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Using Amazon Vine for Your Amazon Product Launch Strategy

In the competitive realm of Amazon, customer reviews can make or break a product. One tool that stands out amid the review frenzy is Amazon Vine, a program designed to elevate products by offering them to trusted reviewers. We will look into how this works. 

What Is Amazon Vine and How Does It Work?

Amazon Vine, launched in 2007, is an exclusive review program where specially selected individuals, known as Vine Voices, receive products for free in exchange for honest reviews. These reviews carry significant weight in the eyes of potential customers, making them a valuable asset for sellers aiming to boost their product’s credibility.

Is Amazon Vine Right for Your Product?

Determining whether Amazon Vine is the right fit for your product involves careful consideration. Not every product may benefit equally from Vine, especially items like supplements that require time to showcase their effects or high-ticket products that demand substantial investment from sellers. While there might be mixed responses, it’s crucial to recognise that Vine can work for a variety of products, including supplements. Consider this example to boost your confidence in Vine’s effectiveness for supplements too.

Requirements for Amazon Vine:

To qualify for Amazon Vine, sellers need to be brand-registered, offer products through Amazon FBA in new condition, have fewer than 30 reviews per enrolled listing, and be willing to provide products for free. Meeting these prerequisites opens the door to the Vine program, allowing sellers to tap into the expertise of influential reviewers.

Vine vs. Other Amazon Review Methods:

In the realm of Amazon reviews, credibility is key. Amazon Vine stands apart as a sanctioned method by Amazon itself, ensuring the integrity of the reviews. Unlike third-party review sites, Vine offers a white hat approach, safeguarding sellers’ reputation in the long run.

The Pros and Cons of Amazon Vine:


  • Products with more reviews experience increased sales.
  • Early reviews can boost a product’s ranking and visibility.
  • Vine Voices provide high-quality, credible reviews.
  • Sellers receive valuable feedback to enhance their products.


  • Providing free products is a prerequisite.
  • Reviews, including negative ones, cannot be removed.
  • Reviews are not guaranteed as Vine Voices have the freedom to choose which products they review.

Using Vine for Your Amazon Launch Strategy:

For sellers, especially those launching new products or dealing with slow-moving inventory, Amazon Vine can be a game-changer.  

Amazon is now offering brands a 3 tiered payment structure for Vine enrolments for:

– 1-2 units – Free

– 3-10 units – £60.00

– 11-30 units- £140.00

Although the first option is tempting, the 2nd option is better as there are more changes of getting more reviews. 

“Utilising Vine for your Amazon launch strategy can significantly impact your product’s initial reception. The structured payment tiers offer a strategic approach, making it accessible for sellers at various scales. It’s a valuable tool in navigating the competitive Amazon landscape.”

In conclusion, Amazon Vine presents a unique opportunity for sellers to enhance their product’s reputation and drive profits. So, don’t miss the chance to maximise your profits and elevate your brand’s credibility with Amazon Vine. If you’d like to talk to us about using Amazon vine and Amazon product launch strategy, please shedule a call.

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