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Guest Post on Tamebay: Google Shopping Campaigns

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Dan from Tamebay has  kindly published a post on this topic. I am confident that you will find it useful.  Read on Tamebay.

I have got few £75.00 Google Shopping Vouchers if you are starting up. Simply email me at daytodayebay [at]

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Online Seller Wales – Cardiff

Thank you everyone for making this event a success. See you again in Newport.

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why use amazon repricer

We are back this Thursday with Shmuli Goldberg from @feedvisor on our weekly #OSWTalk. This week we are talking about “The need of Amazon Repricer” to grow your Amazon Sales and we will look in these aspects:

  • 3 Main Reasons to Use Amazon Repricer.
  • How to choose Repricer ?
  • Is there any proof that Repricer works.

Join us and share your views on Repricer. Tell us your experience with Repricer if you have used.  I will be hosting this talk from @day2dayebay with #OSWTalk takes place from  7 – 8 pm UK time.  Anyone can take part in the discussion – simply sign in twitter account here   to enter dedicated chat room or  follow on twitter.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for future topics for #OSWTalk – get in touch with me by email daytodyaebay [at] or Twitter if you’ve got ideas.

#OSWtalk will be weekly Twitter chat event that looks at all aspects of eCommerce.

Please note this is not an sponsored event and I am not influenced by Feedvisor in any way.

If you missed this event you can still read them from the script below. 


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Royal Mail business post price to up as much as 4.1% in April this year

I doubt anyone was surprised by the news of price hike by Royal Mail from April this year.  I have seen many retailers offering  as low as £2.50 for orders upto a Kilo and it was good value for  money. This will all change in few months and I can see many small retailers worrying about dip in sales with the price rise. Of course big boys like Amazon will absorb the rise and go on but small retailers will definitely be squeezed.

What are you planning to do ?  Are you looking for alternatives ?

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OSWTalk - Weekly twitter chat on anything eCommerce

We like talking e-Commerce and thought it would be a good idea to chat a bit about something that will help on-line sellers grow their sales internationally. eBay is one the easiest platform to start, which gives better exposure to your products internationally for small or big retailers.

Thought it would be easy to chat and get advise through twitter or tweet-chat with #OSWTalk. This talk is scheduled for Thursday, 23rd January between 7 – 8 pm UK time. We will talk about “Selling Internationally with eBay” and we will look in these aspects:

  • Where to start ? Which country to start ?
  • How to get our listings ready ?
  • Is there any extra Fees ?

Join us with Matt & Dave from UnderstandingE  who will be giving expert views on this topic! I will be hosting this talk from @day2dayebay with #OSWTalk takes place from  7 – 8 pm UK time.  Anyone can take part in the discussion – simply sign in twitter account here   to enter dedicated chat room or  follow on twitter.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for future topics for #OSWTalk – get in touch with me by email daytodyaebay [at] or Twitter if you’ve got ideas.

#OSWtalk will be weekly Twitter chat event that looks at all aspects of eCommerce.

Transcript Now Available Here–>

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How to Use Google Shopping Promotional Text ?

Google Shopping has helped thousands of small businesses generate sales competing with top brands and if you are missing out if you are not using it yet. I wrote  an introductory post for you to ready “How to get started: Google Product Listing Ads?” on Tamebay. This post will tell you how to take advantage of its free promotional feature.

Google shopping comes with a promotion feature which is not essential but they give you bit of edge to your listing and differentiates from your competitor. If this means additional sales why not use it. You can include promotions like like ‘free shipping’ or 50% of certain category. Please find below some slides which will guide you:

[slideshare id=29993558&sc=no]

I think it is very useful to highlight our unique offers and now you can start playing with it with promotional message per Ad Group.

Try it and let me know what you what you think !

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How can you Save with Paypal Micropayments ?

How can you save with Paypal Micropayments?

Dan from Tamebay pointed out about Paypal Micropayments. This is something that definitely needed further investigation and here’s list of payment received values along with Paypal Fees:

–         Micro Payment  Fees 5% + 5p

–         Normal  Fees 3.4% + 20p

Paypal Micro Payments List

Please Click to Download the Spreadshee

You will find a column showing difference in fees with two types of fees. You will find PayPal Micropayment profitable with certain values and not with others. The breakeven point is highlighted in yellow. So, if you are receiving anything £9.10 or below go for Micropayment and above go for normal payment. Please take a note of savings and losses to take the correct action. Here’s three situations your business may be in:

SITUATION 1: Receiving £9.10 or less

Go for Micropayment

SITUATION 2: Receiving over £9.10

Go for Normal Paypal

SITUATION 3: Mix of both

Have two PayPal and direct your payment to two different accounts.

