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Amazon Ads

Mastering Amazon Advertising: 10 Proven Ways to Turbocharge  Your Amazon Ads Result.

As the competition on Amazon continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly challenging to establish a successful e-commerce presence. It would help if you had an optimised strategy for your Amazon advertising to differentiate yourself from competitors and build strong customer trust and loyalty. This blog will share ten proven ways to help you maximise your Amazon Advertising strategy.

#1 Audit and Set Granular Goals for Your Amazon Advertising Strategy 

Start by auditing your Amazon account and setting granular goals considering all sales funnel stages. Break down your goals into smaller, specific targets that address each step of the customer journey: awareness, interest, decision, and action. This approach allows you to segment your goals systematically.

Granular Goal #1: Increase Brand Awareness and Improve Listing Performance 

  1. To increase brand awareness on Amazon, optimise your listings for better visibility.
  2. Conduct a listing audit to identify low-performing listings.
  3. Use the Amazon Listing Quality Report to gain insights into specific areas for improvement, such as accurate titles, compelling product pictures, and missing information.

Granular Goal #2: Launch the Right Advertising Solution for Each Customer Journey Stage. 

Select the most appropriate advertising solution for each customer journey stage. Sponsored display ads work well for the awareness stage, sponsored products for the interest stage, sponsored brands for the desired stage, and all three types for the action stage. You can drive better results by aligning your ad solutions with the customer journey.

Granular Goal #3: Make Your Products Attractive to Shoppers 

Make your product competitive by comparing prices, tracking changes over time, utilising automated repricing tools, monitoring conversion rates, and testing different strategies. Analyse top competitor listings to identify best practices and enhance product infographics, A+ content, and overall store experience.

#2: Maintain a Good Profit 

Before investing in Amazon advertising, analyse market research and sales data to identify profitable products with high demand but low competition. Focus on the most profitable products to maximise returns and avoid selling at a loss. Maintaining a good profit margin allows you to invest more in advertising while ensuring sustainability and the ability to reinvest profits for business growth. Use tools like Sellerboard to find out a real profit. (

#3: Optimise Listings 

Optimise your organic listings to position your products for ads. Update product titles, descriptions, bullet points, and images to be compelling and relevant to potential customers. Use tools like Helium 10 to find relevant keywords ranked by your competitor. 

Infographics play a massive role in conversion. Highlight your product features and benefits via infographics.

#4: Be Smart with Targeting 

Leverage automatic targeting to let Amazon choose relevant search terms and products for your ads. ASIN targeting allows you to target specific products on Amazon, while category-specific targeting helps increase visibility within a specific product category. 

Sponsored brand ASIN targeting targets converting keywords for that ASIN, so take advantage of this opportunity to discover new keywords.

#5: Strategies and Spend Wisely.

Plan your Amazon ad budget wisely by balancing offence and defence strategies. Offence strategies focus on reaching new customers and expanding brand reach, while defence strategies protect your existing customer base. 

Often defensive strategies work well across all ad types – sponsored product ads, brand ads and display ads. 

#6: Leverage Negative Keywords 

Negative keywords are essential for optimising your Amazon advertising strategy. They prevent your ads from appearing in irrelevant searches, improving ROI and driving conversions. 

Regularly review the search terms report in your Amazon Advertising account to identify irrelevant or low-converting search terms and add them as negative exact keywords. This helps to refine your targeting and ensures that your ads are shown to the most relevant audience, increasing the chances of generating quality traffic and conversions.

#7: Monitor and Optimise Campaign Performance 

Continuously monitor the performance of your Amazon ad campaigns to identify areas for improvement. Analyse metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost-per-click (CPC), and return on ad spend (ROAS). Identify underperforming campaigns or keywords and make data-driven optimisations. Experiment with different ad formats, bidding strategies, and targeting options to find what works best for your products.

Targeting tabs within the Amazon ads console shows targets that are converting well and targets that are not generating sales. 

#8: Utilise Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content and Stores.

Use Amazon’s A+ and Store features to create a compelling brand experience. A+ lets you enhance your product detail pages with visually appealing and informative content, including additional images, videos, and enhanced product descriptions. On the other hand, stores enable you to create a customised multi-page storefront showcasing your brand and products. These features help increase customer engagement, build brand loyalty, and improve conversion rates.

#9: Leverage Sponsored Display Ads for Retargeting 

Consider using Sponsored Display Ads for retargeting customers who have previously interacted with your products. Sponsored Display Ads allow you to reach customers who have viewed/purchased your products or shown interest in similar products. This helps to re-engage potential customers and increase the likelihood of conversions.

#10 Test, Iterate, and Stay Up-to-Date 

The Amazon advertising landscape is constantly evolving, so staying updated with the latest features, trends, and best practices is essential. Test different ad strategies, creative elements, and targeting options to find the most effective approach for your products. Regularly review your performance metrics and adapt your strategies accordingly. Be open to experimenting, learning from your results, and making iterative improvements to optimise your Amazon advertising strategy.

By implementing these ten tips, you can enhance your Amazon advertising strategy and improve your chances of success in the competitive e-commerce marketplace. Remember to analyse your data every 3-7 days, stay informed about Amazon’s advertising features and updates, and adapt your approach based on your findings. With a strategic and well-optimised advertising strategy, you can drive visibility, engagement, and conversions for your products on Amazon.

Accelerate the growth of your Amazon business through our comprehensive Amazon Advertising Management services. With a focus on driving results, we offer a range of solutions tailored to maximise the potential of your advertising campaigns on Amazon. 

Book a call with our Amazon PPC Specialists today and unlock the full potential of your Amazon business.

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