on increasing brand awareness
  • Substitute Match – focuses on targeting customers who are aware of your competing products
  • Complements Match – focuses on upsell

In the above example of a Spanish Amazon Account, we can see the close match has generated profitable sales at a low ACoS, in comparison to the loose match. As a result of this, the next step would be to create a separate ad group, targeting just close match Automatic Ads with a higher budget so we can ensure increased sales from profitable keywords.

We would still keep a loose match campaign, alongside others to generate additional sales but with a limited budget to ensure no silly overspend. 

Amazon has been stepping up its advertising platform since a change earlier this year, and it is changing pretty quickly. Often it can be hard to keep up with all the changes, however, we provide managed Amazon Advertising services, to help with this, at an affordable monthly cost and unlike larger agencies, we don’t hold you in contracts.

To discuss your Amazon advertising growth schedule a call today

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eBay Strategies

eBay Premium Listing Design

We have recently launched eBay Premium Listing for NBRHODESfurniture, a Yorkshire based furniture manufacturer. They manufacture top quality Workbenches and Adirondack Furniture including chairs, benches, tables and footstools.

They were looking for professional eBay listings and to also gain visibility through Google Shopping, without spending lots of budget on their website. After a few initial calls, we developed and designed professional eBay listings.

The professional listings were designed to reflect their current website and to be mobile responsive.


Additionally, we made sure their content was optimised and that all relevant item specifics were included, based on eBay best practices. We also incorporated GTINS which helped to get visibility through Google Shopping within days.

If you are looking for a bespoke premium eBay listing template, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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    Amazon Events

    E-Commercial Conference 2018

    E-Commercial Conference is a one-day conference organised by Anicca, the leading digital marketing agency based in Leicester. It has been running for the last 4 years with an attendance of 200 delegates from across the Midlands and the UK. I had the pleasure of attending this year and had the opportunity to speak with marketing experts representing a wide variety of brands and retailers.

    As well as conference talks, there were interactive workshops in social media, Google analytics, Amazon advertising and TV advertising.  Amongst these workshops, I spoke about Amazon Advertising Best Practices and there were a lot of practical tips for everyone to take away and implement. You will find this slide-deck useful,  check out here >>



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    Amazon SEO Tools I Wouldn’t Avoid

    If you didn’t attend the Brighton SEO conference, or you just need a point of reference regarding Amazon SEO and optimising your Amazon sales, this ‘Time for Marketing’ podcast with Peter Mesarec is an ideal source of information.

    ‘Amazon SEO Tools I Wouldn’t Avoid’ is full of useful information regarding some of the tools needed to optimise your Amazon sales. It covers how these tools provide vital knowledge regarding commonly used keywords that customers are using and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.

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    Amazon Events

    #BrightonSEO talk – Amazon SEO tools I wouldn’t avoid

    #BrightonSEO is now Europe’s largest SEO conference and it was a fantastic opportunity to speak at the conference about AmazonSEO tools. Check out the deck below for details. They come with unique features and helps you make your product optimisation job a little better.

    AmazonSEO does matter because of two main reasons:

    1/ Conversion rate of Amazon is 74% with prime members compared to 3.32% for websites. Source link 

    2/ Of the 72% of shoppers turning to Amazon to research products, 56% go to Amazon first, ahead of any other online site. Source link 

    If you have any questions on any of these tools please do get in touch here. 

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    Amazon SEO and Marketing Training – Brighton

    BrightonSEO is the largest SEO conference in the world and provides some of the best training sessions the day prior to the event. This Amazon course has been going for the past few years and is now one of the most popular courses.

    In the past, we have had attendance from international brands and agencies. So if you are either managing accounts or selling on Amazon, this is the right course for you. It is suitable for Seller Central and Vendor Central accounts.

    1/ You will learn how organic ranking works

    2/ You will learn how to launch a product successfully on Amazon

    3/ You will learn Amazon Advertising best practices

    Find out more about this training >>

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