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Bid + on Amazon Sponsored Ads Daytodayebay

Bid+ functionality, available in Amazon Manual Sponsored Ads, is a setting in Campaign Manager that gives you an
opportunity to show your product ads on the top of customer search results.

If you have never noticed it before go to Campaign Manager > Click on Campaigns > Campaign Settings. When you turn on Bid + Amazon can increase the maximum bid for your ads up to 50% more than your default bid when ads are eligible to show at the top of search results. If your ad is not eligible to show Amazon will not increase your bids.

We have trailed Bid + on several Amazon accounts we handle and received positive result. The screenshot below shows impressions, clicks, average cost, total spend and sales.  Out of total spend of  £28.10 spend the return was £423.91.

Therefore, the ROAS is a ratio of 15 to 1 (or 1500 percent) as £423.91. divided by £28.10 = £15. Image result for prabhat shah

Revenue: £423.91.
___________________ ROAS = £15.00  OR 15:1

Cost: £28.10

For every pound that the company spends on its Amazon Bid + Sponsored campaign, it generates £15.00 worth of revenue. So, this is worth looking into. If you need any help, please get in touch today to discuss your Amazon Advertisement campaigns.

Bid + on Amazon Sponsored Ads - Daytodayebay

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