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Amazon Ads

: The Essential Sponsored Brands Video Ad Report to Explore


Looking to make your brand and products stand out on Amazon? Sponsored Brands video ad is a powerful tool to help you achieve that. With keyword targeting and cost-per-click pricing, these video ads direct customers to your product detail page, driving engagement and purchases.

To make the most of your Sponsored Brands video ad campaign, it’s crucial to analyse your campaign results and optimise performance. So let’s explore the various reporting options available and how you can leverage them to fine-tune your campaigns effectively.

Where Can I Find the Reports?

Access the Sponsored Brands video ad format reports conveniently through the menu sidebar of the advertising console. You have two reporting options:

  1. Summary Time Unit Report: Provides an aggregated view of metrics for the selected reporting period.
  2. Daily Time Unit Report: Offers daily metrics and enables trend analysis, such as pre-post analysis, allowing you to measure the impact of bid and keyword revisions over time.

Which Reports Should I Focus On?

There are two essential reports that deserve your attention: the keyword report and the search term report.

Keyword Report:

  • Purpose: Evaluate the performance of individual keywords within your campaigns.
  • Capabilities: Compare keyword performances within a campaign and over time, monitor changes in impressions, CTR, ACOS, and ROAS after bid adjustments, and categorise keywords as high-performing or low-performing.
  • Tip: The keyword report empowers you to optimise your campaigns by focusing on keywords that yield positive results. Apply competitive bids to keywords that drive conversions and adjust strategies accordingly.

Search Term Report:

  • Purpose: Gain visibility into the shopping queries that resulted in clicks on your ad.
  • Capabilities: Identify high-performing search terms, uncover keyword variations to enhance campaign performance, and discover irrelevant keywords that require negative keyword targeting for improved relevancy.
  • Tip: By analysing search terms, you can refine your keyword selection, optimise your campaign targeting, and ensure your ads align with shoppers’ queries, driving better results.

Attributed purchases:

Purpose: Understand the specific products associated with your campaigns.

The purpose of this report is to provide you with insights into the products that are directly promoted by your campaign. It also includes products featured on your landing page or indirectly attributed through the brand halo effect from ASINs on your landing page.

By analysing this report, you can gain a clear understanding of the products that are directly linked to your campaign efforts. In addition, this information allows you to assess the effectiveness of your promotional strategies and evaluate the performance of individual products within your campaigns.

Additionally, the report helps you identify products that may benefit from the brand halo effect. This means that even if a specific product is not directly promoted, it may still receive attention and sales as a result of its association with other brands featured on your landing page.

This knowledge enables you to make informed decisions about your marketing efforts, optimise your campaigns, and maximise the impact of your promotional activities. By understanding which products are most closely aligned with your campaigns, you can allocate resources effectively and focus on driving success for those products.

Tip: Strike a balance between long-tail keywords/exact match and the number of impressions. While precise, exact match keywords offer high relevancy and click-through rates, broader phrase match keywords can generate more impressions essential for brand awareness. 

Ready to take your Sponsored Brands’ video ads to the next level? Book a call with an Amazon Ads expert and discover a new way to increase your Amazon Ad sales!

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