Please note this will save you money and maximise your profit if you do the right way and if you are not careful with it and you will lose big time. The spreadsheet is downloadable for you to change values if you like.

Let me know what you think !

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Lola and Me Etsy Store

A good friend of mine referred this Etsy Store. I think is it is a great store. Etsy has  “changed everything” for creatives. It is nice that creative people have an outlet to sell their works. This brings the cost down by eliminate intermediaries opening up many opportunities to people who otherwise would not have pursued their dreams.

lola and me etsy store

Heidi, who owns this shop kindly wrote how easy it is to start selling on etsy.

“I’ve been a fan of Etsy for some time now, it’s a brilliant platform for small businesses such as mine that specialise in creative or handmade items. It has over 2 millions followers from around the world on twitter alone so is hugely recognised, so when I was ready to launch my shop it was a logical step. All of the items is my shop are designed by me, my cards are all hand illustrated before being printed professionally and the prints on my accessories are also designed by me exclusively for Lola and Me, again professionally printed on fabrics that I’ve selected and then are sewn in my little studio. This kind of personal touch is very popular on Etsy.

Setting up the shop was quite simple and very easy to navigate. In a nutshell the process involves nothing more than signing up, adding photographs, descriptions and selling prices etc and pressing publish! However like any business, sales don’t just come rolling in overnight, it takes time and you need to work at it. You need to think about how you are going to drive traffic to your shop giving your self the best exposure and maximising your opportunities to sell. I’m fortunate in this instance as I also run a Design and Marketing Agency in Newport called Dirty Little Serifs and have a strong Retail Buying background so I am aware of the benefits of great marketing!

I really recommend on-line selling, it’s a great way to run a shop with out the huge over heads of having a store, which of course is particularly beneficial to start up’s.

Now I need to get back to planning my product for 2014! My shop has near sold out over the Christmas period!”

Visit Lola and Me Etsy Store 

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Gumtree Customer Journey

Gumtree Customer Journey

Step 1 Problem: Need a pushchair, second-hand is OK if it is good enough to use.

Step 2 Family member recommended that she bought and sold on Gumtree and it was fun.

Step 3 Researched for the product on Acer Iconia Tablet – Gumtree, eBay and Amazon to check for prices in the evening while watching tele. I researched again on laptop next morning to confirm prices.

Step 4 Found it was cheaper on Gumtree and texted the seller on Monday  morning before I went to work. Got address and price confirmation back on before lunch. Arranged collection time follow Saturday and picked and paid. Problem solved!

Gumtree is great for finding local deals! It is good for buyers to get response quickly as communication is through mobile. However, I must admit the site search functionality is not as good as eBay or Amazon. Additionally, customers are also not sure if the products they are looking and live are still available for sale. This uncertainly does not encourage buyers to try another time if they fail the first time. Other that this it is great!

Customer journey now involves multiple channels and multiple devices. Email is not only means of communications and mobile is getting its way through. As a small retailer, it is wise to invest time on multiple channels like eBay, Amazon, Gumtree and mobile communications. This will only help your customers find you quicker, complete the sale quicker and ultimately help you grow your business.

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Selling your products to Europe: Build International Listings with Amazon


One thing I really like about Amazon is ease of listing inventory in multiple sites like Germany or France. This is definitely right way forward to expand your sales out of the UK. eCommerce is growing without any borders and Amazon is helping you to realise this building your business.

Recently, I discovered a tool called Build International Listings that claims to save you time and enable you to create and update listings at the same time across multiple Amazon Europe marketplaces. It is simple to use this tool

Step 1: Select a Source Marketplace where your listing exist

Step 2: Identify the target Marketplace

Step 3: Apply pricing rules

  •  % above the source marketplace – Use this option if your source marketplace is UK and target marketplace is Germany.  This safeguards you from the unanticipated changes. This is how it works

Percentage above the source marketplace price


10 GBP

10 X 1.05 X 1.2728


  • The Current Daily Exchange Rate at the time of creation of your listing on is 1 GBP = 1.2728 EUR

Fixed amount above the source marketplace –

Fixed amount above the source marketplace price


10 GBP

(10+1) X 1.2728

14.00 EUR

  • Same price as source marketplace – Use this option if your source and target marketplace is any EURO countries.

Step 4 Ceate a connection between the source marketplace and target market

And you’re done. Allow some time for listing to build and your listings will appear in your target market place. There are few things you need to consider:

  1. Check you Shipping settings
  2. Check your descriptions text language
  3. You can always go back and update this rules
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