Webinar: Taking Amazon Advertising to the Next Level


Webinar: Taking Amazon Advertising to the Next Level

Amazon is a great platform to help small companies that no one has heard of, and create a space for them to compete with more established brands. This is why many SMEs choose Amazon as their go-to place to start launching their products. At the same time, established brands also see the power of Amazon and have started to create more of a presence via Amazon’s Vendor program.

Whatever stage you are at with Amazon, advertising plays a very significant role in generating brand awareness and initial/additional sales.

So, once you have started with advertising, and you’ve seen some sales, how do you take your campaigns to the next level? In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Optimising your keywords,
  • Optimising your ACOS,
  • Structuring your campaigns for success,
  • Organising your campaigns into portfolios,
  • Getting the best out of Sponsored Brand Ads (SBAs) and Sponsored Display Ads (SDAs), and much more.

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