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Personalised eBay Training in London


We enjoy travelling and helping retailers throughout the UK. This is something we are really passionate about and been doing this for past few years. Our clients are quite happy with our highly personalised training.

Today, we were invited to help clothing retailers based in London to establish their presence on eBay through a clearance store. It was a productive day with practical guidance with plenty of opportunity for client to implement changes during the day.

Here’s how we delivered this training-

#1 Scheduled Q & A session with the owner to find for situation analysis and set the expectation from the training

#2 Researched current eBay account along with competitor analysis

#3 Created a bespoke training plan

#4  Delivered training with 2 weeks free telephone support

We received really positive feedback and we hoping to be back for Amazon training after a few months time. If you require eBay training in London please find more about us in this FAQ and give us a call. We are here to help!

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